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    If your strategy in WW is to camp on the VS then you need to first get to the VS. Most people do this by stacking Nimble Strikes on dwarf warriors. But that is easily shutdown simply by standing on the edge of the middle island. Even if you manage to get a stubby little guy onto the island, his attacks will only do 4 damage. Basically you lose before you begin.

    You could use a wizard with Telekinesis. Again this is a flawed strategy as the wizard cannot target them self and the range of TK is only 4. Chances are the wizard starts in a corner island and can do nothing for the guy in the other corner island. So you end up running multiple wizards. Then you realise you're better off just spamming burfft and give up on the idea of VS camping.

    But there is one card that always works* and you can pack loads into your deck: Wings Of Faith!!

    ===>> [​IMG] <<===
    * Doesn't always work

    Next problem... you get to the middle island but some Impenetrable Nimbus and/or Greater Heal spamming priest is squatting on the VS. So you need some control and the best control both hurts and moves two guys at once. There is only one card that fits that description: Pressing Bash!!

    ===>> [​IMG] <<===

    Final problem... the Parry bots. They look just like regular people but you cannot bash them in the face. So you want to bash them from behind. This is easy peasy using Talented Healer because it adds cantrip to all your blood sucking attacks (aka cheating).

    Level 1 Elf Priest

    Level 22 Human Priest

    Level 1 Human Warrior
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