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  1. Derek

    Derek Orc Soldier

    So after a long hiatus from this game, I'm back.

    A month or so ago I hoped directly into multiplayer expecting my old 2 Warrior 1 Priest deck to be almost as viable as ever...

    BAM...I find out the hard way (2 werewolves thrashing my priest to pieces in round 1) that form cards are now a thing, and that they are very powerful.

    Immediately I researched the new Castle Mitternach expansion, theorized how the new forms operated in multiplayer, then set out to emulate what these new successful decks were doing. The best way for me to learn is through direct experience. My play style (and my item collection) strongly favor warriors so I set out on this adventure into lycanthropy.

    As a disclaimer, I fully acknowledge that this deck could be defined as "meta" (although its not great for this winter map rotation). My intentions when initially constructing this deck were to learn first hand how these decks operate. Thus, this post is not only for people who want to improve their ELO through proven methods, it is also for people who want to beat/counter/redefine the meta.

    I promised myself if I reached 1600 (this is only my second time ever reaching this rating) I would post my build. I will not only post the decklists, but will talk through my rationale and note specific points where the party could be further improved.

    Without any further delay:

    Personal Autonomy
    Level 21 Human Warrior

    This warrior is the more agile of the two, and really makes use of the Vibrant Pain. Movement is one thing, but the fact that Nimble Strike has fly is a game changer. I keep 2500 gold on me at all times specifically to buy a second one of these things should it ever show up. If you're new to the game, wondering what to buy, and enjoy warriors -- this is the weapon for you.

    The Tenderizer used to be The Hackmaster. I swapped it because I found that armor (specifically other werewolf's Monsterous Hides) were a serious problem. In fact, they can still be a problem from time to time if I don't use my Sundering Strikes carefully.

    Blazing shortsword is the real hero here. A tokenless! Its great for the residual burning damage on an enemy that can otherwise out-maneuver you (wizards) and for phishing out blocks at range 2.

    Snarlcub Hide is just flat out good. Not much more to say. Most epic or legendary tokenless armors are good enough to substitute here if necessary.

    Black Cat Buckler (aka Parrying Buckler) is the go-to on this guy. Because he has so much movement, and because you're usually facing at least one melee character, this is the guy that typically ends up in the face of that attacker. With the movement on this guy its also easy to position him (with his parries in hand) as a roadblock to keep your other characters safe.

    Forrtescue's Feathered Cap can be replaced. Its perfect except the Sprint, Team is worth Bronze quality in this build, not Gold. Where it comes in handy is being able to expend your visible movement cards, kiting your opponent to one location, then flipping the board on them. If you go tokenless here, go Crusty Helm. If you have better minor token helms please experiment. My next best minor token helmets (for this build) are: Duncan's Chain Cap, Angry Jack's Helmet, and Helm Of Preparation none of which tickled my fancy.

    Hawkwind Moccasins are what make this guy the more agile of the two warriors. Don't get me wrong, at times it was too much, I would frequently draw dead hands while standing on a VP in the thick of battle, but in order to handle the control wizards prevalent in this winter map rotation, these boots were a must.

    Howling Guidance is overpriced. But I need to give a huge shoutout to Jump, Soldier!. Getting one step closer was often all it took to get my other warrior (which has quite a bit of range 2 attacks) or my priest into position. Once people knew my Priest wasn't a vampire they felt safe at range 2, but I give her a bump with Jump, Soldier! and suddenly she's offloading Controlled Overswing or Powerful Bludgeon. It also lets you escape terrain damage from wizards while simultaneously ensuring you go first next turn.

    Howling Lycanthropy is surprisingly not my favorite Lycanthropic Martial Skill. For tokenless I like my other warriors Reckless Lycanthropy, and for a time I was also using Frenzied Lycanthropy here. Its Frenzy Aura made my Nimble Strikes hurt more and its use as an armor felt more helpful than it usually feels.

    Dopamine Driven
    Level 18 Elf Warrior

    The Lunginator is another personal favorite. I try to force its play. But given my collection I think it makes sense here. There were times where bashing an enemy away actually prevented me from offloading my range 1 attacks, but there were times where it helped prevent my opponent from doing just the same.

    The bashes above pair well with Crazy Sal's Halberd. The range 2 is great. The armor it gives is great. The three traits is superb. The trick with this warrior is to let your other move-heavy warrior phish out your opponents moves and then swoop in and finish with this one. Alternatively, if this guy gets trapped due to his fewer movements he can use Unnerving Strike to clear the way for the other members' melee.

