Worth putting money into the game?

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Nestora, Aug 9, 2015.

  1. Nestora

    Nestora Kobold

    I don't care for figures as they don't effect the game at all to me but is buying the expansion packs like the basic edition and so on worth the 20 dollars? or since I don't want extra figures is it cheaper for me to just buy some pizza?
  2. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    The easiest way to look at it is 'Bundles have you pay for the adventure content and loot boosts, but the cosmetics are a free bonus for buying a bundle'.
    Since that's quite a significant pizza-value of cosmetics, if you're interested in both the boosts and the adventure content of a bundle, then a bundle is the most cost-efficient way to go
    [because you're primarily paying for the things you want anyway, and just getting the cosmetics for 'free'.]

    If you're a patient gamer who doesn't care too much about loot boosts, AND doesn't care for cosmetics- or just the cosmetics of a specific bundle- then you can get adventure content for roughly a third the bundle price by paying with pizza through the campaign itself [first expansion available at level 7, second at 19] [Each expansion is 150 pizza, or $5; the basic edition hunts are 330 pizza, or $10].

    In my case, I enjoyed the Basic Edition bundle [I like the figures], but (not caring for boosts and not favoring the cosmetics included) I bought the expansions with pizza.

    Basically, splurge on the bundles if you've any interest in the boosts or the figures included, buy with pizza if you just want to get the full PvE content and don't care about bells and whistles.

    Do note that getting a single cosmetic bundle [doesn't matter which one] DOES help a lot, since it makes it easier for you to tell your figures apart when running duplicates of the same race/class combo, so I'd definitely consider buying a single bundle just for the mechanical benefits.
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  3. Nestora

    Nestora Kobold

    Okay I see where you are coming from I think I will buy the Basic Edition and use Pizza for the rest or the stuff I need to unlock. Thanks
  4. Christofff

    Christofff Guild Leader

    I haven't spent much, but I don't regret splashing the cash on the Ettsc bundle- cool space figurines, you get to of course unlock and play the Ettsc adventures which means better chance of getting high-lvl items like Darkforce Nunchaku (well you also get some seeet items like Nova Axe from completing the adventures), plus the adventures themselves are a refreshing challenge, not always easy.

    What else club membership for a month I went from 2000 gold saved to 15000 in that month which is probably twice what I would normally get.

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