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    Battle III


    "More spiders," Mizana mumbled as they entered the final room.
    "-our dozen legs to cut off," Colxian added, causing Dawnshield to look at him quizzically.
    "Since when can you count that high?"

    As Dawnshield began another bawdy little song for Mizana's Inspiration some of the arachnids suddenly vanished, as if affected by a Mass Invisibility spell.
    "I've heard that one already," Mizana noted to the dwarf. "My grandma used to sing dirtier ones than that!"
    Dawnshield laughed. "Ok, how about some *trollish* songs then, I know a few that would make your granny faint..."
    As the priestess suddenly began a new song, even Mizana had to fight off a blush, the new words giving Mizana an Unholy Energy.

    The sorceress ran forwards and as the some of the spiders were getting close enough already she fired a Cone Of Cold from her staff, hitting three of the eight-legged foes.
    With the cold slowing the arachnids down Mizana had plenty of time to fire a Force Bolt at one of them.

    Colxian was far from idle either as he also broke into a Run towards the closest spider group.

    The spiders were now finally in range as well and one of them fired a web at Mizana, causing her to Entangle.

    Another spider tried to slip past Colxian but the fighter was ready, hitting the spider's flank with a Powerful Bash while Mizana created a Hot Spot under another eight-legged foe.

    Mizana still has Surging Bolt in hand but she can't use it because of Entangle. And as the spiders probably have plenty more of those she may not get to use for a while either.

    The spider wasn't fast enough to escape the molten rock unharmed but the heat wasn't quite enough to take it out yet.


    And more step attack cards that Mizana can't use. And that All Out Attack isn't that useful without another attack. But I did get Freeze.

    The spider Colxian had whacked towards Mizana didn't even have time to creep to safety as Mizana's Freeze spell took it out completely.
    Another one, still half-frozen from Mizana's earlier spell Scampered towards Colxian who hit it with an All Out Attack that failed to finish the foe as it did a sudden Acrobatic Flip, followed by a Radioactive Bite against the fighter.

    With a sudden Blind Rage Colxian targeted the spider again, hitting it with a Raging Strike that killed it as well as cutting off half of its legs.
    Another entangling blast hit Mizana from an unseen foe.
    "-ing Block, Soldier," Colxian yelled.
    "Why would I when I can do this," Mizana shouted back, filling the ground between herself and the spiders with an Acid Spray.
    The sudden attack prompted the unseen foes to Dodge, obviously to avoid the acid.

    Dawnshield had moved forward as well, eager to engage the enemies.

    Cardotron passes first and Mizana discards Run and Surging Bolt. I don't want to give up Surging Blast and I'm hoping that Block will allow me to get to use it before getting hit by another Entangle. Too bad that Entangle still lasts a turn though.

    As the first pair of spiders finally appeared again the other group suddenly vanished.


    Now the biggest dilemma is what to do first. Colxian has a step attack I'd prefer to get to use but I'd also love to get those extra frenzies from Dawnshield active before attacking. I could also lose something important to Radioactive Bite's random discard. Oh well, perhaps Lady Luck will prove favorable this time.

    Switching to a new song Dawnshield's singing drove everyone into a Mass Frenzy.

    One of the spiders attacked Colxian with an Infected Bite but the fighter immediately countered with a Backbiting Strike.

    Another spider's Infected Bite hit Mizana, poisoning her as well. Ah-ha! She now has three attachments and Entangle is the oldest one! Which means another attachment will force Entangle out.

    Switching songs again Dawnshield again turned to more interesting vocabulary, creating an Unholy Wellspring within Mizana. As the sorceress was finally able to free herself from the webs she immediately fired a Surging Blast at the spider that had bit her, followed by a Cone Of Cold that left the spider a frozen, lifeless husk.

    Dawnshield got bit as well while Colxian's Vicious Thrust speared another arachnid against the wall.

    Two foes left but both of them are invisible.

    "I can hear there are more spiders here but I can't see them," Dawnshield cursed, backing away from the source of the latest spidery sounds. The voices seemed to follow her and one of the sounds seemed to even come from the pool of acid.
    Silly AI. It actually Dodged into the acid.

    Mizana backed away as well while Colxian ran to a better position. Mostly so I can be sure the spiders have no more move cards in store.
    "Next to that pillar," Dawnshield suddenly yelled. Mizana nodded, turning the ground in the pointed location into a Hot Spot.

    Although a painful screech could be clearly heard from the lava the spiders remained as unseen as they had before. They drew another Mass Invisibility card.


    Mizana's still infected but at least she has Resistant Hide.

    With an unseen foe threatening Colxian the fighter decided to pull back, the arachnid in close pursuit.
    Dawnshield finally gave up her bawdy songs, instead turning to more divine magic by creating an Impenetrable Nimbus around Colxian.

    And Cardotron passes without attacking. Fine by me, I can't attack until the Mass Invisibility wears off so ending the turn early is a good thing.

    A new turn - and again a new Mass Invisibility. Yeesh.

    Unable to avoid the unseen foe completely Dawnshield got hit by another Radioactive Bite that caused her Brain Burn. The priestess burst into another naughty little ditty, both to clear her head and to provide Mizana with some Inspiration, realizing the human's spells were the most effective way of attacking the unseen opponents.

    Cardotron passes, but as Mizana drew a Hot Spot I want to use it and so I'll need to flush those move cards out first.
    "Lure the spiders after you, I'll attack once we know where they are," Mizana yelled at her allies who both nodded.
    "Come on! Can't catch me," Colxian shouted, dancing backwards away from the unseen spiders. The skittering sounds coming from behind him confirmed at least one spider was following so he kept moving.

    Cardotron passes again but I can see the spiders still have a Scamper left.
    "Eight legs and no brains," Dawnshield also began singing, heading to different direction. The sounds followed."It's working, keep going!"

    Dawnshield was fast enough to keep away from the spider following her but Colxian wasn't an another Infected Bite hit the fighter before he could dance away from the foe.

    Cardotron finally passes. Maybe he's out of move cards now?

    Mizana had ran to a better location and after looking carefully at the fleeing Dawnshield Mizana suddenly raised her staff:


    A Hot Spot appeared near a pillar she had seen something near - and her guess was proved correct as one spider's life melted with a painful screech.

    "Still one left," Colxian yelled as a skittering sound closed in on him.


    "Dash this way," Mizana commanded and both of her allies did just that.

    Cardotron passes. Since the enemy is behind the pillar and Mizana doesn't have enough moves to be able to cast Hot Spot in that location, I pass as well.

    New turn - and finally, FINALLY there's no more Mass Invisibility!


    As Colxian had stopped to wait for the spider to follow he suddenly yelled out:
    The spider had finally made the mistake of re-appearing and Colxian immediately aimed a Strong Bash at the elusive foe - but once again an Acrobatic Flip blocked the attack and the spider immediately countered with a Radioactive Bite.
    The fighter wasn't about to give up so easily though and retaliated with a Vicious Thrust.

    Dawnshield had also taken advantage of the spider's better visibility and had snuck out behind it.
    "Hide and seek is over!"
    The spider let out a squuelch as Dawnshield's Polearm Slash cut off its head.

    Adventure Complete!


    With the additional XP the heroes level up to 21, causing one minor power token to upgrade to a major one.
    As for loot: Medical Kit, Powered Tower Shield, R-18 Raygun, Glowing Gland (and St. Well's Powermace as club reward)

    To be continued...
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    Too lazy to switch items so the same party it is.

    Throne of the Mechanical Men


    "Sooo... he's the brains of the operation," Dawnshield guessed, then shrugged as she noted neither of the two was listening enough to appreciate the pun.

    Looks like I could again slip around the turrets if needed but since the boss brain has Fly it probably won't stay where it is for long.
    But with Impenetrable Nimbus I'm also free to attack - assuming I can lure the boss close enough to catch it.

    "Colxian! When that big brain gets closer, go smack it down!"
    As Colxian nodded Dawnshield began a chant to grant the fighter some Demonic Power.

    "Easier said than done," Mizana replied, prompting a few choice curses from Dawnshield as the brain suddenly turned invisible and flew forward.

    "Bah. Go whack that turret thing then!"
    Dawnshield's order was followed by an Impenetrable Nimbus settling around the fighter, and the big guy broke into a Run, right after whispering at Mizana: "-lock, Soldier Pretty Thighs!"

    Before Mizana's retaliatory whack hit Colxian he was already making his way towards the lone turret.
    "You'd better dash or these thighs will kick your weak little butt!"

    Both Colxian and Dawnshield dashed off in different directions, Colxian continuing towards the lone turret while Dawnshield swerved to the other side, making her way along the wall to keep out of sight. The turrets quickly noticed Colxian and began turning towards the fighter.


    "-ellooo future pot," Colxian laughed as he reached the first turret and began to rain blows at it. Trained Bludgeon. Powerful Hack. Vicious Thrust. Dancing Cut.
    The turrets kept shooting Laser Barrage after Laser Barrage at the formidable warrior but each beam hit the protective magic around the fighter and dissipated.

    I could have moved Colxian to a safer spot with the step attacks but I wanted to draw as many attacks out as possible.
    The weaker turret now has 2 hp left but Cardotron decides to Pass after Colxian's last attack. With two cards left in the weaker turret's hand it will probably shoot at both Mizana and Colxian if I try to use the sorceress to finish the turret off.
    But if I don't do that and Colxian fails to draw more step attacks he will get shot at twice next turn. So it's better to take the risk now.

    With the sounds of metal getting crushed echoing in the room Mizana made her move as well. Running to the side of the room she somehow managed to Block the Laser Barrage from heavily beaten turret and quickly fired a Long Spark at the foe.
    "System error. Errooorr#&115a66sheep not found." the turret beeped one last time before falling quiet.

    As the nimbus around Colxian began to fade Colxian saw the brain floating to better position, clearly intending to aim at him.


    With one turret left it will be easier to get behind it and hack it down. But it will be hard to do so without getting hit by the invisible brain.
    Looks like the brain chose a tricky square. The only places where Mizana could target the brain's square without being seen by the turret is one particular square near Colxian and the corner square right next to the brain. And looks like I'm even able to get to the first one without getting shot at during the transition!

    And as I ponder this I forget to move Colxian to safety first. Hand, meet forehead.[/i]

    As Mizana broke into a Run the unseen brain targeted Colxian with a Psychic Blast, hurting the fighter before he had time to slip behind the pillar. As he did so the brain began cackling - or at least produced a sound that sounded remarkably like cackling despite coming from a creature without a mouth or even lungs.


    As the busted robot's remains suddenly whirred back to life near Colxian Mizana pointed her staff sideways and blew it apart with a Surging Blast.

    With its ally gone the brain turned its eyes towards Mizana, retaliating against the sorceress with a Psychic Blast. Mizana grit her teeth and raised her staff again - and lowered it again.
    "Too far."

    Bah, I forgot to count the distance from the chosen location. One square too far for Hot Spot.

    Dawnshield had taken advantage of the distraction by slipping along the wall towards the enemies. I could even move next to the brain but it still has two cards left and the dwarf would take too much damage thanks to that Raging Strike. It would probably have been smarter to not move her at all yet and pass first but too late for that now.

    Once again the brain let out that weird cackle-like sound, and once again the pile of junk that had been the first turret whirred to life, this time close to Dawnshield. Probably flung there by Mizana's earlier deadly spell.


    "This way, Colxian!"
    Following Dawnshield's yell the fighter ran towards the spot Dawnshield had pointed at.
    As the brain, now again ugly and visible, floated to a new vantage point near the back of the room Dawnshield blessed Colxian with a new Impenetrable Nimbus which the fighter immediately put to test by Running right in front of the stronger turret.
    "-o, a new drum!"

    The floating brain turned to target Colxian with a Psychic Blast but the mental attack couldn't penetrate the protective magics and the fighter was free to slam his weapon into the turret with a Powerful Hack.

    "Systems operational -" the second turret intoned but its voice was cut off by Dawnshield's Polearm Slash. " - error error. Insert cheesssss...."
    Amusingly the turrets keep reanimating close enough to get blown apart before getting to do anything.

    The remaining turret kept firing its lasers at Colxian, with the dogged persistence of a machine and the results of an angered slug.

    Now the big question goes: Does the brain have any more range six attacks?

    With the turret firing uselessly at Colxian Mizana had kept her eyes on the brain and quickly found a new place to attack the elusive foe. But right as she was about to raise her staff again - the brain vanished, its Phase In leading it to a safe location on the opposite side from Dawnshield.

    Mizana can't use Hot Spots now but I do get to pass first.


    Looks like Mizana is the only one with good attacks this turn.

    As the nimbus around him again faded Colxian pulled back, retreating from the turret and instead going towards the brainier foe.
    The floating enemy immediately hit him with a Psychic Beam.
    I could close in but the brain would just Fly away. So I'm passing to see if the AI would happen to be dumb enough to use that Rumbling Charge. Or if it would use Fly and land in a suitable location for an attack.

