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  1. neoncat

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    This build works off a 4-part combo for 1-hit KOs:

    War Cry + Quick Run + All Out Attack + Obliterating Bludgeon

    It can certainly still work out if any single part is missing, but it's not quite so impressive unless you're taking out full-HP dwarf warriors in the blink of an eye.

    Crono is an elf warrior in order to benefit from Superb Footwork's 2x Quick Run, and so that he can easily position himself within striking distance in a single turn. He carries three parts of the combo: Obliterating Bludgeon, All Out Attack, and Quick Run. He's delicate, and needs to be protected until the time is right.

    Frog is the distraction. He's a dwarf and he carries lots of armor and blocks because he needs to soak hits while prepping the combo. He carries 2x War Cry, plus step attacks that are primarily used to provoke blocks / toughness and to change target facing. Officer's Harness also doubles as fodder for Leadership and triples as a buffer against Short Perplexing Ray. If you have Vibrant Pain, he'll be even more effective.

    Lucca is a vanilla drawbot. She should hold as much Inspiration as possible until she draws Altruism. Be careful about positioning so that the penalty from Loner doesn't sap HP unnecessarily. Vampire's Blade works better than a weapon with 2x Inspiration because she really needs to draw Altruism (+2 card advantage) and Leadership (+4 card advantage).

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  2. neoncat

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    At the ~1400 level, I would estimate that I pull off the complete combo in about half of the matches. I pull off a 3-part combo (which is usually enough for the kill) once per match, on average.
  3. PaladinGP

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    At first sight, this looks pretty good, and a lot of fun, as I imagine it's very hard to see it coming. Get it once, and it might be enough for game, especially on an opposing warrior with 20-30 points of attack in hand.

    I suspect the consistency's not there for 1650+, but a fantastic way to experience ragequits :)
  4. neoncat

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    I've floated the build up to the high 1400s, but it won't cross 1500 now that I've posted the secret, and because whirls kill the drawbot.

    This was mostly a bored attempt to assemble the most ridiculous, complicated combo possible, and at least it's successfully amused me for a little while. :p
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  6. tuknir

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    i tryed something similar, but with 2 wars and 1 wind mage..prob is the warriors arent too consistent..still fun to do
  7. neoncat

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    I just wanted to gloat over finally breaking 1500 (after stalling out in the 1490s several times). I am Johnny, combo master! :cool:

    Also, I guess it's time to officially retire the build now. On to the next flight of whimsy...
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