Your worst rare?

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Karstedt, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

  2. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    I admit being pretty underwhelmed with my rare Poisoner's Harness. Chain Harness isn't the worst card in the world but that combined with Misguided Heal and Bad Medicine? Two confused heal/attacks with +2 and -2 net effects? Whoop-de-doo. Compared with what you get from any other tokenless Divine Armor, no thanks.
  3. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Umm, you used the wrong tag so your link is broken. Copper Amulet is an item so you need to click the green orb button which adds the item tags, not the deck icon which adds card tags...

    But yes, I've rarely found Maze to be very useful...
  4. Martin K

    Martin K Goblin Champion

  5. Aldones

    Aldones Ogre

    Spiked Strapping and Opaline Armor. For when you really can't stand wearing that non-keep armor.
    Defensive Buckler. Protect your friends by standing close, but don't stand too close to your friends. Staying permanently at range of 3? No sweat.
    Club. Look at me, here's my hand, I'm vulnerable, and I can at most bash you away.
  6. zelink551

    zelink551 Goblin Champion

    There is one clear answer.

    The Bad Luck Charm

    Because Bad Luck is a terrible card.
  7. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    Heh. Guess what just dropped for me as a quest reward. That's right. Another Poisoner's Harness. I like the sense of humour of the Card Hunter loot RNG!
  8. Unlucky Scarecrow

    Unlucky Scarecrow Goblin Champion

    Bad Luck isn't terrible, it's just... Not something people would put in their deck in place of most other things.

    I'm not a fan of Hammer Of Bashing. Two gold power tokens for... six bashes. Yay?
  9. zelink551

    zelink551 Goblin Champion

    It is terrible. It's main purpose is to pull blocks, at which point just toss in ANY sort of attack it does better. It's terrible because you should put almost any other card in your deck over it.
  10. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    Those are some pretty great synergies there. At least individually the cards serve some purpose though, and they are funny. Maze is just camel poop.


    The problem with poisoners harness isn't that it's terrible, it's that the chain harness doesn't easily pair with a helmet or boot to make use of it.
  11. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Let's be fair: bad luck can push off other attachments, and it has range, unlike "ANY" attack :)
  12. Karstedt

    Karstedt Goblin Champion

    I thought he was talking about Maze... Bad Luck is waaaaaaay better than Maze... still kinda crappy though. It should either last longer or reduce rolls by 2.
  13. zelink551

    zelink551 Goblin Champion

    Yeah it can push off attachments, but that can either be a good thing or a bad thing. They both suck. But I've used Maze "successfully." Never once was my use of bad luck considered a "success"
  14. PIZZA

    PIZZA Orc Soldier

    I would never intentionally bring bad lucks into multiplayer to do so, but I have beaten an opponent's freezing block with the subtraction unlucky provides.
  15. magnuslshs

    magnuslshs Kobold

    I have 2 copies of Ajan's Glowing Vial that are pretty crappy, but they are of course nothing compared to my legendary Ring Of Bifurcated Healing... I mean, come on, nobody likes Twin Heals anywhere and putting three of them on an item that requires a blue token is just crazy...
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  16. zelink551

    zelink551 Goblin Champion

    At least the item sprite looks cool?
  17. magnuslshs

    magnuslshs Kobold

    I think that actually adds to the dissapointment:
    Me: "Wow, a cool legendary finally dropped!"
    Two seconds later: Facepalm... :confused:
  18. StormRaiser

    StormRaiser Mushroom Warrior

  19. zelink551

    zelink551 Goblin Champion

    Uh Wrong.
    Greatest. Rare. Ever. No Questions Asked.
  20. StormRaiser

    StormRaiser Mushroom Warrior

    but it doesn't do anything ... and I have over 7.1k gold so it's pretty useless to me

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