    Before Colxian could move closer the brain turned and rumbled away - and towards the corner where Mizana was waiting!
    "Oh snap," Mizana grinned, hitting the brain with an icy spell. The brain shivered but seemed a bit more Adaptable than Mizana had expected.

    And Cardotron passes. Well, if it won't use that Fly on its own, I can force it to.

    Again Mizana attacked, this time with an Acid Blast, prompting the floating foe to retreat away from the sorceress. It didn't get very far as Colxian ran to cut off its escape. As Colxian raised his weapon to attack - the brain vanished once more, this time phasing in closer to Mizana.

    "Will you stay still for a moment," Mizana yelled, running after the elusive foe.

    And again Cardotron passes without using that new move card. Well, let's hope that last unrevealed card isn't another Phase In.

    As the floating brain stopped for a moment a Hot Spot appeared underneath it, forcing it to perform a Rumbling Charge away from the sorceress who promptly created more lava as the brain slowed down.

    Cardotron passes! Is the brain finally out of moves? I'll take a risk and decide that it is.

    Before the floating creature had time to feel the heat Colxian had also made his move, surprising the brain with a Vicious Thrust from the side that caused the floaty foe to screech in pain.

    And another pass! Just what IS that unrevealed card?

    No attacks left so I pass as well.

    As the heat from the molten rock underneath it appearing to lose its effect on the Adaptable brain, the remaining turret suddenly seemed more Clumsy than before.

    And Cardotron passes! Yes!


    "-ou has the dumb."
    Before the floating foe had time to figure out just what the fighter in front of it was blabbing about a huge club came whooshing down, batting the brain straight into the hot lava.

    With just one stationary foe left both Mizana and Colxian started sneaking towards it, making sure to keep out of sight.


    As replacement for those traits Colxian draws more attacks. Too bad he's too far to reach the turret this turn.

    With the whirring opponent facing the wrong way Dawnshield lunged around the corner, prompting the last turret to whirl around. The metal foe unleashed a Laser Barrage but the dwarf was ready for this, managing to catch the attack with her shield. Catch Arrow on a laser barrage? Now there's an image.

    With the turret now facing her Dawnshield retreated, waiting for her allies to join in on the fight.


    With the Clumsy foe now facing the direction Dawnshield had disappeared to Mizana stepped around the corner hitting the turret with a Surging Bolt, followed by a Long Spark as the metal foe failed to react.
    "It stopped moving! Quick, hit it in the back," the sorceress yelled to her allies.
    "-eere comes paiiinn," Colxian roared, running to the metal opponent and crushing it with a single Powerful Hack.


    Loot: Glowing Laser Baton, St. Well's Powermace (and Meteor Mail for club reward.)
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    Battle II


    "So let me get this straight. The brain thing not only escaped from you whacking it, but now looks completely unharmed? Did it have a healing potion hidden inside it?"
    Colxian shrugged at Mizana's annoyed musings. "-ore to pulverize."

    Dawnshield was again singing, once again picking a song that would make a sailor blush and adding an Unholy Wellspring to Mizana's magic. As she did so the spiders at the other end of the room went invisible with the brain soon following their example.
    Yeah yeah... I should re-equip and pick something that would help get rid of those invisibility cards. But let's see if I can win like this first.

    As Dawnshield reached the chorus, the song was beginning to cause something of a Demonic Feedback on her already.

    Although the brain was still invisible, the weird voices it was making were getting closer, prompting Mizana to move towards the sound. As the foe unleashed a Psychic Blast at Mizana Colxian ran past her, moving to the side of the room with the goal of going after the Cunning Mutant there.

    The spiders on the other side were also Scampering closer, at least based on the sounds coming from that direction.

    The brain has three unrevealed cards left. Is one of them Phase In?

    As retaliation for the psychic attack Mizana quickly guessed at the location of the foe and created a Hot Spot there. The sorceress then ran after Colxian, quickly blasting the gun-wielding mutant with a Freeze spell.
    The foe retaliated with a Shotgun Spray, but the blast only reached as far as Colxian - and apparently hit some of the invisible foes in the middle area. Spider and brain hit, brain has Adaptable.

    I click pass, preferring to get the first move next turn over using the Acid Blast.

    Dawnshield suddenly gave a little start, scanning her surroundings. The spiders did manage to reach Dawnshield. Is that one card an attack? There isn't that much advantage right now from passing first though.


    Unwilling to get bitten Dawnshield quickly backed away to the other side of the room.

    Cardotron passes first.

    A painful screech could be heard from above the lava pool but the sound soon abated, the source of it apparently Flying closer to Dawnshield.

    Mizana's Long Spark hit the still shivering Cunning Mutant, the frenzied sparks generated by Mizana's staff doing considerable damage for such a weak spell.

    The brain wasn't about to let the sorceress attack that freely though and it hit both her and Colxian with a Psychic Beam.


    The only foe that I can freely target is the Cunning Mutant. Colxian could just reach it with Walk, Team! and Run but the mutant still has that one Run in its hand... Still, it's unlikely that the mutant will waste its move just like that and I definitely need to get closer.

    Mizana held her head for a moment, then leveled her staff towards the unseen attack, flinging an Acid Blast at the spot the attack had come from while the mutant fired a Shotgun Slug at Colxian.

    "-at gun is gonna be your lunch," Colxian roared, running towards the mutant. The foe fired another Shotgun Slug, this time hitting the fighter in the elbow.
    "Keep moving," Mizana yelled as Colxian pressed on.
    Dawnshield on the other side of the room was also creeping closer to the apparent location of the floating brain. Mostly so the AI will have other targets to choose from.

    "Argh," Mizana growled as she realized the unseen spiders had now moved to surround her after their previous prey had fled.

    Colxian had finally reached the gun-toting mutant and yanking the weapon out of its hands he then slammed it back with an All Out Attack. The Strong Bash shoved the weapon in through the surprised foe's open mouth. The mutant fell, never to rise again.

    The floating brain had finally noticed Dawnshield and unleashed a Psychic Blast at her but the priestess' Boosted Heal took most of the sting away.

    Mizana on the other hand was quickly trying to get away from the invisible arachnids around her.

    Dawnshield suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of the brain disappearing, its cackling phasing back in the direction Dawnshield had come from.

    "-ove your butts," Colxian shouted from the other side and this time Dawnshield was already moving as her dash led her the other side of the pillar as the brain.

    Although Mizana had almost managed to get away from the spiders hounding her one of them still managed to hit her with a Radioactive Bite that left her with Festering Guts. She also draws Hot Spot as replacement but with four unrevealed cards remaining I'd rather not use that card on the spiders just yet.
    So I just click Pass.

    Dawnshield listened as the still invisible brain rumbled slowly around the pillar, looking for someone to attack.
    "Miz, behind this pillar!"
    Upon hearing Dawnshield's shout Mizana whirled around, casting another Hot Spot where the priestess had indicated. The brain is still adapted to fire but it will end after this turn.

    Dawnshield's yell also caused the spiders to remember her again and she was promptly Entangled by a blast of webbing.

    I pass again.

    The brain, not having yet noticed the lava underneath it began cackling again - and the remains of another cunning mutant that had been laying on the ground in the middle of the room began moving again. And this time too far anyone to hit it. Dawnshield does still have a Walk left but after that Entangle she can't use it.

    I pass again and this time Cardotron does the same.

    Ah, bugger. Looks like I remembered wrong. The fire adaptation expires after the damage from lava so the brain takes no damage and thus I should have targeted the spiders instead.


    Yeah, not looking good. Mizana drew just one attack, Dawnshield is still stuck in place and Colxian has Raging Strike so he may well die before getting into melee range.

    As the spiders and the brain finally faded back into view Mizana hit all three with a Cone of Cold. The spell failed to damage the spiders thanks to their Mutated Chitin but it did slow them down.

    Meanwhile the Reanimated mutant was taking advantage of the immobility of Dawnshield by blasting her with a Shotgun Slug.

    Hmm. I'm somewhat tempted to take advantage of Festering Guts by taking out the spiders with Mizana's death explosion but the brain would probably just bring them back to life again and I'd just be one hero down.
    The Cunning Mutant has one unrevealed card left so moving closer to Dawnshield for Demonic Power is a risk but at this point I pretty much have to take some if I want a chance to win.

    Mizana ran around the corner, away from the spiders - and almost ran into the new mutant. The foe yelled in surprise, unleashing a Radioactive Pulse that was too much for the mutant's own weak body and it crumpled back down again.
    The pulse hit Dawnshield and Mizana as well, causing Mizana momentary Brain Burn. And Drained Battery for Dawnshield.

    Dawnshield perked up upon seeing Mizana again and once again broke into a bawdy song, the unusual phrasing providing the sorceress with Demonic Power as the floating brain emerged from behind the pillar.


    My luck may have ended just there. Mizana drew Freeze which doesn't help much while the enemy is still adapted to cold. And Force Bolt doesn't have enough range. And both of the spiders are out of her line of sight so I can't target them either.
    If The Captain has any six range attacks, Mizana's as good as gone.
    Oh well, let's see how much damage I can do before going down.

    With the fight now happening behind him Colxian whirled around, running towards the now visible spiders. The eight-legged foes split up, one of them moving towards the women and one of them moving to intercept Colxian who promptly whacked it against the wall with a Powerful Bash. The enemy's Mutated Chitin kept the arachnid from dying immediately from the blow and it attempted to counter-attack with a Radioactive Bite but the fighter was too Hard To Pin Down and the spider then fell to a new Raging Strike.

    Unfortunately so did Mizana as the floating brain targeted both her and Dawnshield with a Psychic Beam, followed up with another one just against Dawnshield.

    The brain suddenly vanished from sight again, and this time appeared right behind Dawnshield!


    What the hell, AI? Why on earth would you move to melee range?

    The brain's laughter was cut short as Dawnshield launched at the brainy foe, the opponent suddenly feeling the Invigorating Touch of Dawnshield's teeth on its frontal lobes.
    The creature shreeked in pain, shaking the dwarf off and fleeing as fast as it could with a Rumbling Charge.

    And I even get to pass first.


    Impenetrating Nimbus is of course great but if I move Colxian closer to cast it he'll just get blasted down. And he'll probably fall in any case as the brain can see his current location and Colxian only has one move card. Oh well, last turn's luck was a little too good to last.

    Seeing the floating brain eyeing him Colxian decided to retreat. The foe turned to target Dawnshield instead, hitting the dwarf with a Psychic Blast. Only 2 damage thanks to all those cards she's holding.

    I pass, hoping for the enemy to do something stupid again.

    The brain began cackling again and once more a dead Cunning Mutant sprang to life - this time right behind Colxian. Before it could even take its first step Colxian's Trained Bludgeon knocked it right back down again.

    The remaining spider finally managed to crawl close enough to Dawnshield to be a threat and the dwarf decided to retreat as well. As she again began singing upon reaching a safe spot the brain had floated to a new location.

    And either the brain has no more attacks or the AI happens to do one of those random passes!
    At this point I pretty much have one shot at winning this so decide to gamble on the chance that the last unrevealed card in The Captain's hand isn't an attack.

    Dawnshield suddenly burst from around the pillar, marching right back into the middle of the room. Cardotron passes!
    "-lock, Soldier!"
    Following Colxian's reminder Dawnshield braced for the brain's inevitable attack - but was a little too slow to Block the Psychic Beam hitting her.


    Again I'm forced to gamble with that Block card.

    Despite the painful blow Dawnshield pressed on, moving to engage the floating foe. The enemy tried hitting her with a Radioactive Bite but this time the priestess was fast enough to Block the blow (Yes!) and once again sunk her teeth into the foe, the frenzied Draining Touch doing considerable damage to the brainy opponent.

    The brain screeched in pain once more, unleashing a Radioactive Pulse that burst apart its body but hurt Dawnshield heavily as well and unfortunately also proved too much for Colxian who finally fell.

    Dawnshield Fumbled, knowing she would have little chance to evade the last spider who had again turned invisible. One hp left and the spider's still at full health.
    A moment more and the bite came, followed with darkness.

    To be continued...
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    Zalminen Hydra

    Before I try again Mizana switches Hylithia's Wand for Electric Deployer.
    Dawnshield switches Axe Of The Dark Soul for Purging Mace and Raging Battler for Superb Ferocity.
    Colxian switches Superb Command for Novice Command and Off-balance Boots for Boots Of The Rhino.

    Attempt II


    Whee, drew that one new Vulnerable card straight away.

    With the annoying brain again in their sights Dawnshield began another bawdy little song for Mizana's Inspiration, the words again creating Demonic Feedback.

    The mutant and the spiders surged forward, the mutant apparently undergoing some kind of a Retaliatory Mutation.
    "You take care of the spiders, I'll target that brain," Mizana told Colxian as she waited for the brain to make its move.
    Instead the first one to spin into sight was the mutant.

    Dawnshield promptly stepped out of sight to avoid the fire.

    The brain finally began moving, flying towards the intruders just a little above the ground. Mizana raised her staff towards the incoming foe and hit it with a Surging Blast. It's not invisible yet so I'd better hit it now and hit it hard!