    Inquisitor's Pitchfork: Vengance for tracking down wizards (so good, even after they know its there) and for escaping a second attack when your movement runs short. Impaling stab for getting around warrior/werewolf armor. Inquisitor's Strike because everyone is loaded up on attachments these days. Warding Lance to protect from burst wizards and for phishing out blocks. Flaring Torch for hitting those other form creatures. Seriously a one stop shop for all your utility needs.

    This second Snarlcub Hide used to be a Werewolf Hide, which may seem like an odd minor token armor choice, but the trait shrank my deck and the Quickness Aura was good for flipping my board position on the big open maps. Like with the first warrior, there is room for improvement here. Perhaps I feel this way because I don't have many great armors.

    Yvette's Buckler is a way to better address wizards. Send this guy out first, they think the elf must be faster than the human, and they waste their control. Its Defender's Block also nets draws for my other warrior's big attacks (or to cycle through those extra movements sometimes) or my priest's Altruism and holy cards.

    Crusty Helm is standard fare.

    Reynoldo's Boots were a late addition after I freed up a minor token in my armor slot. These boots used to be Goat Boots, which is a great cheap alternative. The Immovable against Wizards and the 4 movement is really what they were all about. Reynoldo's instead gives me some moves while actually increasing my damage potential (through draw power). Having a quick poke around my keep, Vollmond's Boots could be cool tokenless here. There's some synergy between Officer's Harness and Wild Run with Wild Run helping you close in on wizards.

    I don't have very many good Elf Skills. Going with something with 3 movements (which almost all my legendaries have) felt like it would reduce my damage potential too much. Drow Rapidity is a very synergistic pick that I stumbled upon in a random chest opening. Fleet lets you move past roadblocks in the same way Nimble Strike does on the other warrior (while thinning your deck as a trait), Nightling is a relatively safe trait, and Investigate allows this lower HP elf to heal up once he's escaped the danger he sometimes finds himself in due to less movement.

    Reckless Lycanthropy feels good here. Brutal Charge supplements my movement while increasing damage potential (a theme you'll see repeated with the priest below).

    Feedback Loops
    Level 1 Human Priest

    Evensong does Evensong things. Seriously, once you see this item you should know what's coming. Be glad I'm not running two.

    My other weapon slot is instead filled with St. Alipp's Hammer. This is my tokenless of choice for damage output over Dark Drewg's Mace because this one nets me two more holy cards, which helps proc Altruism. The Cleansing Ray pairs really well with my own Bless (yeah Bless is coming and its the reason I'm going tokenless here), and it helps against wizards.

    Stargod's Raiments: Bless #1. I don't really care about the other cards. Although the Enervating Touch was nice for a priest who otherwise has only melee.

    Snitrick's Shield is my best tokenless. Highly recommended. I almost always use it somewhere on my builds.

    Boots of Etzicatl give me big movement (albeit in a straight line). Sometimes that's all these boots were about. But sometimes they added to my damage potential, which was an incredible perk. For this map rotation, I strongly urge you to consider boots that have some sort of Charge card.

    St. Ulrich's Bones: Bless #2. Plus the extra Cleansing Ray for consistency's sake (a simple heal 2 at worst) and Martyr's Blessing.

    Tome of the Martyr gives me a total of three Martyr's Blessings which not only proc my Altruism, but ensure that my warriors, which should always be on the front lines, have plenty of resources to protect this priest. In turn, this priest can protect them -- with Martyr's Blessing shifting attention away from the weak for two turns (and with Greater Heals). This item used to be Crespin's Shroud, which gave a Purge I still so desperately need sometimes, but it turns out Martyr's Blessing is a more effective damage prevention mechanism than Cause Fumble and it nets me two more holy cards for Altruism.

    Fingerbone of St. Ob: A necessary tokenless in my case, but could be swapped with the token I have on my boots. Basically its a Greater Heal plus two block checkers. On occasion, with Mass Frenzy involved, the healing from Sapping Spear is notable.

    Apprentice Command is a late addition changed from Command. I was using Command to ensure that I always had the movement advantage. When I was using Command my strategy was to kite with my visible movement, then flip the board. But on Crundyup's Bridge Command is nothing but 3 dead cards. Apprentice Command still gives me that added movement, but now hooks me up with two Subtle Parry's (definitely worth more than Paper quality). You might think that 5 blocks (2 here plus 3 from shield) is too much, but when opponents see this support priest their instinct is almost always "kill the priest and the warriors will crumble", and they're kind of right. Extra parries also allow me to move in for melee damage more comfortably.

