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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Scarponi, Jan 12, 2019.

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    So CH forums just got spammed by advertisements for a "buy your term paper here" website. It happens, whatever. But a note for anyone who might ever consider waisting their money in that way... you're going to get a really bad paper.

    Reasons I know this:
    1. I'm a college professor who has had such papers turned into me... if I was generous they would grade out at a D-.
    2. The business model of these websites demands it: Once you factor in the website's expenses to pay for servers, hosting, domains, etc., then subtract Paypal's cut (or whoever they're using for payment), then the amount the company itself wants for prophet, the amount remaining to pay the person actually writing your paper is very small per/page. This means if they want to make any money they have to crank out your paper as fast as possible, which is to say - they can't care about quality.
    Now the website will try to suck you in with great sounding selling points:
    • 100% plagiarism free: that's true, because they make up the whole paper on the spot off the top of their head. The author doesn't do any research, so he's not plagiarizing from anything. But be aware, what they give you is plagiarism free (just really bad), but the second you put your name on it and turn it in as your work, you have now plagiarized.
    • 100% satisfaction/money back guarantee: Careful, they know if you're not interested in writing your own papers, you're also not interested in reading the fine print. The fine print basically says, they'll revise your paper for you if they don't fulfill the "assignment" you give them. But the problem is, once you've turned it into your teacher, what good does a promise of revision do you? Even if your professor allows "you" to revise it, they're just going to change things, not make it any better, and you'll still get a horrible grade.
    So pay money for bad papers if you want, but maybe, just maybe, you're the one who's getting conned, not your teacher.
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    Glad your objection is the quality of the work, not the fact it's cheating...Doesn't that kinda show a flawed priority, professor? Colleges are largely a scam anyway... Only a handful of professions require a higher education; medical, sciences, and the like. Most people end up in a job that they learn in a few weeks worth of a training course.
  3. Scarponi

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    My objection actually is that it's cheating, but someone who is considering purchasing a paper for a class has already decided cheating isn't a motivating factor. I was offering reasons why even that student should realize its a bad idea. Most students won't consider it simply because they realize its unethical, and for that I am appreciative.
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