    The spiders were running closer as well but the sorceress kept blasting at the more important target, hitting the brain with spell after spell. Long Spark, the foe countering it with a Psychic Blast.

    Colxian moved forward as well to intercept the spiders, targetting the first one with a Lunging Strike that the foe failed to normally Dodge but its Acrobatic Flip saved it from harm and flung Colxian out of the way allowing the arachnid to Entangle Mizana with a web. Damn. I would have used Laser Beacon against the brain but with Entangle I can't close enough anymore.

    Despite the gooey web preventing her movement Mizana still continued her magical barrage, turning the ground underneath the enemy brain into lava.

    The Cunning Mutant suddenly unleashed some kind of a ray towards its allies Genetic Boost but the spell didn't seem to do much. The brain's Psychic Blast however did, causing Mizana to groan in pain.

    I do get to pass first however.

    The brain seemed to suddenly realize it was floating above a pool of lava and teleported away, phasing in near the wall.
    The mutant on the other hand was still in full rampage, shooting at friends and foes alike with a Shotgun Spray that nearly took Mizana out as well as hurting both of the spiders who Dodged closer to their prey, albeit too late to avoid the hit.

    With the spiders now dangerously close Mizana quickly created a Laser Beacon between them while both Colxian and Dawnshield whirled around to hit the spiders next to them.

    The spiders screeched in pain as the beacon suddenly began shooting at them but they just vanished once more, hitting the Vulnerable Colxian with an Infected Bite.


    Yeah, Mizana is as good as gone. The bigger question is: Should I target both spiders or Colxian and only one spider with that Purging Burst?

    Dawnshield ignored the unseen foe next to her for a moment and instead turned to use her divine powers to help Colxian - and revealing the spider next to the fighter in the process.

    The mutant fired again, the Shotgun Slug dropping Mizana out of the fight.

    With the spider again fully visible Colxian's club struck, crushing the arachnid completely with a Powerful Bludgeon. The other spider took advantage of the opportunity by hitting Dawnshield with an Infected Bite.

    I pass, hoping to see the brain fly closer.[/i]

    The brain unleashed a Psychic Blast towards Colxian but the fighter managed to block the attack with his shield. The following Psychic Beam however did hit and the spider decided to switch targets as well, moving towards Colxian.

    I keep clicking Pass, still hoping that the brain decides to close in but he doesn't and finally passes as well.


    Seeing Colxian in trouble Dawnshield began another chant, creating a protective nimbus around the fighter.
    The brain had once again taken the opportunity to vanish from sight and the only sign of it was its mad cackling as one of the dead spiders in the room lurched to life.

    Still hoping to see the brain move so I click pass once more.

    The spider attacking Colxian managed to land a Radioactive Bite but it never got past the protective nimbus around him. It did cause a Demonic Miasma to waft around him though, slowing the fighter down. Gah! That encumber will make it even harder to reach the brain with those to Runs and I can't even use the miasma as an attack as the nearby spider is invisible. I'm beginning to hate this fight already...

    More passes although I'm starting to get the feeling that the brain isn't going to move unless I do so first.

    The newly reanimated spider surprised Dawnshield with a Radioactive Bite, creating another Demonic Miasma around her as well. Gee, thanks...

    The mutant had meanwhile ran to a new location, suddenly unleashing a Radioactive Pulse that hurt both Dawnshield as well as the brain and the mutant itself, in Dawnshield's case doubly so as the strange Demonic Revenge after-effect struck.

    The mutant had again found its aim, shooting a Shotgun Spray towards Colxian but hitting only the nimbus around him. The brain's Psychic Beam had the same lack of effect, just like the next two shots from the gun-wielding mutant.

    With the Cunning Mutant out of cards I could go and attack it Dawnshield but she doesn't really have much in the way of attacks and the brain still has a Radioactive Pulse at hand. So I just click Pass - again. And this time Cardotron does the same.


    Yea, this is pretty hopeless already. Dawnshield will fall to pretty much anything and the brain has way too many move cards to get caught. Oh well, might as well go down with style.

    "-owabungaaaaaa," Colxian roared, running at full speed towards the elusive brain. As the mutant near it began again going through a Retaliatory Mutation Colxian proved too Hard To Pin Down for the brain's Psychic Beam to hit while Dawnshield's Charge managed to suprise the remaining spider, knocking it dead against the wall. The brain immediately reanimated it back to life but Colxian just turned around, slaying it again with a Vicious Thrust.

    Dawnshield's last charge had however left her in full view of the mutant who blasted the priestess down with a Shotgun Slug.
    Colxian turned again to run towards the invisible brain but it teleported away, apparently to the area where Dawnshield had just been.


    With the floating brain now way too far for the fighter to quickly reach he turned his attention on the nearby mutant instead. Before the foe could escape he struck it with a Powerful Hack and although the foe attacked with one of its own the second blow struck it down.
    Colxian's fight didn't last very long though as the brain unleashed one more Psychic Blast, taking the fighter down for good.

    Yeesh. This truly is a nasty battle.
    Four opponents and three of them are constantly invisible and can't be directly attacked.
    The mutant who can use my own attacks against me and has nasty enough attacks on its own as well.
    And especially the brain who can revive the foes I've managed to finally kill and can just fly or teleport away when I attempt to attack it.
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  5. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Attempt III


    Providing Colxian some Inspiration in the form of a pat on the butt, Dawnshield watched as the floating brain flew towards them.
    The spiders had vanished from sight and the mutant in the corner seemed to be going through some kind of a Retaliatory Mutation but the brain was still fully visible. Yes!

    Mizana blasted the brainy foe immediately with a Freeze spell, slowing the foe down despite its Adaptable body - or well, spine.
    "Get closer," she yelled and both of her allies did just that.
    With a mighty Charge Colxian hit the brain head on. Darn, now the foe is adaptable to crushing so I can't use Mighty Bludgeon. Unless...

    The gun-wielding mutant hit Colxian with a Shotgun Slug, the fast projectiles slipping past Colxian's attempted Missile Block.
    "-eed your help Dawnshield," the fighter shouted, prompting his team to dash closer.
    As the mutant behind it moved closer with a Violent Spin, Dawnshield hit the brain with a Purging Strike, but the blow failed to have the desired effect and the brain just phased out, appearing on the other side of the pair. Ah crap. The purge did get rid of the Adapted to Crushing attachment but as the damage came after that it just created a new identical one.

    As the floating foe rumbled away from the group Mizana turned to run after it, prompting the foe to hit her with a Psychic Blast. As Colxian ran to rejoin the fight the brain suddenly leaped closer, hitting the sorceress with a Radioactive Bite that caused an outburst of magical energy to pour out of Mizana's hands, hitting everyone but the spiders who were still invisible. (Laser Spray)

    As the blow hit the cunning mutant, its Retaliatory Mutation caused it to unleash an identical outburst, harming all three heroes but this time doing nothing to the quickly adapting brain.

    I quickly pass first and Cardotron follows my example.


    Mizana only draws weak attacks, Colxian only draws one non-crushing attack and the brain will fly away before Colxian will get to attack. And both Colxian and Mizana are low on health. Not looking terribly good at this point.

    With Mizana now dangerously hurt Dawnshield quickly created an Impenetrable Nimbus around the sorceress, then yelled for a Team Shift to escape the invisible spiders that were getting closer and closer.
    As the team movement surrounded the brain it unleashed a Radioactive Pulse that left Dawnshield Dreadfully Ill and turned Mizana Superstitious.
    The attack had however left Colxian in a perfect position to attack and the fighter unleashed a Massive Chop that sunk straight into the brain's frontal lobes, finally killing the annoying foe! It did cause Mizana to discard everything thanks to Superstitious but I wasn't about to let the brain Fly away at this point. And with the brain down, my chances are looking a lot better already.

    With the brain gone, the only visible opponent was the mutant who immediately began closing in, prompting Dawnshield to retreat to behind the wall.


    As the spidery sounds were getting within striking range from Colxian another protective nimbus sprang up around the fighter. And just in time to protect him from an Infected Bite that suddenly went after his legs.

    I click Pass again, hoping that the second spider will attack as well leaving me free to counter attack without danger.

    The mutant, although unable to see Colxian from his current position did however unleash a strange magic, apparently providing its allies with some kind of a Genetic Boost.
    Now both spiders are active again and there are still those three unrevealed cards in their hand. I'd rather not purge the invisibilities and the poison while there's a chance they may poison Colxian again but if Cardotron passes and I don't get to attack this turn, I will lose a great opportunity to do damage.

    "-here are they," Colxian growled, looking around him while brandishing his weapon.
    "Wait..." Dawnshield said, suddenly unleashing a Purging Burst on Colxian's location. The spiders suddenly reappeared - and one of them immediately struck at Colxian, doing no damage thanks to the nimbus but spraying some poison on the fighter nevertheless.
    With an eager shout Colxian's weapon leaped to action. Trained Bludgeon hit one of the spiders, doing good damage despite the layers of Mutated Chitin around the arachnids. The hit was followed by a Mighty Bludgeon that crushed the foe's head, leaving only one spider standing. The fighter then took off running, slipping into safety behind the wall as the mutant unleashed another Genetic Boost.
    Hah. Not only did that boost do nothing as the spider only has armor cards left, it just gave me the chance to pass first.


    Ugh. I won't be doing much attacking this turn.

    With the protective nimbuses fading again Mizana quickly ran to a safer location, heading away from Dawnshield and Colxian. She didn't quite get away though as the remaining spider flung a web after her, causing her to become Entangled by it.

    I just click Pass, hoping to get to the next turn without losing anyone.

    The spider quickly Scampered after Mizana, hoping to take down the encumbered prey.

    The cunning mutant was also again on the move, this time finding a point where it could take a shot at Colxian. The fighter quickly moved aside, yelling for her team to do the same.
    Dawnshield decided to take a risk and began singing again, helping Mizana despite the Demonic Feedback the guttural sounds of the song were causing. Drew Scamper. I really could have used a Hot Spot...

    "Dawnshield, attack," Mizana yelled but the dwarf just stood her ground, waiting for a better opportunity.

    New turn, Colxian takes damage from poison one last time taking him down to 3 hp. Mizana's now at 2hp and even Dawnshield only has 12 hp left.

    The cunning mutant had moved on, this time taking Mizana in her sights.


    "-un, Team!"
    Following Colxian's shout Mizana forced her legs to carry her to safety past Dawnshield despite the web hindering her movements.
    The spider followed, but was stopped by Dawnshield standing in the way and the dwarf promptly attacked the arachnid with a Bludgeon that the spider managed to block with an Acrobatic Flip.

    And Cardotron passes. Does that mean that the spider's unrevealed card is not an attack?

    Dawnshield had switched songs again, providing more Inspiration for the shaken sorceress before retreating from the threatening arachnid.

    The mutant took advantage of this by finding a new location to threaten Dawnshield from.


    Dawnshield wasn't about to get shot that easily though and she again sidestepped to safety, then again to evade the spider coming after her.

    Cardotron passes. Which probably means that its out of moves. Good.

    Finally a safe distance from the eight-legged foe, Dawnshield quickly blessed Colxian with another Impenetrable Nimbus while the mutant's Violent Spin left it in a position where it could shoot at Mizana - except that the sorceress stepped back out of sight as well.
    And only now I realize I did this the wrong way. I should have saved that nimbus for next turn and just attacked the spider with Mizana's spells. Since even with the nimbus Colxian is not safe attacking the spider thanks to those poison attachments and the nimbus would have been the perfect way to attack the more dangerous mutant. Oh well, what's done is done.

    With the spider now in sight Mizana unleashed her spells on it. Chilling Rime. Freeze. Hot Spot.
    "If we get out of here in one piece... I may show you a dance I learned once overseas."
    Both Colxian and Mizana turned to look at the priestess.
    The additional Inspiration prompted Mizana to hit the eight-legged foe one more time with a Surging Blast. Colxian, now with a sudden Accelerated Thought went for a run towards the other wall, now eager to attack the dangerous mutant.

    As the spider finally burned to crisp in the molten rock the mutant suddenly heard Colxian's steps coming closer and unleashed a Radioactive Pulse that the fighter failed to block, falling to the ground. AAAARGH! I kept that Missile Block in his hand just to give him a chance to attack the mutant and then he fails the first 3+ roll. Lady Luck - are you perhaps shipping Mizana and Dawnshield?


    With Colxian out of the picture I pretty much have to wait for another Impenetrable Nimbus.

    As the remaining heroes waited for the mutant to make a move it suddenly screeched, apparently suffering from Demonic Revenge.

    And Cardotron then passes.


    Hmm. Laser Beacon may actually offer me a chance to attack even without another nimbus.

    The mutant ran to the center of the room, moving to aim again at Mizana who quickly moved aside. And I fervently hope the mutant didn't draw another Radioactive Pulse...
    Cardotron passes, so the answer is apparently not.

    As the cunning foe stopped for a moment Dawnshield aimed a Purging Burst at the ground right next to the enemy, halting the mutant's Retaliatory Mutation while Mizana summoned a Laser Beacon right next to the enemy.