    Focused Piety is the choice here. Sure, Advanced Piety looks tasty, but the consistency of Focused Piety coupled with the tons of holy cards means more consistent draw power. Draw power helps me get to my other Greater Heals quicker than if I threw another one in the deck with Advanced Piety. If, due to map rotation changes, I had to drop 3 or more holy cards anywhere in this build I would probably shift to Advanced Piety.


    And that's it. I'm currently at 1602 ELO with this exact build -- I stopped to write this immediately. I think someone more talented than me could make it stable here, and maybe peak above 1650 with it. I myself, can make this deck stable at ~1550.

    Enjoy using this! Enjoy countering this! Enjoy bashing me for the number of epics and legendaries! Have fun out there!

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  2. Sasoo8

    Sasoo8 Guild Leader

    I like that your priest is using St. Alipp’s — I never thought of using that item, ever, but on this rotation, with heavy wizard and terrain usage all around, an extra cleansing Ray is welcome. Boots of Etzicatl is also interesting, but unfortunately I don’t have it, and it’s not that accessible for most players. Diamond moccasins would be a good substitute.

    I don’t like snitrick’s shield, though. Wounded block is just too unreliable and often ends up being a discard. I think for a support priest with 5 blocks whose job is to bait enemy warriors into attacking him, a hexagon shield would be more safe and offer more control for your warriors to isolate the attacker, at the cost of slightly less protection vs wizards.

    More feedback is coming about your warriors later, as I’m in the middle of travelling, but my general impression is that the warriors have low average damage, especially the human, and can easily get outmuscled by warrior teams using stolen torch or bejeweled short swords.

    Also, side note, I don’t recommend stacking two evensongs on 1 priest in most builds. The marginal benefit of adding another evensong does not outweigh losing Dblocks, Blesses, or Delegate.
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  3. Derek

    Derek Orc Soldier

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. In my original post I was hoping to highlight some of the weaknesses of the deck, and some other optional items, but I wrote the thing out in one long streak and ended up missing a lot of the in depth analysis I was striving for.

    I'm glad you like St. Alipps! I've never used it before either, but let me tell you, that Cleansing Ray is almost never wasted. Just writing this reminds me of all the times I still lost to Hypno Beacon control wizards *shudder*

    Boots of Etzicatl I also really like, and have no intention of changing, but I almost certainly would not use them on any other rotation. What I like most about them is on Ice House and Melting Glacier the VP squares are aligned such that I can charge opponents when they move onto them (because my priest almost always needs to sit on one).

    Now that you mention it, I see why Snitrick's Shield is bad... though I would like to say that I rarely discard wounded blocks. I suppose I'm just using it because its my go-to Legendary tokenless and never really analyzed my choice.

    As for Hexagon Shield...not sure that's the right replacement. I need more support versus wizards, not less. And while my priest does occasionally take the front line (which is where Pushback Parry would be really nice) the priests limited movement makes me think I would discard those more frequently than I discard Wounded Block. Of course the Surging Shield Block sort of remedies that, but I imagine on Ice House and Melting Glacier that I would end up having to sit still when it procs in order to stay on a VP square.

    I agree about the low damage output on my human warrior. When I lose games its often because I draw dead hands with him. I will say that werewolf cards once I get my trait sort of addresses this (in a suboptimal way), and that the reason the human warrior looks this way is because I lose to control wizards too often otherwise. I'm eager to hear your suggestions on how to have the best of both worlds. Giving it 2 seconds of thought, Sticky Slippers, comes to mind, but I've never been a fan of them.

    Good advice on the Evensong. I never liked 2 on one character; I've seen it suggested as being strong somewhere on here before though. I think the lesson here for new players is that more of a good thing isn't always better.

