Capture the Flag - Paintball! [PvP]

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    EDIT: This is NOT fun... yet.
    After further testing, it seems the pygmies are a terrible choice...
    [See new version below]

    Inspired by @Potatus 's awesome 3 v 3 PvP maps[Capture The Flag], I decided to make a CTF map of my own.
    Add Pygmies and it turns into paintball!


    Each player gets two teams of 3 plant pygmies.
    There are no kill points and respawns are every round.
    Decks aren't shuffled.
    First to 5 wins.

    Send half your team to guard your base and the other half to take over your opponent's... or don't!

    I found it really fun to play. There's a lot of room for interesting strategy. The unshuffled decks keep the game building each round.
    It's really only fun PvP, though, Gary's not quite smart enough to be much of a challenge.

    Try it! I hope you like it!

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    Version 2: Changed the pygmies to xbow guards. A lot better than the pygmies. Which isn't saying much.
    It's much more like paintball... if paintball were turn-based and you could only take 3 steps at a time...
    Long range attacks, lots of running, dodge, etc..
    Note: decks are shuffled now.

    It might be slow for most people's taste. Maybe a smaller version of the map would make it better.
    Give it a try! I'd be interested to hear others' experiences with it.

    One more EDIT: gave each player 2 less characters. Seems to make it feel faster.

    More EDIT:
    Version 3 or 4 or whatever: I'm determined to make this fun, although it might be a fool's errand. If you're interested, this one is 3 NON-minion xbow guards and 2 NON-minion plant pygmies. It plays much faster and is very paintbally... It's the best I've found so far. Unfortunately, it still doesn't make up for the fact that the map's just too dang big. I may make a smaller map for it at some point.

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