    The foe roared from the pain as the beacon's shot hit it in the leg. And for some reason Cardotron passes again! Which suits me perfectly and I pass as well.

    Another hit from the beacon forced the mutant to retreat, backing away to a position that would enable it to fire at Dawnshield.


    The dwarf moved aside but the enemy eagerly followed with a Violent Spin. This however left its attention momentarily in the wrong direction and Mizana's Surging Bolt hit it straight in the back, ending its life.

    Phew! Finally! Now let's hope the next fight is a little easier as I really don't want to do this one again.


    Loot: Meteor Mail, Crude Raygun (and Laser Spear for club reward)

    To be continued...
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  6. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Since the next fight won't hopefully include more invisible brains Colxian switches Superb Ferocity back for Raging Battler and Purging Mace for Lightforce Nunchaku.

    Battle III


    Well, there's a twist.

    Since I'd be drowning in screenshots if I documented the selection process completely, I'll just list the cards I picked for everyone.

    Mizana: Force Field, Combustible, Illusory Barrier, Punishing Bolt, Hot Spot, Short Spark, Zap.

    Dawnshield: Polearm Slash, Vulnerable, Energize Move, Mass Frenzy, Lunging Thrust, Spear Of Darkness, Minor Heal

    Colxian: Mighty Bludgeon, Weak Strike, Potent Stab, Nimble Strike, Chain Harness, Shifty Stab, Wild Run

    No Impenetrable Nimbus, no team moves and no decent blocks available. At least I can separate the foes with Illusory Barrier and use Force Field to soak attacks while to other heroes dish out damage.


    "What just happened? I can suddenly remember only a handful of my old spells - but instead I think I know new ones!"
    Dawnshield shrugged. "No idea Miz but we can figure that out later. We have more of those metal monsters to whack."

    The priestess broke into a song once more, driving everyone into a Mass Frenzy.

    As one of the secbots could see Colxian it began to quickly Charge Up, forcing the fighter to Run for safety. Had the cards been in a different order I could have used Wild Run to get to the other secbot, whack it once and then used Run to evade the next barrage. But using Wild Run now would just discard the Run and Colxian would end up dead.

    Mizana had used her newfound spells to create a Force Field around herself before running to the middle of the room. As the first secbot noticed her, it began to Charge Up again, the sorceress taking the opportunity to turn the floor underneath the other secbot into a Hot Spot.

    I pass, taking a minor risk as I hope the AI will prioritize getting the secbot away from the lava over shooting at Mizana. If it does that, I can just block its line of sight and depending on where it moves possibly even attack the other secbot with Colxian.

    The first secbot began another Charge Up damn!, again weakening Mizana's Force Field.
    One more duration left so I try the same thing once more by passing.

    The second secbot had noticed Mizana as well and it began charging its lasers as well. Bah. So much for that attempt then.

    Mizana cursed, quickly summoning an Illusory Barrier between herself and the secbot. It didn't stop the laser from breaking her Force Field but at least it would prevent the foe from seeing her anymore - ah crap. Yeah, the secbot may not see Mizana anymore but since Charge Up / Charged Laser Barrage doesn't require targetting the secbot can just keep shooting at her anyway.

    After prying my forehead up from the desk I shrug, consider Mizana lost already and decide to find out if I can at least take out one of the secbots before I lose.

    The secbot finally seemed to react to standing in lava and marched forward, straight towards the illusory barrier.

    Colxian suddenly went for a Wild Run, going through the side passage like his boots were on fire and appeared right in front of the first secbot.
    The second secbot noticed the fighter's arrival and turned towards him, its lasers already beginning to Charge Up.
    As Colxian's Potent Stab hit the first metallic foe, the second secbot fired a Charged Laser Barrage, hitting both the fighter and the first secbot.

    Dawnshield was moving after Colxian as well, albeit with a much more careful pace.

    And Cardotron passes instead of using the last unrevealed card. I thank Lady Luck and quickly hit Pass as well, giving Cardotron the first VP from holding one of the victory squares.

    The next turn begins and for some reason Cardotron passes again.


    With the secbots momentarily distracted Mizana blasted the closer one with a Punishing Bolt. Ignoring the attack that had come through the barrier the secbot instead turned towards Colxian and the first secbot, and began another Charge Up sequence.

    With the attacking foe a little too far for a suitable counter Colxian instead ran to safety behind the middle wall as the Charged Laser Barrage took out the first secbot.

    I pass, waiting for the secbot to either attack or move.

    The secbot began charging up its lasers again, apparently determined to blast through the middle pillar.


    Seriously? Mizana's out of the secbot's front arc and both Colxian and Dawnshield are behind walls. Why did the AI even play that Charge Up?

    Despite the barrage doing little damage even to the pillar, the bot immediately went for a second attempt, with equally non-existent results.

    As the secbot ceased its firing (out of attacks!) Colxian came flying around the corner, hitting the secbot with a Nimble Strike.
    The metallic foe tried to retreat away from the fighter but just ended up stepping in the illusory barrier, allowing Mizana to Zap it. She then quickly moved to the side to block the secbot from reaching the corner full of probably important machines.

    One VP for me for holding a corner.

    The secbot finally realized there was an enemy blocking its path and began to Charge Up its lasers again.


    By the time the metallic foe unleashed its barrage Mizana was long gone and the blast hit nothing but walls again.

    And since the secbot only has one unrevealed card and I'm just one VP short of winning I don't even have to be careful again.

    "Hey, I think I know how to stop that thing," Mizana yelled from behind the wall. "See the devices in the corners? Colxian, Dawnshield, each of you pick a corner and break the stuff there!"
    "Oo, I love this part!"

    Despite the secbot turning around to shoot at Colxian one more it missed and then had time to do little else before Colxian and Dawnshield had each taken a corner, with smoke and bits of metal flying from each one as the heroes went to town with the sensitive equipment.


    The secbot suddenly convulsed.
    "Error. Error. Activating secret defens"&&2114dance program." Its flailing suddenly became more rhythmic. "Ooh eeh ooh ah aah, ting tang walla wall bing bang," it sang as it did something that could technically be interpreted as a dance.
    Dawnshield took one long look at the strange performance - and hit the keyboard in the corner with her polearm.
    The secbot did a move that looked like it was grabbing its crotch and then fell over, its power finally going out.

    Adventure Complete!


    Loot: Brawling Laser x2, Amethyst Crystal Staff, Command Stone as the treasure hunt reward (and Nova Axe as the club reward)
  7. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Sanctum of the Cyber Tyrant


    "What the hell happened? Where the hell are you guys?"
    Dawnshield's questions were answered with only a roar from the cyber brute coming her way.

    "Some kind of a dimensional split," Mizana pondered out loud, then grinned dangerously as she saw the troll warrior entering the chamber from the other end. "And looks like some poor monster's trapped here with me!"

    Colxian looked around, then turned towards the mutant standing in the doorway.
    "-ore fun for me," the fighter muttered.

    Had I known this kind of a split was coming, I'd have picked more attacks and less support for Dawnshield. Oh well.
    And Colxian drew no actual attacks so he can't do much yet.

    I just pass, waiting to see what the enemies do first.

    As the troll warrior went into a Blind Rage and the cyber brute vanished, the powerful mutant was the only one to advance.

    I pass again.

    The troll had also smelled something and broke into a Run, moving closer to Mizana. Damn. Two move cards. If it decides to camp in that VP square, there will be no safe way to force it out without getting hit. And since Mizana has only move Run, she'll have to let the troll move first anyway.

    The cyber brute was also on the move, sneaking towards Dawnshield while she was still trying to decide what to do.

    I pass again and this time Cardotron does the same. No VPs for either side yet.


    Mizana's still the only one with enough attacks but she can hardly go toe to toe with the troll. So I pass again.

    The troll creeped closer, stopping on the other side of the pillar, probably to wait for its prey to come closer. Yep. Did just what I figured it might do.

    So my sorceress is trapped with the strongest opponent and my priestess has very little attacks. I can probably win the middle fight with Colxian but I'm going to need plenty of luck to win the ones on the side. Whee.

    Despite being separated each hero ended up doing the exact same thing - waiting for a better opportunity.

    The first one to break the mold was Colxian as the mutant facing him suddenly lunged from behind the corner, biting the fighter. Colxian retaliated with a Vicious Thrust through the mutant's Mutated Chitin but got hit by a Powerful Bludgeon in return while the Adaptable foe's skin started hardening to protect it from additional blows.
    The foe has no attacks left but taking the VP square won't help as the enemies still control two others. So I just pass first to prepare for the next round.


    Colxian attacked the powerful mutant once more, surprising it with a Powerful Hack that the foe countered with an equally Powerful Bludgeon. Again no more attack cards remain in the mutant's hand but thanks to Quick Step I can both take the VP square and pass first.

    As Colxian ran around the pillar to slip behind the mutant, the cyber brute finally decided to chase after Dawnshield. The priestess was however waiting for this and attacked the foe with a Laser Strike but her weird weapon malfunctioned, suddenly throwing sparks.
    "What? Why is there a text Drained Battery in my weapon? What *is* a battery anyway?"
    The cyber brute wasn't in the mood to explain though and instead hit the dwarf with a Strong Bludgeon, prompting the dwarf to back off.

    Cardotron passes but since I want to be first, I use Colxian's Quick Step to seize the first pass.
    No VPs for either side since we each control one square.


    And I claimed Colxian would have the easiest fight in his hands. Well, not with those cards he won't.
    And Dawnshield just draws Dash to replace that Blind Rage. Yeesh.

    Unable to find any openings on his opponent's defense Colxian was forced to retreat as well. The mutant followed, the fighter dancing backwards to lure the opponent after him.

    Meanwhile Mizana was still trapped behind the pillar with the troll waiting on the other side, neither side unwilling to be the first to move.
    "Iiii.... smelll....huuuuuman flesh," the beast growled, stomping in place. Literally. It just used a Walk card but didn't move or even turn.
    "Why don't you come here to get it then," Mizana crooned.

    In another dimension the cyber brute again lunged at Dawnshield, forcing the dwarf to step back behind the pillar.

    The mutant chasing after Colxian managed to hit him with a Lunging Bite of its own, but this offered Colxian the perfect opportunity to Run around the pillar and slip to the middle while Dawnshield continued her own little chase against the cyber brute.

    Both players pass, no VPs for either side.


    Colxian did draw an attack but it's not enough to kill the mutant and if I attack Colxian will die afterwards.
    And right now I can't even remember if he *has* any 13+ attacks in his deck so even waiting may not help here.
    Oh well, I really need to modify Dawnshield's deck anyway so I might as well try my luck. It's always *possible* that the mutant didn't draw any attacks. Even if highly unlikely.

    With a sudden roar Colxian turned around, hitting the mutant trailing him with a Powerful Hack. The foe countered with a Strong Bludgeon, knocking the fighter out of the fight. And giving me enough reason to hit Resign Battle.

    To be continued...
  8. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle I, New Attempt

    Since I know what's coming, I'm making some changes to the party.
    Mizana switches Surging Staff for Mordecai's Staff Of Magma, Elemental Diadem for Wand Of Hot Winds, Rusty Plated Boots for Muscle Boots and Advanced Electromancy for Superb Rifthopping. (Volcano will allow me to attack multiple foes and Whirlwind Enemies should help me capture VP squares a little easier.)

    Dawnshield switches White Halberd for Giant Skeletal Arm, Epic Shield for Black Cat Buckler, Corpselight Charm for Lifedrinker Tome, Medallion Of St. Vigus for Demon's Hand and Incense Of The Nether Fog for Maple Roots.

    Colxian switches Deflecting Buckler for Heavy Dueler's Shield, Boots Of The Rhino for Marshall's Boots, Commander's Cap for Sergeant's Cap and Sharp Slicing for Careful Attacker.


    This time it's Colxian with the sometimes invisible foe, Mizana with the adaptable enemy and Dawnshield with the regenerating troll. Better than last time anyway.

    Upon hearing the presence of an enemy nearby Colxian quickly ran forward. I can't move to the VP square yet as I couldn't bash the enemy away from there so instead Colxian takes the square next to the wall. The strange cyber foe moved to engage him but Colxian's Powerful Bash sent the opponent sliding backwards before it had a chance to attack. Its virtual body began to immediately adapt to the damage but it stayed back nevertheless.

    The troll in the room with Dawnshield was also moving forward, both driven by its Blind Rage and supported by its Troll Regeneration.

    Mizana meanwhile took advantage of the slowness of the mutant facing her and moved to the middle of the room to prepare. As the powerful mutant moved to attack her she stepped back and hit the foe with a Surging Blast, followed by a flash of agony from a second spell.

    As the cyber brute hesitated Colxian moved to the middle of the room, prepared for the brute's inevitable onslaught.

    In another dimension the troll had finally guessed Dawnshield's location and Charged along the wall, forcing Dawnshield to retreat. The troll proved surprisingly fast though and suddenly doubled back.
    The dwarf's answer came in the form of a Laser Strike to the beast's chest, partially annulled by the foe's regenerative abilities.
    "Gotcha back!"

