3 v 3 PvP maps[Capture The Flag]

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  1. Potatus

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    Lately I've seem many people doing 3 v 3 (Co-op) in Multiplayer, namely: @Magic Elves ,@Deepweed and many more. I feel that the map we have not is not really suited for some highly strategic team planning.

    So I created a [ Capture The Flag ] map:
    Special rules: no kill points,player specific victory squares and 60min(you can change it).

    Screenshot (128).jpg Screenshot (127).jpg Screenshot (129).jpg

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  2. SpaceDoubt

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    This is cool! I had been wanting to make something similar, but haven't got around to it...
    I think there's a lot of fun custom PvP ideas yet to be created!
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  4. Robauke

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    Not sure how anything is decided here, but i feel for such a mode, some sort of restricted card pool would be a necessity, be it by agreement or code.
    Is this some "smash the jar" like setup?
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  5. Potatus

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    @Robauke Ideally it would be
    1.When you get on the "flag" you discard all your cards and replace them with walks +you can only draw walks(the one carrying the flag).
    2.You got to bring back the "flag" to your base.
    3.Everyone have a deck of 7-15 cards.
    4.Everyone has 10-20hp.
    5.I would add a respawn wave 1 if the stuff I just mention was in-game.

    Edit: Since this is a 6 players mode I think some rules may be set(agreement).
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