Woot. First Legendary?

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by kogi, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. Pokemath

    Pokemath Mushroom Warrior

    I got Hippogriff Caviar as my first legendary. Other than the two Hands Of Melvelous, that Hippogriff Caviar was my only legendary.
  2. progammer

    progammer Ogre

    Did you meant Slippogriff Caviar ?
  3. Oberon

    Oberon Hydra

    Just my opinion, but I consider both Bleneth's Frenzy Charm and Beater to be good legendaries. Neither is splashy, but they both offer good cards at a very cheap power token cost, they also complement each other in terms of strategy. I'd say you're doing well so far.

    I have both Bleneth's Frenzy Charm and Bleneth's Skull, while mass frenzy is certainly a better card than unholy frenzy, for the token cost it's much easier to use the much cheaper frenzy charm and both accomplish very similar things.

    Beater is a cheap and relatively high damage weapon. There just aren't many of those in the game and they are quite useful when you're building warriors as a third weapon to save tokens for otehr items.
  4. teasel

    teasel Kobold

    hand of melvelous was my first legendary too! some other epic items i have are

    Inkdark Halberd - love polearm slash and hand of darkness,meh for the rest
    St. Ozark's Blade - great weapon,the first 3 card hits hard and the remaining 3 are usefull block
    Trogsbane - bunch of penetrating attack
    Unholy Cudgel - not sure what to think as i haven't used it but it doesn't look to hot tbh
    White Katana - shred strike galore basicaly
  5. Githian

    Githian Kobold

  6. cpt_scp

    cpt_scp Kobold

    I guess i was quite lucky. If i recall corectlly i got http://wiki.cardhuntria.com/wiki/Items/Reaper's_Scythe from the gold chest bought using first free pizza delivery:). Unfortunetaly i won't be able to use it for a long time because my characters are at level 10 atm.
  7. Pokemath

    Pokemath Mushroom Warrior

    Yes, I did. Thanks you. That clarifies why the item BB code didn't work.
  8. smeata

    smeata Mushroom Warrior

    <<< Guess what my first legendary was ;)
  9. StormbringerGT

    StormbringerGT Mushroom Warrior

  10. smeata

    smeata Mushroom Warrior

  11. StormbringerGT

    StormbringerGT Mushroom Warrior

    One is your avatar! :D

    Also dropping those mass frenzies have actually been pretty cool in the campaign so far!

    Just picked up these two in one chest! Coming here was good luck!
    Bleneth's Frenzy Charm
    Mullik's Blisterstaff Takes no power token's now sure how I can use this though.

    Oh and I had this
    Barreling Club
    Is there something about barge being useful that I am missing?
  12. Sisquinanamook

    Sisquinanamook Orc Soldier

    Woohoo! Got my first Legendary :D
    Hand Of Melvelous

    And my Bonus Treasure was:
    Hylithia's Robes

    Not sure if I need any of those two in my setup - but hey, they are Legendaries nonetheless. ^^
  13. piotras

    piotras Goblin Champion

    As I progress and see more items coming I started to appreciate more their cost-effectivenesses :)

    I guess it's quite versatile - it does some damage and messes up enemy tactics while the damage is quite low allowing for using it to push your own units? But I guess they're there to offset the three powerful attacks on that weapon.
  14. xienwolf

    xienwolf Goblin Champion

    Barge lets your warrior support a Path of Knives Wizard, while packing some serious smashes of his own.
  15. piotras

    piotras Goblin Champion

    woot! In the last few fights I got Mandaeus's Aegis (which I would totally use for an elvish deck, maybe human even) and Staff Of Embers, the latter from a normal chest!
  16. Gentlecow

    Gentlecow Orc Soldier

    That staff is probably one of the best basic components of any Firestorm build. You may be very happy you got it, down the line.

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