Winter/Cold Themed Items

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    I have a few item ideas left over after AA5 and I am sure some other players have some item designs that they didnt get to write down, so here is a place for them!
    Here are a few of my ideas:
    Sharp IceLolly
    RocketIceLolly AA.jpg

    Weapon - Lvl 15 | Uncommon | (minortoken)(majortoken)
    x2 Impaling Stab | x1 Potent Stab | x2 Chilling Rime | x1 Weak Strike
    Magic IceLolly
    RocketIceLolly AA.jpg

    Staff - Lvl 15 | Rare | (minortoken)(majortoken)
    x2 Freeze | x2 Frost Jolt | x2 Brain Burn
    (posted in AA5)
    Candy's Nifty Hatchet
    IceAxe AA.jpg

    Weapon - Lvl 12 | Rare | (minortoken)(minortoken)
    x2 Obliterating Chop | x2 All Out Attack | x2 Weak Chop | x1 Weak Strike

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