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts!
  4. HisRoyalHygiene

    HisRoyalHygiene Guild Leader

    I think one of the things people get wrong with priests is that they tend to be jacks of all trades and masters of none.
    One of the major advantages you have over your opponents is knowledge of your deck, but that's negated if your deck doesn't have the consistency for you to plan around it. And sure, it's nice when a Mass Frenzy, Martyr's Blessing or Cleansing Ray pops up at exactly the right time but will it always be there when you need it? Alipp's Hammer is a novelty, to be sure. MF and CR are nice, but if you're also using them for card cycling, have you considered sacrificial axe? With more card cycling, you're more likely to draw that cushioning armor, meaning the vulnerables are just good for baiting your opponents :rolleyes:
    To add more cycling, Dirty Bundle might replace Fingerbone Of St. Ob. 7 hp heal + 2 holy cards + trait vs 8 hp heal + 2 unholy, near-dead cards. Makes a lot of sense to me but maybe I'm the only one.
    As for the shield, forget legendaries. Legendary shields suck. I understand the allure of wounded block, with its block any. If wizards are a real problem, look at Bullseye Shield, which doesn't get enough love. However, if he's mostly hanging back playing support, Unreliable Heirloom Shield allows you to hold on to your blocks without discarding other cards. Speaking of blocks, apprentice command leaves a lot to be desired. Veteran Positioning would be my pick for a replacement. But if you wanted to put a token elsewhere, Afflicted Guard might satiate your desire for wounded blocks. That said, the king of human skills is Venerable Positioning. Time to start questioning Ulrics.

    As I've gone into detail on your priests, I'm going to skip over your warriors and just talk generally about countering control wizards. Historically, a lot of movement and buffed nimble strikes were the way to go. Immovable was too unreliable unless you were running 3x sticky slippers a la 'Cult of the Bejewelled'. Diamond Moccasins were the boots you wanted. Mostly because Sparkling Cloth Armor but that's become obsolete with Vengeance. Wait, why aren't you running more Vengeance??

    Overall, a solid build, nice work!
    Lots of love,

    P.S. Here's a priest with my recommended changes:

    [PoF] Valkyrie
    Level 23 Human Priest
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  5. Derek

    Derek Orc Soldier

    Thank you so much for your input! I do agree that my priest can't seem to do everything well...despite trying to. I think the real limitation is that on this map rotation she can't easily change modes (from hanging back and supporting to in your face dropping off her range 1 attacks) because of her limited movement.

    For this reason Sacraficial Axe actually makes a lot of sense. Definitely more sense than St. Alipp's Hammer. But damn I'm going to miss that Cleansing Ray...it paired really nicely with my own Bless too.

    Dirty Bundle change? Done.

    Still not sold on a shield change. Unreliable Heirloom Shield is the most appealing alternative I've seen yet. The Free Cards sell it. I might try it out, but I'm afraid to change too many things at once simply because my skill in playing the deck will decline (I'm super bad at remembering what cards I have left in deck. Its a real handicap to my play in general).

    I don't have a single one of your suggested Human Skills :(. I might move back to a 2 team movement skill, especially because my priest is a better supporter with the changes above.

    Why are we questioning Ulrich's?

    Ooo yeah, Diamond Moccasins are a good shout. Like I said I literally gave the Unmovable trait two seconds of thought. I'm not going to pull the trigger on this one though because control wizards are such a niche problem.

    I'm not running more Vengeance because I don't have a better weapon with it. As I mention in the first post, this build was my first attempt at getting back into this game after 6 months. And when I played 6 months ago I was back after another 6 month hiatus. So its been awhile. And when I started the first draft of this build I had virtually no CM items.

    While we're on Vengeance...what's your go to item for it? Final Sword perhaps?


    As a general comment addressed to all: I have incorporated many suggestions and will be releasing a new deck list soon. Still play testing.
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  6. Derek

    Derek Orc Soldier

    Personal Autonomy
    Human Warrior
    Here the change is that I've found two tokens for Double-edged Sword. I got rid of Forrtescue's Feathered Cap, which I wasn't a fan of, in favor of Crusty Helm which nets me an extra trait. The Martial Trait is now a two trait tokenless, which lets me spend a minor token on Focused Positioning. This Human Skill replaces the overpriced Howling Guidance.

    No, I still don't have the greatest damage output, but the range 2 attacks help me offload and the Vanguard traits allow this move heavy warrior to get his teammates into position.

    Dopamine Driven
    Elf Warrior
    This warrior is almost unchanged. I've dropped Crusty Helm for a different 1 trait tokenless. If I had a second Galvanized Zombie Helm I would put it on both. Its Lunging Bash gives me an extra attack, an extra step, and a way to control board position. The Spiked Mail punishes warriors more heavily and has triggered a Dwarf's Toughness a time or two which is nice.

    My first warrior stole my only Reckless Lycanthropy, so this guy has Untrained Lycanthropy. This needs to be Reckless.