    Cardotron passes first. We're each holding a VP square so no VPs for either side.

    As Colxian prepared for the cyber brute's attack it suddenly vanished.
    "-t again..."

    The mutant facing Mizana suddenly went for a Lunging Bite, its teeth scraping the sorceress painfully.

    Ah yes. For some reason I was still thinking about the *old* version of Whirlwind Enemies when I picked the gear for this attempt, the one that flung the enemies totally randomly. Which would have given me an easy victory had it thrown two of the foes in the same room. But the walls are too thick for the spell to help me much here. Oh well, with a little luck it may still help.


    "Stop biting me," Mizana growled, summoning a whirlwind that flung the mutant back - and somehow also doing so in the other dimensions.

    While the invisible cyber foe creeped towards Colxian Mizana attacked her confused opponent with a Surging Bolt and then ran back as the foe moved closer.
    The cyber brute finally saw the moment to attack and struck Colxian with Paralytic Poison - which naturally discards the step attacks as well as the Run card. And I can't attack with the remaining card as the enemy is both invisible and adapted to crushing. Whee.
    At least Colxian's stuck in the VP square so Cardotron won't get a majority this turn.

    The cyber brute wasn't done with Colxian and it struck again, hitting the fighter with a Powerful Bludgeon. Then another time.

    Meanwhile Dawnshield was forced to retreat from the approaching troll.

    Weakened by the poison Colxian was quickly brought down by yet another blow from the cyber brute.


    Only two heroes left and Dawnshield draws no real attacks. And the troll has Mighty Bludgeon in hand. Well, there's still a small chance if I draw Volcano but otherwise I'm toast.

    Mizana moved around the pillar, preparing for the attack of the mutant facing her.

    And Cardotron passes. Sneaky. I do the same nevertheless, thus letting Cardotron get a VP.


    Volcano! I wonder if I could get the troll to waste its move card somehow...

    As the mutant just stared at Mizana the sorceress shot first, hitting the foe with a spell that boiled the armor off the mutant. The enemy finally sprang into action, moving to engage the sorceress. Mizana forced the foe back with a Maze spell but the enemy just lunged right back, biting the sorceress as it did so.
    "Taste hot lava," Mizana growled, turning the ground underneat the foe into molten rock - and somehow managed to do the same for everyone else as well, including herself.

    The troll who was now standing in a pool of lava immediately decided to move and went after Dawnshield.
    The dwarf took the opportunity to strike the big foe with a Laser Strike but got bitten in return as she was a little too slow with her Parry. Dawnshield then quickly retreated while Mizana did the same.

    Cardotron passes, either randomly or because it considers the VP from the middle more important than the damage from the lava. Fine by me, I pass as well.


    With the lava burning its legs the mutant had finally decided to go after Mizana. It found itself in a new Hot Spot though and while it did get to hit the sorceress with a Strong Bludgeon the sorceress quickly retreated. Ignoring the heat the mutant went after Mizana again, this time with a Lunging Strike.
    "Back off," Mizana yelled, shoving the foe right back in the lava it had came from.

    The troll hounding Dawnshield didn't seem to care about the lava either and it stepped right into a pool of molten rock as it went after Dawnshield. The dwarf turned to hit it with a frenzied Avenging Touch but the foe retaliated with a Staggering Blow. Ah, damn. Staggering Blow discarded two *revealed* cards which meant her only Walk card as well. I forgot the revealed part, thus believing it would take Parry and Laser Strike instead. My mistake will probably mean Dawnshield's death.

    Despite the troll's attack Dawnshield quickly retaliated with another Laser Strike - but again the erratic weapon malfunctioned, this time causing a complete Meltdown just as the troll stuck her with a Mighty Bludgeon, followed by a Bite and then another Mighty Bludgeon.
    Dawnshield fell, unable to withstand such a heavy beating.
    And the troll has 9 hp left! Just one too much for the lava to kill it! Argh.

    In another dimension the cyber brute also decided to brave the lava, apparently finding the middle of the room too important to abandon despite the heat.

    Another VP for Cardotron. It only needs one more to win.


    So close, but yet so far. Had I retreated with Dawnshield, this would now be an easy win. Now, I've already lost.

    Despite zapping the mutant down Cardotron uses the troll to capture the lava-filled VP square and gains the last required VP.
  9. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle I, Another Attempt

    This time Mizana switches Wand Of Hot Winds for Ring Of Appropriation.
    Dawnshield switches Superb Cleansing for Trained Cleansing and Raging Battler for Superb Stoutness.


    Ok, once again Mizana has the most dangerous foe. Cold Snap should help though, at least if the troll didn't draw extra move cards.

    Colxian moved forward, stopping in the middle of the room to wait for the approaching opponent. As the foe came running beside the pillar the fighter struck, hitting the enemy with a Vicious Thrust, followed by a Mighty Bludgeon as the mutant seemed to adapt to the piercing damage.

    Meanwhile the troll had proven uncomfortably fast, managing to reach the other side of the pillar Mizana was waiting behind. Figures. I could have moved Mizana first and struck with Cold Snap but with my luck the troll would have had Charge in its hand and reached her anyway. But now the troll is camping the VP square and Mizana has no safe way of attacking it.

    In another dimension Dawnshield was facing an enemy that had vanished as soon as it had arrived. The dwarf considered advancing but decided to wait for a better moment instead.

    Colxian also decided to retreat, his opponent momentarily too ready for his attacks.

    Cardotron gains a VP. Doesn't matter much, I should be able to win the middle fight this time and then I'll just need a little luck with either of the side battles.


    Although these cards certainly won't help much.

    The troll suddenly moved, trying to catch Mizana by slipping around the pillar but the sorceress just ran the other way.

    The cyber brute was also chasing its prey, managing to hit the raging Dawnshield with a Lunging Bite before the dwarf slipped away, unable to hit the Invisible foe back.

    Meanwhile the troll had noticed Mizana trying to escape and turned to Charge after the fleeing sorceress, although doing little damage due to the short distance. The swift spellslinger danced away, then cast a Maze on the big foe as it kept up its pursuit.
    Cardotron finally passes meaning the troll is finally out of move cards.
    With the troll momentarily confused, Mizana quickly turned the ground underneath it into a Hot Spot.

    Another VP for Cardotron but the cyber brute's Invisibility is ending after this turn just like the mutant's adaptations.


    Colxian did get Vulnerable but to replace that he then gets - Powerful Hack! Yes!

    The cyber brute was again running after Dawnshield but as it finally faded back into view the priestess struck, hitting the annoying foe with a Raging Strike. Before the foe had time to react, the priestess then grabbed the brute's crotch and squeezed with both hands, her Touches of Death doing considerable damage to the foe. The virtual opponent howled, hammering the priestess with Powerful Bludgeons and finally forcing the dwarf to retreat. Grh, that was a little more damage than I'd have preferred.

    Meanwhile the powerful mutant crept around the pillar, looking for Colxian.
    "-ello! Bye!"
    The fighter's Powerful Hack struck the mutant's neck, killing it with one blow.

    Colxian looked around, shrugged and settled down to wait for his allies.

    In the normal dimension Mizana was still flinging more fire at the troll who had managed to escape the lava despite some heavy burns.

    Dawnshield was also still in danger, her opponent managing to hit the dwarf with another Lunging Bite.


    The priestess roared, leaping at the surprised foe and sinking her teeth in its virtual flesh, the Invigorating Touch both healing the dwarf and hurting her enemy. The cyber brute howled once more, then bit back, injecting Paralytic Poison in the dwarf's veins.
    Argh. There went the Walk card which means Dawnshield's going down. So I won one fight, will lose another but Mizana's battle is still fully open.

    Mizana, unaware of what her allies were doing struck against the hairy troll once more, this time slowing it down with a Freeze spell.

    Dawnshield fell as she was unable to escape the enemy's Strong Bludgeon.

    With Mizana's opponent now shivering from cold, the sorceress pushed it back with her telekinetic powers. Despite the cold slowing it down, it immediately began crawling back, then Charged to right where it had started from.[/i]And Cardotron gains a VP. I'm clearly going to need more lava to win this one.[/i]


    Cardotron needs only three more VPs to win so Mizana doesn't have much time to kill the troll. It doesn't have Trollish Regeneration at the moment and Mizana did draw two attacks this turn but it's still going to be a bit too close for comfort.

    "What's the matter, Big-n-Hairy? Can't catch me?"
    As the troll didn't seem interested in moving, Mizana cast Dual Beacons, one on each side of the troll. The troll just smiled at the human, trusting its Trollish Regeneration.And of course the troll drew that right now! Gaaaaaah....
    And with duration 3, I'm as good as lost already.

    And to add insult to injury, Mizana then draws Walk, Team and Dash, Team on the next turn. And on the next turn Scamper and Chilling Rime. Blargh.

    Lost, again.

    To be continued...
  10. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Ok, I'm switching to quicker reports now until I successfully beat the first battle.

    Battle I, Attempt IV

    This time Colxian's facing the troll and Mizana's in the middle with the mutant.

    The troll doesn't draw regeration on the first turn and trades blows with Colxian.

    The mutant can't quite reach Mizana who uses Laser Beacon and Ember Spray against it.

    Dawnshield also trades blows with the cyber brute as it fails to draw Invisible.

    Colxian manages to bash the troll back, equalizing the fight (troll with 18hp and Colxian with 15 hp).

    Dawnshield fails to Duck, rolls malfunction on a Laser Strike but draws Laser Spray as the malfunction card which is enough to kill the cyber brute.

    And since it seems like I might even win this attempt, I'm switching to full reporting again.


    Although that Parry is tempting, this time I'm not making the mistake of getting hit by Staggering Blow

    As the troll tried to reach for Colxian the fighter quickly retreated.

    Mizana tapped her fingers, annoyed at the mutant waiting on the other side of the pillar.
    "Don't want to move, eh? Well, let's see you stand there after *this*!"

    As she raised her staff, the Volcano spell turned the ground underneath everyone into lava, forcing the mutant to finally move against the sorceress. She just laughed and ran the other way, then flung another Hot Spot underneath her opponent.

    This time I get the VP as Dawnshield's the only one in the VP squares.

    As the troll howled from the pain caused by the molten rock underneath it, its Trollish Regeneration seemed to go on overdrive while it hopped out of the lava. It drew four Trollish Regenerations in a row!


    Meanwhile Mizana was harassing the quickly adapting mutant with more spells, this time hitting it with a Cold Snap. The mutant tried moving to engage the sorceress but she just shoved it right back with Telekinesis.

    Cardotron passes which suits me just fine. I need a bigger attack for Colxian before I'm ready to try my luck with Parry.

    As Mizana tried edging closer with her Dimensional Traveller skills, the mutant surprised her with a Lunging Bite.

    Colxian draws a second Parry and Powerful Hack and Mizana draws another Volcano! Woohoo!

    Mizana retreated from her opponent, preparing to cast another spell as the foe settled down in the middle, as if ignoring the sorceress completely.

    Meanwhile the troll had finally made its move, lumbering against Colxian who promptly struck the foe with a Powerful Hack. The blow hit the troll straight in the chest and the beast fell, never to rise again.

    Just as it did so, Mizana's spell finished and another group of lava pools appeared under everyone. The sorceress then struck with a Big Zap before stepping out of the lava herself.

    A VP for me since I now control both sides.

    With the lava burning its feet, the mutant barely managed to escape the molten rock, going after Mizana.


    Mizana tried hitting the foe with a Surging Bolt but the shot dissipated harmlessly on the Adaptable foe. Mizana retreated, the foe lunging after her again.
    Another VP for me for holding both sides.

    The mutant again captures the middle VP square but this time I just pass, since I still have the majority and thus get the last required VP anyway.

    Victory, finally!


    Loot: Crude Raygun, Gunward Shield (and Lightforce Grinder for club reward)
  11. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle II

    Since there probably won't be another split party fight, I'll make a few changes again.

    Mizana switches Mordecai's Staff Of Magma for ManMelter and Muscle Boots for Lizard Hide Boots.

    Dawnshield switches Giant Skeletal Arm for White Halberd, Demon's Hand for Incense Of Roiled Air, Lifedrinker Tome for Medallion Of St. Vigus and Black Cat Buckler for Spiked Shield.

    Colxian switches Heavy Dueler's Shield for Magnetic Shield, Tough Hide Shirt for Intrepid Spacesuit and Careful Attacker for Superb Impaling.


    "I knew my magic could bring you here," Mizana announced as the group was again walking together.
    Dawnshield looked at the sorceress pointedly. "Where *is* here then?"
    "Details, details... If you're so curious, go ask them!"
    "I have a feeling they'll shoot before giving any answers!"

    Hm, the blue squares are impassable and the yellow ones count as difficult. So actually getting to the enemy will take a while and the gunners will be shooting the whole time. Cool, should still be easier than the last fight.

