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    If you have no cards, something that forces you to discard a card and draw a black card ( you still draw a card. Since not all black cards are terrible (some are arguably good) this can be used as a way to draw up free cards.

    Throw warrior into enemy ranks, use up all their cards watch them draw a trait like festering guts and then draw a new card after the trait gets attached too.
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  3. Robauke

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    Dimensional Traveller (and Slippery) skip the saving roll on Unstable Bolt and lets your mage move on his own accord, without fail.

    I thought i found something justifying the "move 1, teleport" on dimensional traveler that goes beyond flavour, but its about the playing a card to move condition. What happens when that unstable bolt mage Skips and attack, or Dodges or Surging Blocks, or Sparkling Cloth Armor goes off? I assume nothing as well.
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  4. Bandreus

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    Unstable Bolt triggers on move cards, Slippery and Dimensional Traveller are boost cards instead. Similarly, Unstable Bolt should not be triggered by Scuttle/Walk/Run/Sprint, Team! And other similar movement effects granted by non-move cards.

    Not 100% sure about it, cause I haven't tested it and don't play Unstable Bolt often enough, but Skip, Dodge, Surging Block and other Move (and hybrid-move) cards should indeed trigger the effect of Unstable Bolt.
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  5. Flaxative

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    Those triggers don't count as 'playing a Move card' so I think them triggering the Bolt would actually be a bug. (Note their noninteraction with Flight/Quickness Aura.) Does someone want to test this?
  6. Robauke

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    Mind Leak can discard Demonic Revenge before the damage happens. You need to receive damage right at the start, before you get to play your traits. Note that Mind Leak is a strong incentive for your opponent do damage you first action a round. You also could start the round with 2x Demonic Revenge or some other priest selfdamage like Traveling Curse or Loner.
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  7. Xayrn

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    Similarly, Defensiveness can cause Demonic Revenge to fail and deal you no damage.
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  8. Robauke

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    You remember if Traveling Curse is affected by either?
  9. Xayrn

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    Nope, but my guess would be 'no' since, unlike Demonic Revenge, Traveling Curse isn't classified as a magic card (even though it deals magic damage).
  10. Robauke

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    There already is a noteworthy interaction of Savage Curse and evasive cards among allies, but theres is another interesting aspect when your cursed opponent attacks a character which got Dodge, Skip, Reflexive Teleport or/and Jump Back in hand:
    The savage curse discard effect isn't applied when the attack gets evaded. That leaves you with a choice - Take the attack and the discard (best with another block in hand)? Or evade, potentially leaving your opponent with another option? Note that the attacking player was willing to burn that card for savage, so its slightly more likely the kept card is crap.
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  11. Han Lee

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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned bad luck and arcane aura yet :)
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  13. Han Lee

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    Oops haha my bad!
  14. Bandreus

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    It's far from accessible, no doubt about that. Ideally, I should compile all the tips, with links, and put a nicely sorted list in the OP, but realistically speaking I have no time whatsoever to do that anytime soon because of work commitments.

    If that can help, the wiki does have a page collecting some of the synergies which has been posted in here. It's likely fairly outdated but, being a wiki, anybody armed with enough good will can contribute some time and update the page accordingly.
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  15. Robauke

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    I don't see suboptimal presentation as pressing issue, this thread is fine as loose reflection of the relatively frequent changes and additions ot the mechanics these past 2 years. My only concern is that the thread isn't sticky and thereby endangered to be forgotten.
    Wiki might offer a solidified access, but not necessarily exposure, it seems a bit offside.
  16. Robauke

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    Synergy Lightning Round!

    Push The Button/ Push The Trigger and Attack, Soldier! dont trigger Blind Rage damage and make it appear as if you were without attacks!
    Wimpy takes the edge of many damaging priest spells, but its noteworthy that it turns Misguided Heal into a solid heal option (Misguided still triggers Altruism btw).
    When handicapped by Clumsy, unlike targeted magic, cards with the "cone" keyword can be used to change the facing of the caster. Seemingly, "Berserk Spin" performs in a similiar fashion.
    Wanna be on the safe side with your low hp elf wizard? Forgetfulness can have an enemy discard Laser Spray and Battery Explosion, possible outcomes when he malfunctioned - warriors included.
    Laser Spray will be put on standby by Fright - and a purge, Lateral Thinking etc. will allow you to choose when to fire it.
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  17. Han Lee

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    Has anyone mentioned genetic engineering + destructive purge? *my AA#4 submission cough cough* #shamelessadvertising

    If your enemy has no traits to destroy, why not make some for them?
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  18. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    Will it still work if you accidentally make them Adapted to the damage? (Not fully sure how Adapted to damage works for side effects)
  19. Maniafig

    Maniafig Thaumaturge

    There's no reason why Adapted to Radiation would prevent Destructive Purge from attaching handicaps. But Invisibility sure would. :p
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  20. peonprop

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    This was the big reason why I was secretly hoping @hagr's The Ugly Stick would somehow make it through last's month's Aloyzo.
    The effect isn't tied to damage going through so it will still work. If it did, it would specifically be mentioned like on Sundering Strike. Actually, I can't really think of any other attack that has a conditional effect based on damage going through besides vamp attacks I guess.

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