    Feedback Loops
    Human Priest

    I'm still testing this priest. But the changes here are as follows:

    Sacraficial Axe gives me trait cycling. I lose a Cleansing Ray, but considering my movement heavy build I think its worth it. I need to get over my fear of Hypno Beacon. The Vulnerables are interesting -- yeah they get me to my Cushioning Armor, Altruism, and heals quicker, but they really hurt against fire wizards. I have way too few games under my belt with this build to say more.

    A common, Dirty Bundle, replaces an epic, Fingerbone Of St. Ob for improved synergy -- making this priest more supportive. A good lesson for newer players. Rarer isn't always better.

    Subtle Positioning is my new Human Skill. The old Apprentice Command is cool if you can close the gap between you and the opponent's warriors, but too often the parries were discarded. Vanguard only nets a move 1, compared to the Run, Team!'s total of 6, but its a trait, which thins my deck while still helping to reposition my warriors.

    Subtle Positioning frees up a token, which I've spent frivolously on Ancient Heirloom Shield. Suggestions on a better minor token shield, or maybe a minor token divine item to replace Dirty Bundle would be welcome.


    The problem with this build is that the Werewolf theme is taking a back seat. Which is cool... My initial goal with this team was finding out why the new form cards were so strong, and what I've learned is that its actually just the new CM items that are strong and form traits are just the tip of that iceberg.

    As I noted above, my collection is limiting my item selection in a few places (helmets and martial skills were noted). I'd also like more/better Vengeance options as ThetianKnight mentioned. This is an ongoing project, and I strongly favor the 2 warrior 1 priest archetype so expect this experiment to continue even after map rotation changes.

    This build is at 1602 as well, but I'm on a minor win streak with it.

    EDIT: Lost 2 games in a row. Both to wizards. One because of Vulnerable (maybe I just don't know how to correctly manage that handicap yet). More updates to come.
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  7. Derek

    Derek Orc Soldier

    Double post, sorry.

    I just pulled my first Howling Pain. I feel like this definitely belongs in my build. Any suggestions? I might be rebuilding my warriors today to see if I can find synergy.
  8. HisRoyalHygiene

    HisRoyalHygiene Guild Leader

    I feel terrible... :oops:
    Vulnerable is to CardHunters as shiny moving objects are to cats. Of course, this is dangerous but can also be advantageous, if you get them to over-commit.

    As for Vengeance, I use a Final Sword but at the moment, Snitrick's Last Stand is king. Talissa's Trident(majortoken)(majortoken) and Grimsong's Scythe(minortoken) are good (epic) alternatives.
    Howling Pain is dope. Not enough Nimbles to rely on for a dwarf warrior but a bit more movement for elves and humans. Plus more werewolf cards. Plus healing on a warrior. That said, I rarely look past Crazy Sal's Halberd if I've got (majortoken)(minortoken)
    As for minor token shields, Parrying buckler is still the best and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise. Ancient Heirloom shield is probably the right pick for this guy but there are some decent ones with Defender's Block that might interest you. Most of the good ones are legendary (see how I contradict myself?) but Defensive Buckler is rare, if you don't mind copping a Loner. As for the divine item... there are really too many to suggest. A popular one for heals is Silver Healing Ring but the legendary St. Pascal's Torch has two(!) cleansing rays :cool:
    Your changes to warriors look solid but I'd downgrade Focused Positioning to Subtle Positioning, upgrade your martial skill to a minor token lycanthropic form (both are good) and give your elf Reckless Lycanthropy. Untrained Lycanthropy is... Not good.

    Happy tweaking,
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  9. Derek

    Derek Orc Soldier

    Don't feel bad! It mostly comes down to my inability to process what the heck to do against wizards. I made it up to 1630 with the revised deck, but have lost every single game where my opponent had even one wizard (5 loses since the change I believe). So pitiful I know.

    Still haven't fully analyzed Howling Pain, but its interesting that your go to (majortoken)(minortoken) is Crazy Sal's Halberd. I've always been uneasy about it (in general). It sure has paid off in this build though.

    My only minor token shield with a Defensive Block is being used. I suppose I could swap to Parrying Buckler on my elf warrior and move Yvette's Buckler to the priest.

    Divine item will stay now that you've helped me wrap my head around my shield situation.

    Martial skills will be addressed. Last night I lost to someone who was significantly lower than me on the ladder because my elf drew a dead hand with 2 Lunging Bites.