    Picking up another song that technically sounded like a chant but with the words more like a drinking song, Dawnshield drove everyone into Mass Frenzy before heading to the first bridge. The leader of the cyber warriors moved to intercept her, firing a Laser Bolt at her but the dwarf easily Ducked the shot. Bah. For once I get to steal a card and it's only a four damage attack. And the foe has Retaliatory Mutation so I can't even use it yet.

    Mizana had also stepped forward, using her telekinetic powers to fling the dwarf forward just as one of the enemy gunners hit her with a Scatter Laser.

    Covered by the pillar, Dawnshield turned towards Mizana, doing a little dance for the spellcaster's Inspiration.
    The sorceress smiled, then turned her attention on the new staff she had picked up earlier.
    "I wonder what happens if I Pull The Trigger... Hmm, beacons."

    As Mizana was still pondering, the cyber boss suddenly did a Violent Spin, hopping to the next bridge and at the same time getting in the way of its underlings that were trying to reach the intruders as well.

    Colxian, who had been staring at the strange looking foes scratching his head finally shrugged, Running along the third bridge to reach the battle as well.
    The enemy leader unleashed a Genetic Boost to support its allies but then looked puzzled as a strange heat began emanating from its feet. The boosted gunner fired another Laser Bolt at Mizana, searing her left arm. And again the enemies roll great on the erratic damage roll.

    I pass first, eager to be the first to move next turn.

    The cyber boss howled in pain as the real heat from the Hot Spot reached its virtual body.


    Mizana had meanwhile turned her attention on the gunner that had already shot her twice, hitting the annoying foe with a Surging Blast. The magical attack hit the foe but it was clear that its virtual body was already adapting to the arcane damage. The gunners even drew two Adaptable cards this turn. Good, that just means less actual attacks.

    One of the cyber brutes had turned Invisible but as it was still stuck on the other side of the strange blue stream, none of the heroes even noticed.

    Since the cyber boss got a Hot Spot of its own from the Retaliatory Mutation I don't want to move anyone just yet. Instead I pass, waiting for the foes to act first.

    Proving a quick study the cyber boss mimicked Mizana's earlier spell and created another Hot Spot, this time underneath Colxian who barely noticed the attack.

    With the cyber boss distracted Dawnshield suddenly whirled around, running around the pillar to engage the gunner who had just reached the end of the bridge. The unfortunate enemy had little time to react before the frenzied dwarf was already in melee range, hitting the enemy first with a Laser Bolt, then following up with an Avenging Touch.

    Seeing his ally in danger the cyber boss unleashed a Radioactive Pulse but the burst didn't reach any of the intruders except for Mizana but did however hurt all of his underlings, causing one of the to heighten its Defensiveness and turning the second gunner into even more of a Loner:


    Ha! Finally some luck with the enemy handicap cards!

    As the gunner rolled in pain from the presence of its annoying allies, the cyber boss itself felt Dreadfully Ill. Despite the pain it tried to fire a Laser Bolt at Dawnshield but managed to screw up, causing the weapon to malfunction. Ha indeed. Lady Luck seems to favor me now!

    With the cyber boss facing the wrong way it never saw Colxian running towards it with his club raised high. The gunner rolling on the ground however did and tried to shoot at the the fighter from the ground - and with equally bad results. Another malfunction in a row! Colxian however wasn't to be stopped by the failed shot and his Mighty Bludgeon terminated the leader of the cyber group.

    As the first gunner's weapon caused a total Meltdown, filling the ground around it with molten rock the other gunner shot at Dawnshield.

    With the gunners otherwise busy Mizana ran around the pillar as well, preparing to use her spells.

    With the cyber boss finally out of the way the cyber brutes had a chance to advance and the visible one immediately hopped over the lava, running to engage Colxian. It immediately got a taste of a frenzied Trained Bludgeon, followed by a Strong Bash. The brute wasn't about to let the fighter win that easily though and it retaliated with a Powerful Bludgeon of its own, followed up with a Radioactive Pulse that hit both humans as well as both of the brutes.

    Mizana groaned, feeling like her hair had turned into cabbage (Vege Parts( while the brute's stink caused the fighter to want to get away from everyone (Loner). The fighter did nevertheless strike once more, crushing the enemy with one more Powerful Bludgeon.

    The remaining brute Fumbled, hindered by its Large Weapon and soon even more by the Hot Spot created underneath it.

    "Maneuver function spinDelta9() activate," a distant voice intoned and the cyber gunners began a Violent Spin, one gunner escaping the lava created by the weapon malfunction and the other pushing Dawnshield back.


    Mizana turned towards the gunner moving in from the side.
    "Lava's not good enough for you? Well, that's a shock!"
    Her Obliterating Spark blasted the gunner to pixels.

    As the still invisible cyber brute was trying to make its way towards the fight, Dawnshield again moved to engage the heavily injured gunner. The foe panicked, unleashing a Radioactive Pulse that did injure both Dawnshield and Mizana but it also hit the apporaching brute - and proved too much for the gunner's own frail body and it burst apart.
    "Error. Uncaught exception in function checkCheese()."

    The sudden cloud of glittering dust from the dead enemy caused Mizana's weapon to Meltdown, forcing her to Leap to safety. As she landed she turned towards the bridge.
    "Sorry! This gate is closed," the sorceress announced, casting a Laser Beacon at the end of the bridge. Except that I accidentally misclick and hit the impassable square next to the bridge. So my card just vanishes and no beacon gets placed.
    "Argh. Looks like the meltdown really broke this thing."
    "Team Shift," Colxian suddenly commanded, dashing over the lava to block the enemy himself. The foe tried to hit the fighter with an Arcane Curse but failed. (Defensiveness.)

    The earlier radioactive attack had left Mizana with Festering Guts.
    "You should... probably... move a little Dee..." Mizana groaned.
    Dawnshield took one look at the sorceress and quickly tried to move away but her Ill-fitting Armor slowed her down.

    I don't think the cyber brute has any attacks that would reach Mizana but if she did fall, the other heroes would fall as well from the acid explosion. But unless the brute draws another invisibility, I will win next turn.

    New turn - ah, forgot Mizana had Dimensional Traveller. No problem then.

    The brute suddenly unleashed another Radioactive Pulse, hitting everyone except Mizana. The pulse caused something Colxian had been carrying to explode but nobody else was close enough to suffer from the hit.(Battery Explosion) Colxian barely managed to stay up despite the pain.


    "I have just one word for you," Mizana announced as she levelled her staff at the remaining enemy. "Freeze!"


    Loot: Chain Cutter and Lightforce Grinder.

    To be continued...
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  12. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle III


    "Soo... we just need to take those guys out and we're finally done here?"
    Mizana answered Dawnshield's question with a shrug. "Let's hope so."
    "-ime to kick some butt," Colxian added.

    "Get moving then," Mizana replied, ordering her allies towards the enemy group.

    The enemy caster was the first to reach the middle of the room and Mizana ran to a suitable vantage point, preparing to attack.
    The cyber priest was already supporting the wizard with Genetic Engineering, making the spellslinger better protected and faster. (Adapted to Acid, Elven Maneuvers and Death Meld)

    "-iiittt's thrusting time!"
    The virtual spellcaster looked at Colxian with a clear horror on his face as the fighter ran closer with full speed, his spurt melding fluidly into a Vicious Thrust, then another one and after the wizard managed to fire a Scatter Laser at Colxian and Mizana, a third one.
    The Elven Maneuvers it had tried didn't seem to be doing it much good (Didn't draw a single move card on any of the three times the effect triggered!) and the enemy warrior was forced to join the fight, hitting Colxian with a Dancing Cut.


    This wasn't enough to save the wizard though and Mizana's Obliterating Spark blasted the enemy spellcaster down. "And you called yourself a wizard?"

    Dawnshield was also making her way towards the fight as the cyber warrior hit Colxian with a Laser Cutdown.
    "One priestess coming up," Mizana yelled, grabbing Dawnshield with her powers of Telekinesis and flung the dwarf headfirst towards the fight in the middle.
    The enemy warrior had time to do little else as Dawnshield's Laser Strike hit its leg.

    The warrior didn't seem to care about the new threat and continued hacking at Colxian, managing to hit the fighter perfectly with another Laser Cutdown. (Rolled 6 for major erratic damage. Ouch.) It couldn't evade Dawnshield's Polearm Slash though.

    The cyber priest had also Dashed to join the fight but instead of targetting the weaker Colxian, she aimed her Laser Whip at Dawnshield instead. The attack didn't quite go as planned though and the whip made a sound it probably wasn't supposed to be making and a sudden Laser Spray erupted from the weapon, hitting friend and foe alike. The enemy priestess ignored the problem and just swung the Laser Whip again, this time with perfect results. (Another roll of 6!)

    A VP for Cardotron since it has two characters in the middle.


    Gah. I've had horrible luck with those erratic damage rolls so far. The enemy has rolled multiple sixes and even the malfunction harmed me more than the cyber group. And the cards I drew this turn aren't as good as I'd have needed.

    Colxian quickly swung his weapon again, hitting the enemy warrior with a Trained Bludgeon. The blow connected but as it did so, the enemy priestess managed to hit Colxian with a Flaring Laser, taking the human out of the fight.

    Dawnshield cursed out loud and struck the cyber warrior with a Laser Strike - which the enemy managed to just barely Laser Block! And even more infuriatingly I had managed to roll a 6 on the erratic damage roll! Noooo......
    The cyber warrior laughed and aimed a Laser Cutdown at the dwarf - but the weapon malfunctioned and the attack did only minimal damage thanks to her Reliable Hide armor.


    So... should I retreat with Dawnshield or stay and attack? Which malfunction card did the warrior happen to draw? And what kind of cards does the enemy priestess happen to have?
    I really don't trust my luck here so I choose retreat.

    As Dawnshield saw the enemy weapon begin throwing up sparks she retreated, darting to safety behind the nearest pillar. Her intuition proved correct as the resulting Battery Explosion could easily have proved deadly. Now it only harmed both of the cyber enemies.

    Cardotron passes, I can't really attack so I do the same. Cardotron does get a VP though.

    As Mizana blinked closer with her Dimensional Traveller skills, the enemy fighter pushed the button on her weapon as if daring the sorceress to come closer.


    At this point it's highly unlikely that I'll win this fight. Dawnshield does have Invigorating Touch but unless the enemies come to her she won't get to use it. And the cyber warrior even has Hover so I can't use Laser Beacon to drive him out.

    "Ooooh aaaaxeguyyyy... wanna come out to plaaayyyyy...." Mizana sang, zapping the enemy warrior with a Surging Bolt, but hitting mostly the foe's Mimetic Armor.

    And for some reason the card bugs out, remaining oversized on the screen:


    As the enemy warrior had just backed away instead of attacking Mizana shrugged and cast a Laser Beacon right where the enemy priestess was standing.
    The warrior had stopped and suddenly pointed his arm towards Mizana, causing the Spark that had been created on his armor by the earlier attack to leap at Mizana.

    The warrior has low enough hp that Dawnshield could take her out with her attacks but the enemy still has one unrevealed card, the laser melee attack card from Push The Button. And the cyber priestess has three unrevealed ones. If I'm *really* lucky, Dawnshield might still survive one attack if the enemy rolls low on the erratic damage.
    I could also try to soak up that one card with Mizana but I could still easily fall if the priestess has Laser Whips waiting.
    Oh well, at this point the only way to win is to take some risks...

    "Well if *you're* too chicken to attack then I will," Mizana yelled and ran towards the enemy warrior.

    Instead of attacking, Cardotron moves the priestess. Grh.

    As the sorceress kept hopping right in front of the warrior he finally went for a Laser Strike but again the weapon malfunctioned, allowing Mizana to flee to safety just before the resulting Laser Spray hit the only person still in sight - the cyber priestess standing right next to the dwarf. The RNG is swinging like it's discovered free love tonight. The warrior did draw a good laser card that could have killed Mizana but the malfunction saved her.


    The moment of truth. If the enemy priestess has a Laser Whip, I'm done for. If the warrior flees, I'm almost done for. Other than those, I still have a shot.

    Dawnshield took a deep breath - and charged towards the middle, heading straight towards the weakened warrior. And Cardotron passes! Hooray!

    Dawnshield launched herself right at the virtual foe, her Invigorating Touch drawing life energy away from the enemy and using it to heal her own wounds. Grh, a successful roll for Mimetic Armor. Cardotron passed again instead of attacking and the foe does have only 3 hp left which is exactly the amount Lunging Thrust can do. But another successful armor roll would both save the enemy and give him another Bludgeon...
    Do I try my luck, hoping for a roll of 1-2 or do I pass and hopefully draw a better attack next turn?
    No, I can't really wait. Since Dawnshield has only 9 hp left Dawnshield is in too much danger if the cyber warrior gets to act first next turn. So here we go again...

    Dawnshield struck again with a Lunging Thrust - but the Mimetic Armor took most of the blow and allowed the enemy to strike back with a Bludgeon, then another. Roll of 3! So close! But I do get to pass first now.


    .....bah. Unless the enemy rolls nothing but malfunctions those cards won't be enough for a win.

