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    My new rule is to always share my builds when they hit 1700. If a build can hit 1700, for me, it indicates that its a well made build with good card/item/teammate synergy. And those are the kinds of builds that we can all learn from. So hopefully veteran and new player alike can glean some information from the following!

    I've made it to the 1700s once before, with another 2 Warrior 1 Priest build, which you can find here.

    As always, its important to note during which rotation a build finds success, as builds are very map dependent. I used this build during Morvin's PvP Map Set rotation.

    The Decklists:

    Compromised Autonomy
    Level 21 Human Warrior
    Compromised Autonomy.png

    Dopamine Driven
    Level 18 Elf Warrior
    Dopamine Driven.png

    Feedback Loops
    Level 1 Human Priest
    Feedback Loops.png


    In this analysis I will be drawing comparisons to my other 1700 build, found here. Please see the last iteration of that build (scroll down) to understand the origins of this build.

    First, I'll start with how the Priest changed. I picked up Venerable Positioning, and immediately appreciated how valuable Delegate can be (its kicked my butt quite a few times). I had to find a major token for it, and didn't want to give up Stargod's Raiments or St Ulrich's Bones because I love bless. So Evensong got the axe...heh see what I did there...I replaced it with a second Sacraficial Axe. This gave me a second major token which I spent on a second St Ulrich's Bones replacing my Dirty Bundle from the old build. With 2 Martyr's Blessings from my two Bones, I decided that Tome Of The Martyr also needed changing, so I opted for St. Bethan's Charm which gives me 3 ways of proc'ing Altruism without the need for line of sight (super important in this map rotation)!

    Compromised Autonomy is an adaptation from Personal Autonomy in the old build. I dropped Vibrant Pain for Howling Pain because I felt like VP actually gave me too much movement and too little damage. I dropped The Tenderizer for Bejeweled Shortsword to maximize my damage output while simultaneously reinserting some movement without sacrificing damage. I will say, heavily armored warriors is one of the biggest problems for this build on the whole because I could not find a way to fit in The Tenderizer on either warrior. Other than finally getting a second Galvanized Zombie Helm to replace Crusty Helm, this Warrior has no other changes.

    Dopamine Driven also remains identical, except for two weapon changes. This warrior keeps The Lunginator, but replaces Inquisitor's Pitchfork (which was always a niche pick that I somehow got to work in a wizard-heavy rotation) with the much more common defensive weapon Snitrick's Last Stand which suits the meta (almost every team has at least one warrior this rotation). This map rotation also has lots of stalling -- waiting for your opponent to commit. This means that Crazy Sal's Halberd also needed replacing, so I went with the Stolen Torch. The Torch gives me ton of damage, and also kind of helps (not enough though) against Werewolves, which are the most common armor abusers that give me trouble. Sure, I now have a lot more range one attacks, but I still have a ton of movement, more blocks, and now have two Vengance instead of one -- all of which help keep me safe and let me close in. Remember, the amount of movement here has remained the same from my old build, which reached 1700s on wide-open wizard heavy maps, so offloading my attacks is rarely an issue.
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    I'm surprised you got by without armor removal at all. How was the matchup against werewolves stacking Monstrous Hides?

    Edit: Nevermind, saw you already addressed that in your post. The Tenderizer isn't the only good source of Sundering Strikes, you know. In fact, I think it's pretty bad. Maybe you can fit Troll's Ire or The Inquisition somewhere into your build? Personally I think the easiest change would be BJSS for The Inquisition.
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    Because I have neither of those weapons :(

    The only other usable weapons I have, that also have more than one copy of Sundering Strike, are: Dragonslayer Sword, Petochl's Sword, and Warrior's Axe, all of which are categorically worse than The Tenderizer IMO.

    I appreciate the other options though! Having 83% of the items in game means I sometimes assume I have all that I need. Guess I need to dig through the wiki and start making shopping lists.

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    How do you calculate the 83%?
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    It should be noted that this build won 2 out of 2 times against sucre last month, who was running a build that took him to a new ELO high of 1981.
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    I've also made it to 1700 in the new map rotation, Player-made PVP Map Set 1, with a near identical build. I've just swapped the priest's boots for Salazar's Sandals. Usually Vollmond Boots are my go-to for Energizing Move (which I really like for transitioning from backline support to frontline damage dealer), but I've found that Team Walk is a good ace in the hole for getting my warriors in position on the more spacious maps this rotation. I'm still tweaking and will post updates here if appropriate.
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