    Updated deck might come in 2 or 3 days. Thank you for the continued support!
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  10. winner

    winner Mushroom Warrior

    The werewolves are not boring
  11. Derek

    Derek Orc Soldier

    Made a few more minor tweaks, but decided against the inclusion of Howling Pain.

    Now up to 1643 rating, which is the highest I've ever been. Definitely would not have gotten this far without the assistance I got on this thread so thank you all.

    EDIT: Up to 1680, which definitely deserves a finalized deck list. Hopefully I find the time tomorrow (8 Jan)
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  12. Derek

    Derek Orc Soldier

    So this party made it to the 1700s. Again I stopped as soon as I reached this milestone -- at 1704. After only reaching 1600 for the second time ever with the above iteration, I now feel like I'm at a party I wasn't invited to. The 1700s were a mythical place on the ladder prior to today; its very surreal to think that little ol' me is ranked 20th in the world with my boring ol' werewolves.

    Right off the bat -- a huge thank you to @Sasoo8 & @HisRoyalHygiene for the constructive comments.

    Instead of running through each item as I have above, because of the limited number of changes, I will instead just talk about the team as a whole, and moreover point out some synergies that players with smaller collections can still utilize.

    Also I'll reiterate that this build found success in the Winter PvP Map Rotation

    And now for the build:

    Personal Autonomy
    Human Warrior

    Dopamine Driven
    Elf Warrior

    Feedback Loops
    Human Priest

    The Priest:
    The biggest and most important change is on the priest. She's much more supportive and has way more synergy within her now also smaller deck. Those extra traits means I've almost always got Altruism on her, and she's regularly got a holy card to play to both support her warriors and herself.

    Whereas before I was trying to also use the priest as a damage dealer, she now only plays the "finisher" role in melee combat situations. Against control wizards and other movement-heavy teams this puts more pressure on my warriors to be able to close the gap on their own, but better priest card cycling (phishing out my Inspiration and Marty's Blessing) means I'm more successful with just two warriors than I was when I was wasting the priest's movement to accomplish the same goal.

    I've actually learned to use Sacraficial Axe's Vulnerable to my advantage. Often times it lets you predict your opponents movements (and phish them out if they're greedy). The Pressing Bash is also super useful for further board positioning. It almost always succeeds because you're almost always engaging in melee late in the round (after blocks and movement have been used)

    Focused Positioning/Vanguard:
    My human warrior's Focused Positioning is a superstar. I thought this movement-heavy warrior was good beforehand, but with this human skill he also becomes a control wizard of his own sort. You can almost always maneuver your characters so that Vanguard triggers the character you want, and with the increase in range 2 attacks I'm almost always able to utilize this trait to offload my damage.

    I've now also got Subtle Positioning on the priest to accomplish the same. Way more effective than wasting her Run and Brutal Charge to try and manipulate the opponents board position.

    Double-edged Sword:
    Originally my warrior had Blazing Shortsword. While I still love this weapon, and think that despite being tokenless still has viability in multiplayer, the switch to Double-edged Sword was huge. It gave me 3 big range 2 attacks on the human warrior, which made offloading attacks much easier and cost me no drop in total damage potential. Two step 2 attacks also aided my positioning, and allowed me to further capitalize on Vanguard. I learned with this build that Double-edge Sword is not an "amazing for an uncommon" weapon -- its just amazing.

    Tandem Warriors:
    Two warriors is an age old archetype in this game. But what I really appreciate about this build is how much they support one another. Using two of the same class is often beneficial because if you lose one of them your overall team strategy can still function, but to be honest, I feel better about my chances of winning if I lose my priest early than if I lose a warrior early. Here's why:
    These guys are imbalanced. When you average their decks together they become one two-bodied-super-warrior, but alone they each have critical flaws that can exploited. When the elf warrior draws too little movement (her critical flaw) the human is there to phish out the opponent's movement, which lets the elf safely offload later in the round. When the human draws too little damage (aka too much movement - his critical flaw) the high damage from the elf prevents the opponent from safely closing in. The disparity between the two warriors also makes it really easy for my priest to decide which one needs supporting with Inspiration and Marty's Blessing. If the elf has high damage and no moves you go there. If the human has lots of moves but little damage you go there.


    This will probably be my last deck list post. I can't imagine changing this build at all, save for maybe the human's Novice Impaling.

    I hope someone found this useful!


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