    Despite the grim situation Dawnshield tried to inspire Mizana with a bawdy song but the sorceress just felt like Running while the enemy sorceress placed a Healing Beacon underneath herself. As the dwarf sang she used her divine powers to Purge the enemy warrior, causing it to float back to the ground.

    The enemy priestess suddenly unleashed a Radiation Bomb, turning Mizana into a Mad Dog and Dawnshield Combustible. Darn. With Festering Guts I would have had a small chance of suicide bombing the enemies away but 10 damage isn't quite enough for that.
    Oh well, let's get real close anyway and hope for more malfunctions.

    Dawnshield pushed herself into the middle as well while Mizana did the same.


    The enemies just stared at the heroes who had barged in so close to them.
    "Don't look now but I think there's something in the bottom of your shoes," Mizana told the cyber priestess. "Lava."

    The cyber elf screamed although her Cushioning Armor prevented some of the damage. The laser beacon underneath Mizana also fired, doing no damage the cyber warrior thanks to his Toughness (AAARGH!!) but hurting the priestess again.

    The cyber warrior finally sprang into action, attacking Mizana and striking her down. And Mad Dog happens to damage Dawnshield first so I won't even get to see whether the enemy priestess would have remained standing or not.
  13. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle III, Attempt II

    For the next attempt Colxian switches his Magnetic Shield for Icicle Shield and Sergeant's Cap for Tough Leather Cap.

    Dawnshield switches Lightforce Nunchaku for Axe Of The Dark Soul and Maple Roots for Corpselight Charm.


    As Dawnshield began another song to drive the group into Mass Frenzy Mizana was already running forward. As the enemy priestess was the first to dash towards her the sorceress greeted the foe with a Mega Laser while the warrior behind her used a Rocket Charge to fly over her ally.

    Colxian wasn't much slower as he ran towards the enemies as well.

    The cyber elf launched a Radiation Bomb at the pair, raising Colxian's Defensiveness and turning Mizana more Clumsy.
    "You'll pay for that," Mizana yelled and whipping up some Gusts Of War flung the enemy priestess closer to Colxian and the enemy warrior back out of the way.
    Colxian didn't leave the opportunity unused and his Vicious Thrust hit the foe just as the enemy wizard also ran to join in on the fight. As his frenzied Lunging Strike finished the priestess Mizana was just planning to push him forward with magic but the enemy wizard proved faster, using a Short Perplexing Ray to confuse the fighter.

    While Dawnshield was still just trying to reach the fight the enemy wizard cast again, summoning a Hypnotic Beacon under Colxian just before Mizana's Telekinesis flung him forward towards the enemy wizard.

    Cardotron gets to pass first but the middle is contested and Cardotron has already lost a character.

    The beleaguered cyber wizard tried firing a Scatter Laser at the human pair but managed to screw something up and the weapon malfunctioned.


    Not only did I fail that Inspiring Armor roll, Colxian fails to draw any attacks. Whee.
    /card]s, one on the square the enemy wizard was standing on and the other to replace the Hypnotic Beacon the wizard had previously cast, clearing Dawnshield's path to the middle.

    And Cardotron passes instead of attacking. Does the fighter not have any attacks or is it truly smart enough to avoid the nimbus?

    As Mizana moved along the wall to a better vantage point, the enemy wizard moved closer as well.
    A Hot Spot appeared underneath the enemy spellcaster.

    The cyber warrior had finally gotten around to attacking and he aimed a Laser Cutdown at the human, but the muscular man just blocked the blow while Dawnshield kept edging closer.

    The enemy wizard cursed as he noticed the lava under his legs and quickly fired a Mega Laser at Mizana who was forced to retreat to the safety of the nearby wall.

    The cyber warrior suddenly noticed the approaching dwarf and turned to hit her with a Laser Thrust - only for his weapon to malfunction once more. The priestess just laughed and retaliated with a frenzied Weak Chop that the warrior managed to block. The earlier malfunction finally caused visible results in the form of a Battery Explosion. Dawnshield shrugged off the pain and instead struck back with a Polearm Slash.

    As the warrior fired a Flaring Laser at the dwarf Colxian finally ordered his ally to dash to the other side to threaten the wizard instead.

    Despite the damage caused by the lava underneath and the beacon behind him, the wizard managed to fire a Scatter Laser that Dawnshield was a little too slow to Duck.


    "-ime to do some magic on your skull," Colxian roared, unleashing a Mighty Bludgeon at the enemy spellcaster.

    The cyber warrior also struck, hitting Dawnshield with a Laser Whip and once again the dwarf was too slow to Duck. The blow proved too much for the dwarf and she fell. AARGH! The dice are once again trying to kill me.

    The enemy spellcaster met a similar fate as Colxian's Powerful Hack took it down.

    As the previous blow had caused the whip to malfunction it underwent a complete Meltdown, flooding the floor with lava. Colxian retreated, leaving the hovering enemy alone in the middle.
    "What are you doing here," Mizana hissed at the fighter. "Attack, Soldier!"
    "-hinking," Colxian muttered, waiting for the foe to come down.

    A VP for the enemy but his Hover finally ends.

    The enemy warrior wasn't about to let Colxian make plans though and it attacked the human with a Dancing Cut.


    Colxian struck back with a Bludgeon but met only the enemy's shield and then failed to block the foe's Flaring Laser and was forced to retreat back towards the center. The enemy tried to follow but the faster fighter just moved further. The warrior stared at the retreating Colxian - and instead turned to take out Mizana with a Laser Thrust! AAARRRGGHH! So the foe *did* have one more step attack! Had I guessed that, I would have used Telekinesis earlier to push it away!

    Now it's just Colxian with 11 hp against the enemy warrior with 21 hp. I really need some good attacks next turn...
    The previous attack caused a malfunction again but this time it was just a Drained Battery which did nothing as the enemy had no more laser cards left.

    With just Colxian left the enemy went for a Warp Run, catching up with the human.


    Blind Rage! And to replace that Colxian draws - Powerful Bludgeon! But did the enemy draw armor or blocks?

    "-ou hurt my friends!"
    With a Blind Rage Colxian hit the remaining enemy, his Raging Strike hitting the warrior's Laser Block. Undeterred, the fighter struck again (Cardotron passed), his Powerful Bludgeon connecting with the enemy's shoulder. Another pass, I do the same.

    The cyber warrior managed to hit Colxian with a Dancing Cut, the move too fast for Colxian to block.


    "-at steel," Colxian growled, going smoothly for a Vicious Thrust - that did absolutely nothing thanks to the enemy's Toughness. Noooo....
    The foe once again aimed a Laser Cutdown at the fighter, once again managing to slip past the fighter's shield and armor (Just what is it with these rolls?) and once again causing a malfunction. I'm not eating another Laser Spray / Battery Explosion this time! Seeing the sparks flying from the enemy weapon Colxian quickly retreated.

    As he rounded the corner, the weapon caused another Meltdown, flooding the whole center area with lava. Ugh. At this point I'm just sitting here staring at the screen, unable to find words.


    Why did it have to be Meltdown?
    Unless I dash back, Cardotron gets the last VP and wins. If I do enter the lava, the warrior either cuts Colxian down this turn or just moves to safety and Colxian burns. Or even without retreating they will both fall the next turn and I still lose.

    With no other option left Colxian Dashed back in the lava, only to be struck down by Flaring Laser. And to add insult to injury he finally succeeds on the Icy Block roll.

    Lady Luck, you're truly not making this adventure easy for me...

    To be continued...
  14. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle III, Attempt III

    As Colxian went into a Blind Rage, Dawnshield slapped Mizana's butt, blessing her with Unholy Wellspring.
    "-ove it, you two," Colxian commanded, both women running into different directions.

    The enemy group were readying their weapons as Colxian also ran forward.

    As the cyber warrior marched forward Mizana blasted the warrior with a Cold Snap that the enemy just barely managed to block while the cyber priestess summoned a Healing Beacon on top of the cyber dwarf.

    The enemy wizard ordered her allies to advance, the warrior reaching the center and firing a Scatter Laser at Mizana.

    I could get within Big Zap range with Mizana but if the warrior happens to have a Laser Thrust... Oh well, I'll try anyway.

    Mizana continued her advance, again blasting the virtual warrior with a Big Zap. The spell hit, but the Mimetic Armor the enemy was wearing launched a Spark right back at the sorceress and as the enemy wizard created a Laser Beacon underneath her she was forced to retreat.
    Having lost his target, the wizard instead shot a Mega Laser at Colxian but this caused the weapon to malfunction, causing a Battery Explosion that harmed both of his allies.

    Cardotron gets a VP from holding the middle, Colxian takes damage from Blind Rage.

    Just before the wizard's weapon erupted with a Laser Spray, the spellcaster blinked to a new position with his Dimensional Traveller skills, allowing the spray to hit Mizana and Colxian in addition to his allies.


    Argh. At this rate I'm going to lose. Again.

    As the only one of the group still unharmed Dawnshield ordered a Team Shift, surging forward to engage the enemies in the middle while her allies found better positions as well. The cyber warrior marched to intercept the priestess but the dwarf just ignored the warrior, instead hitting the enemy wizard with a Lunging Thrust.
    The spellcaster retaliated with a Mega Laser, only for the priestess to counter with the Invigorating Touch of her teeth.

    As the enemy priestess tried to help the beleaguered wizard with a Gene Therapy, Mizana moved to a better position, blasting the enemy spellslinger with a frenzied Freeze spell just as the cyber warrior hit Dawnshield with a Flaring Laser.
    The cyber warrior continued her attack, but once again the attempted Laser Cutdown just caused another malfunction.

    I'm waiting for the enemy warrior to use up her attacks so I can safely charge in with Colxian. Otherwise he won't survive long enough to use his attacks. Although it might still not be safe enough since the foe has that Mimetic Armor in hand. Perhaps I'll try plan B instead.

    "Miz! Get this axeguy away from me," Dawnshield yelled.
    Mizana nodded, shoving the enemy warrior back with Telekinesis. Drained Battery. And one unrevealed card left. And Cardotron passes.

    With his ally no longer in range to help the enemy wizard suddenly felt very helpless, especially as he saw Colxian running closer at full speed, roaring "-raaaaiinnnssss," as he did so.
    To everyone's surprise the cyber warrior proved a lot faster than expected though and he leapt straight back, hitting the raging Colxian with a Dancing Cut. Ouch. With the extra damage from Raging Strike, Colxian's now at 3 hp.
    Without that Mimetic Armor I could easily take out both the warrior and the wizard this turn but now it would require two 2- rolls from the enemy.

    Despite the warrior's reappearance Colxian's Raging Strike struck the enemy wizard down. Cardotron passes. Since this would give it the first action next turn, Colxian would fall anyway so I either have to retreat with Vicious Thrust and hope the enemy doesn't draw any step attacks or ranged attacks or I can attack while I still have Blind Rage and hope for a failed armor roll. I chose the latter, especially since a failure would still give me the first pass.

    With the spellcaster taken care of, Colxian turned to attack the warrior next, hitting the dwarf with a Powerful Hack. The blow didn't quite manage to slip past the enemy armor but it did made the foe hesitate for a moment, allowing Colxian to hit again.Cardotron passed! Finally Lady Luck smiles for me! The fighter didn't quite get to attack a third time as the warrior's retaliation knocked Colxian out of the fight.

    I get to pass first, allowing Cardotron to nab the VP from the middle.


    With her ally down Dawnshield quickly targeted the cyber warrior with a Polearm Slash. The blow hit the enemy's Mimetic Armor, keeping the warrior on her feet but before the cyber priestess had time to join the fight Mizana's Surging Blast hit the warrior straight on. The virtual warrior vanished, beaten.

    The remaining enemy had already gotten close enough to hit Dawnshield with a Laser Whip and the priestess retreated.
    "Your turn," Dawnshield gasped to Mizana, blessing the sorceress with an Impenetrable Nimbus.

    As the enemy priestess pursued the fleeing dwarf with a Healing Dash Dawnshield was forced to retreat again. The cyber elf shrugged, instead targetting Mizana with another strike of the whip but the blow hit nothing but nimbus.

    Mizana laughed, summoning a Laser Beacon underneath the elf's feet before running to safety behind a pillar.

    As the beacon began firing at the elf, the divine caster countered the damage with Gene Therapy.


    Mizana leaned against the pillar, mentally preparing for her next spells as she heard Dawnshield muttering behind her.
    "Nice legs..."
    Before the sorceress had time to reply to the inspiring words, the dwarf had already marched past her while the enemy moved to cut off the dwarf's path.

    Mizana ran to a better vantage point as well, quickly shoving the elf away with Gusts Of War. The elf proved fast enough to lunge right back, attempting to hit Dawnshield with a Laser Thrust. The weapon however malfunctioned and Dawnshield had little trouble stopping the blow, using the momentum of the Surging Shield Block to slip past the enemy. The elf's weapon unleashed a Laser Spray that hit Dawnshield in the back.
    Again the enemy priestess struck with her whip and again the weapon began crackling as something went wrong inside it.


