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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Karstedt, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Gerry Quinn

    Gerry Quinn Goblin Champion

    Today I got Ulalia's Boots. An epic that seems a bit useless until there is a class with close range magic...

    It would be great for vampires IF drains were magic rather than melee.
  2. Lusus121

    Lusus121 Goblin Champion

    Flanking Move is almost always useful.
  3. Gerry Quinn

    Gerry Quinn Goblin Champion

    Can't see a wizard getting too much out of it. I suppose it would be okay for stepping back and doing a fire or acid spray etc.
  4. Lusus121

    Lusus121 Goblin Champion

    Being able to reliably go first in a round can be quite useful.
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  5. Bearson Onyx

    Bearson Onyx Goblin Champion

    Flanking move for a wizard is excellent, whether you pop up from behind cover and frost jolt that warrior or close in the range needed for Short Perplexing Ray and discard the opponent. changing position and LOS and acting in the same turn can be very powerful if used correctly.
    Flanking move is actually not that good for close range melee like vampires because it ends your turn when you go next to an enemy, Quick Step or Quick Run are much better because they don't.
    That being said, there is actually an option of making a Touch Of Death priest deck that will benfit from these boots, you can stack up to 10 of those and it's at the very least very original even if not very effective :)
  6. Vakaz

    Vakaz Guild Leader

  7. Lusus121

    Lusus121 Goblin Champion

    Anything with "Twin Heal" is definitely on the bad list. Force Cone has its uses.
  8. Mirkel

    Mirkel Goblin Champion

    I've been hating my Twin Heals a bit less after equiping a mace with 2 of them for lowbie farming - the fact my wizard spams Firestorm means the Twin Heals usually hit both for full. It's a 3/7 quality card while Heal is 4/7, both heal for 4. I still wouldn't use that ring, of course.

    Healing in general seems a bit wimpy in this game - I guess they didn't want MP matches to last forever.
  9. Vakaz

    Vakaz Guild Leader

    The range on force cone makes it generally less useful than the other force cards. Maybe not useless in SP, where it's easier to hit multiple enemies, but for a token there are dozens of better options for crowd control, many of them commons.

    So maybe not "useless", but for a token I'd rather just have a whirlwind.
  10. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Ulalia's boots seem fantastic. The other things mentioned since... yeah. Bad. But nothing on the maze amulet.
  11. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I have 9 Copper Amulets and never use them, but I've come to expect Rotten Rares. Ludicrous Legendaries strike me as worse, so I give my nod to the Ring Of Bifurcated Healing.

    Maybe they'll make something definitive that more people can agree upon, like a Legendary "Focused Ouch!" martial skill.
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  12. e-stab

    e-stab Goblin Champion

    My vote goes for a "Focused Demonic Revenge" or "Focused Trip" for Dwarves. :D
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  13. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

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  14. Martin K

    Martin K Goblin Champion

    What about a Really Ill-Fitting Armor?

    Oh, and Focused Superstition for elves, of course.
  15. Martin K

    Martin K Goblin Champion

  16. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    It can prevent damage... I think battlefield training is pretty crap though.
  17. Lusus121

    Lusus121 Goblin Champion

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  18. Martin K

    Martin K Goblin Champion

    Barge - Slide 2 is great, but the card is too expensive at silver. There is nothing you could slide an enemy into that's better than doing 11 damage straight.

    Twin Heals isn't underpowered, it's just a bit too boring to be rare. It should be uncommon at best because the way it is now it creates rare, epic and legendary items just by being there.

    Battlefield Training and Advanced Battlefield Training would be great if it would allow the PC who plays it to draw a card. The way it is it costs a card and an action for something that is usually too situational.

    Maze isn't as bad as its reputation. It's a poor man's telekinesis but you get what you pay for.

    Bad Luck ... on one PC in my triple cleric team, I've been using double True Strike Spears to counter SP enemies with lots of parries, so I was using bad luck a lot. It's ok for a paper card. However, it would be more useful if the duration was longer. There also should be a bronze version with a -2 penalty, or one that works on all enemies within line of sight.

    Bad Medicine is one of the very few Cleric ranged damage spells. It also has the advantage that it surpasses armor. But it quickly gets useless outside of low level SP.

    Misguided Heal - Armor can prevent the damage, and the healing can be boosted with traits. It's not bad, it just has a lot of unexpected ways to screw you over. It's damaging if you have Unholy Wellspring, or the target is cursed. It debuffs auras. Its main use is to pling targets with 1 or 2 hps that try to run away from your priest... but even that can backfire if the target has blocks or armor... Because of all the complications, I wish this card was rare, not twin heals.
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  19. spacedust

    spacedust Goblin Champion

    I like this list a lot. These four cards make me sigh a lot, when I look over my collection and I feel sad at Barreling Club, for example, or Ajan's Glowing Vial.

    Battlefield Training is a really cool card in concept, but the card disadvantage stops me from playing it. As Martin puts it, it's way too situational to consider wasting a slot on. It's more of a combo card than anything, which probably appeals to a certain segment of the CH audience but not others.
  20. Mirkel

    Mirkel Goblin Champion

    I really wish they would buff Barge into something useful. There's so many interesting weapons that get completely ruined by Barges. They could give it Anvil Strike's "When this card does damage, if the target is adjacent to blocking terrain, increase its damage by 5." thing for example so you could shove people into walls and jagged rocks. It'd still be a bit meh but not completely mindbogglingly bad. Or rename it into Barging Bash and give it all the Bash damage bonuses.
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