    Dawnshield only has 3 hp left. If the malfunction is another Laser Spray, Dawnshield's gone. If not, then I get to pass first and will also get a VP. I could also move Dawnshield back with Dash, Team! But I *can't* be that unlucky to again get the worst possible malfunction card?

    Another Laser Spray erupted from the weapon, taking Dawnshield out.

    No comments.
  15. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle I, Second run

    As the first fight may again take quite a few attempts, I'm doing short writeups unless I'm clearly winning.
    I pick similar equipment as last time for the first battle.

    Colxian vs troll, Dawnshield vs mutant, Mizana vs. cyber brute.

    Mizana uses Muscle Through and Laser Beacon against the brute but it lunges back and starts whacking the sorceress.

    Dawnshield attacks the mutant with Radiation Bomb and Polearm Slash plus Lunging Strike while Colxian uses step attacks and Mighty Bludgeon against the troll. Troll retaliates with two Mighty Bludgeons.
    Colxian and Dawnshield retreat.

    Mizana nearly falls to another blow and retreats as well.

    Troll gets regeneration and has one hp too much for Colxian to OHKO, so he retreats.

    Mizana gets Volcano, uses it but troll escapes, other two foes take damage.

    Dawnshield almost takes mutant out with Raging Strike and Invigorating Touch, armor rolls save the foe.

    Mizana casts another Volcano. The troll escapes with a Charge towards Colxian.

    And at this point I return to normal writing since the situation looks rather good.


    As the troll's charge had failed to take Colxian out the fighter quickly retaliated with a Powerful Hack that did prove fatal to the troll.

    The mutant had finally noticed the lava underneath it and retreated - only for new batch to appear underneath it.

    The invisible cyber brute realized this was the perfect opportunity to make its move and it stepped forward, trapping Mizana in the corner while Colxian also retreated from the lava.

    And Cardotron passes. Doesn't matter much, the battle is already as good as done.

    As the heat claimed both Mizana and the mutant, everyone suddenly found themselves quite alone.

    And I only need to claim the VP squares and keep hitting Pass until I win.


    Loot: ManMelter, Amethyst Crystal Shard (and another ManMelter as club reward)

    To be continued...
  16. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Again I pick similar equipment as I did last time.

    Battle II


    And for once I get Laser Spray with a perfect timing!

    As the enemies appeared on the other side of the two blueish streams, Mizana aimed her weapon at them, unleashing a Laser Spray that hit all but the enemy leader. The gunners were clearly immediately adapting to the laser damage but the more worrying sight was the leader who seemed to be undergoing a Retaliatory Mutation of some sort.

    Mizana nevertheless ran to one of the bridges, getting hit by a Laser Bolt from the leader whose weapon immediately malfunctioned. The gun's battery exploded, hurting the cyber boss himself.

    Mizana had meanwhile turned her attention on the cyber brutes who were making their way to middle along the side bridge. The sorceress hit the first one with a Surging Blast.
    "-unners! Run," Colxian shouted, sending both Mizana and Dawnshield to seek better cover.

    Mizana was fast enough to dart out of sight so the gunners were forced to target Dawnshield instead and again the erratic weapon began to throw sparks as the dwarf surged for cover as well.

    The fickly weapon unleashed a Laser Spray that did hit the Vulnerable Colxian but also hurt most of the cyber foes. The fighter cursed, heading forwards as well.

    The cyber boss targeted the gunners with a Genetic Boost but as no-one was close enough for shooting, the enemies just stood and waited.


    With Colxian slowly making his way across the difficult bridge Dawnshield turned to cast a Healing Blessing on the fighter, just in case.

    The cyber brutes were also making their way towards Mizana, prompting the sorceress to Pull The Trigger on her weapon, firing a Scatter Laser on both of the approaching brutes.

    The gunners were also maneuvering to new positions, clearly intending to target Colxian who was making slow progress along the bridge.

    As he finally reached the end of the first bridge, the gunners momentarily hesitated, allowing Colxian to dash across the center area, reaching the first gunner just as it finally fired a Scatter Laser, shooting just over the fighter's Block and doing heavy damage.
    Colxian immediately retaliated, whacking the enemy back from the bridge with a Strong Bash and even the cyber boss' Genetic Boost failed to save the poor gunner from getting killed by the fighter's following Vicious Thrust.

    Unable to reach the heroes with their weapons one of the cyber brutes unleashed a Radioactive Pulse instead, hitting both Colxian and Mizana as well as the brutes themselves. Both heroes drew Drained Battery.

    Meanwhile Dawnshield had been running sideways across the middle area, Dashing straight at the first brute. Before she had time to strike another Radioactive Pulse hit the heroes, causing a Battery Explosion on Colxian's gear and taking the fighter out.
    Dawnshield however just shrugged, taking out the closer brute with an Invigorating Touch.

    The second brute managed to do - well, *something* to its weapon that caused it to fire at the mutant itself (Ouch!) as well as triggering a Meltdown that filled the bridge with lava. The raging brute lunged at Dawnshield, biting the dwarf but the priestess cleaved its head straight off with a Massive Chop.


    Two vs two.

    With Colxian out of the fight Dawnshield quickly ducked behind the pillar to provide Mizana with a little Inspiration as well as a protective nimbus. Although the cyber boss managed to shoot a Laser Bolt at the dwarf, Mizana was now ready for combat, running closer to the remaining enemies and firing a Mega Laser at the cyber boss. Her weapon unfortunately malfunctioned as well, causing a Meltdown that filled the floor with lava.
    The sorceress just shrugged, casting even more lava underneath the enemy leader before retreating to a safer location.

    The cyber boss wasn't that easy to trap though and it fled to safety with a Violent Spin.


    Unable to attack properly because of the lava Mizana stepped behind the pillar. The cyber boss instead targeted Dawnshield, shooting at the dwarf with a Scatter Laser while the gunner fired a Laser Bolt at her. The priestess was a little too slow to Duck under the attack but the weapon also malfunctioned, causing a Battery Explosion.

    Yet another Laser Bolt struck Dawnshield, again just a little too fast for the dwarf to Duck. Argh. It did however cause another mishap, again filling the ground with more lava that ended up claiming the cyber boss.


    So... do I try to steal a card with Duck again or do I retreat and use Unholy Wellspring and Demonic Power on Mizana?
    Well, Mizana might fall to a single blow as well so it's probably better to take my chances with Duck, even with the beating I've been getting from RNG lately.

    Once again the gunner fired its weapon at Dawnshield but despite the perfect attack Dawnshield was finally quick enough to Duck the blow. The distraction also gave Mizana a chance to slip from behind the pillar and hit the enemy with a Surging Bolt and as the foe tried to move closer, shoving the gunner straight into the lava with Telekinesis.
    Unable to withstand the heat of the molten rock, the gunner fell.


    Loot: Reactive Spacecloak, Gunward Shield (and Lightforce Grinder for club reward)
  17. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle III

    I decide to take a slightly different approach this time and Mizana switches to - Mordecai's Staff Of Magma! Others keep their current gear.


    And a Volcano comes up in the opening hand! Too bad nobody draws extra moves though so I'll have to wait for the foes to move first.

    As the heroes were still contemplating their actions the enemy warrior had already began to Hover, followed by a speedy Rocket Charge straight to the middle.

    Dawnshield finally sprang into action, whispering something at Mizana which gave her Unholy Wellspring.

    Meanwhile the enemy spellcaster had summoned Gusts Of War, flinging the elf priestess to the middle as well. And now there are two guys in the middle and none of the enemies has used their normal move card. Ok, better to save up that Volcano for later then.

    As Colxian reminded Mizana to block, Dawnshield was already moving. Mizana also took action, running along the side to a spot where she could target the enemy spellcaster, creating a Hot Spot at the foe's location while Colxian ran closer from the other side.
    The cyber wizard raised his magical weapon, summoning a Laser Beacon right underneath Colxian.

    Cardotron gains a VP with all three guys in the middle and none of my guys anywhere close.

    The cyber spellcaster yowled in pain from the molten rock but the heat also caused his Mimetic Armor to activate.


    Dawnshield darted from behind the wall, moving right behind Colxian. While the enemy spellcaster unleashed the Spark created by his armor at Mizana, Dawnshield blessed Colxian with an Impenetrable Nimbus.
    The cyber wizard realized what was about to happen and fired his Scatter Laser. The shots did little damage though as Mizana Blocked the shot, Dawnshield Ducked underneath the lasers and Colxian was fully protected by his Impenetrable Nimbus.

    "-ime to take out the trash," Colxian roared, running directly at the spellslinging foe.

    The first enemy to react was the cyber priestess but the Laser Whip did nothing against the nimbus around Colxian. The same could not be said of Colxian's Impaling Stab that hit the enemy cleric's shin before the wizard saved her with a well-timed Short Perplexing Ray. Which naturally discarded the stronger of the remaining attacks.

    Well, since I'm again unable to force the enemy to waste its moves first, I might as well move Dawnshield closer to attack with her as well.

    "Go help him Dee," Mizana yelled to Dawnshield who eagerly marched closer, more than ready to kick some elvish behind.

    Colxian quickly stepped out of the way, taking another Laser Strike against his nimbus and returning the favor with a Lunging Thrust.

    As the cyber cleric's weapon experienced a Meltdown the enemy warrior suddenly darted towards Dawnshield, hitting the priestess with a Dancing Cut. Dawnshield quickly retaliated with a Scatter Laser that hit all three enemies but failed to get past the warrior's Toughness.
    The foe countered with a Laser Cutdown, the blow slipping past Dawnshield's polearm.

    Since I don't want to use Polearm Slash until the warrior is done attacking I pass. Especially since Cardotron might do one of those random passes which would allow me to harm two of the foes with lava.

    And what do you know - Cardotron passes as well! It does get a VP from holding the middle though but the lava damage is still better at this point.


    With the lava burning the enemies as well, Colxian's protective nimbus finally faded out. He barely noticed it though, instead focusing on the enemy cleric who he took out with a single Raging Strike.

    Dawnshield instead turned to target the cyber wizard, hitting the spellcaster with a Polearm Slash as the foe's weapon sprayed lasers at friend and foe alike.
    The wizard's shooting stopped abruptly though as Mizana's Surging Blast knocked the virtual foe down, the glowing green body sinking into the lava.

    The remaining foe looked around and quickly hovered back towards Colxian who just backed away.

    Mizana had also moved closer to the action, attempting to shove the enemy back with Telekinesis but somehow the warrior managed to block the spell and shoot at the heroes with another Laser Spray.

    I pass, waiting for better cards and Cardotron does the same.


    No more Hover and Dawnshield got Duck but Colxian didn't draw much in the way of attacks.

    Granting Colxian a Healing Blessing from across the lava pool, Dawnshield watched as Mizana suddenly Dashed somewhere behind the dwarf. As the enemy dwarf turned to face the priestess, Dual Beacons suddenly sprang up between the pair while Colxian ran closer as well.

    I pass, letting Cardotron gain a VP but preparing for a proper attack next turn.

    Both beacons fired at the enemy warrior who also got burned by the rapidly cooling lava underneath her. And of course the foe makes all three armor rolls!

    With the magical buildup from the previous hits, the cyber warrior's Mimetic Armor allowed the dwarf to hit Dawnshield with a Spark.


    With the lava finally gone Colxian saw that his opportunity had come and the fighter quickly ran behind the enemy warrior. The foe turned to fling a Spark at the human but as another Protective Nimbus appeared around the fighter the next Laser Strike did nothing again, except make the dwarf's weapon malfunction.
    Colxian quickly moved to attack, hitting the enemy with a Vicious Thrust just as the foe's weapon went crazy, unleashing a Laser Spray at everyone around it, including Dawnshield who finally managed to Duck under the blow. You've got to be kidding me. *This* is the attack that Dawnshield manages to steal?
    Dawnshield's own weapon seemed to take a hit as the dwarf hit the ground, unleashing a similar Laser Spray that now hit Mizana as well while the cyber warrior flailed at Colxian uselessly.

    With the enemy's attention on Colxian Dawnshield sneaked closer, hitting the foe with an Invigorating Touch just as the warrior turned around to strike at the priestess with a Laser Thrust. The foe struck again, this time with a Dancing Cut but the attack left Colxian free to slam the foe with a Powerful Bludgeon.

    Although her attention was mostly on the fiercely fighting foe Dawnshield suddenly recognized the spell Mizana was casting behind her.
    "Oh no..."
    And just as she expected a pool of lava appeared underneath everyone. The enemy warrior hopped out of the molten rock but this did little to help the dwarf as another Volcano spell then create a new pool of lava, leaving the foe unable to dodge while Mizana and Dawnshield did just that.

    The cyber warrior tried one more time to attack Colxian, but once again the blow just hit the Impenetrable Nimbus, allowing the human fighter to just stand there and watch as the last foe burned.


    And Adventure Complete!


    All heroes level up to 22. Loot: Electro-Laser, ManMelter, Boots Of Safety, Cybernetic Boots as the treasure hunt reward (and Starsaint's Manipulator as the club reward)

    Whew. That's it for the new adventures. Thanks everyone for reading, the diary may return again once there are new adventures to play!
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