Which item slots are the best to use tokens for?

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by TheIvyX, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. TheIvyX

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    Each character and class has their own slots for items. Here's a dwarf wizard as an example:


    In multiplayer, every character has 4 minor power tokens (the blue ones) and 4 major power tokens (the yellow ones) to make it fair for the players. I've seen a comment saying that warriors should never invest a major token into their shield (unless you use Aegis Of The Defender). The question becomes, which tokens should you prioritize when it comes to item slots?
  2. Gingrich Yurr

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    It really depends. Every item slot can be worth putting tokens into, which is why strong tokenless items are so coveted. If I were to choose, I have rarely put tokens into Divine Skills, Robes, Heavy Armor, Shields, and Boots. In general I think you should prioritise Weapons and Staves for Warriors and Wizards and prioritise Divine Items for Priests, but it is not a hard and fast rule.
  3. Scarponi

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    Totally agree, depends entirely on the build. If a build is founded on idea X, then that idea is going to dictate certain slots and the rest of the slots are going to have to work with what remains. I'm not sure there's a slot that I haven't used every token on, or at least seen decent builds that used every token on that slot.

    Also @TheIvyX fwiw, under the smiley face toolbar option you'll find (minortoken) and (majortoken).
  4. Goodwin

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    putting tokens usually means powering up the slot for whatever you want to focus on, for example, the jump from strongarm to bejeweled shortsword damage wise is subtle for the most part (8->11, except the weak strike of course) but the versatility of the two viscious strikes make the two major tokens worth it. I agree that arcane items are tough to put tokens into unless you're using dual laser beacon or accel. time, and heavy armor has the incredible snarlcub armor with little competition compared to even the armor with 2x heavy and monster hide (since a single successful sunder or boil can ruin the armor anyways)
  5. Sasoo8

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    8--> 11 damage hits is a "subtle" increase? That's more than a mass frenzy! That's the difference between a 3 hit kill and a 2 hit kill!

    But to answer the IvyX's question, here is what I've seen to be the most meta in terms of token distributions:
    Damage warrior: 4(majortoken)2(minortoken) on weapon slots, with a source of sunder or penetrating attacks (or vengeance), (minortoken)in shield (parries and/or dodge), and (minortoken) in armor, boots, or warrior skill

    Support Warrior: 4(majortoken) on weapon slots, with blazing shortsword or strongarm in third weapon slot, (minortoken) in shield, helmet, martial skill, and racial skill

    Tank/Utility Warrior: (majortoken) in armor (cushion, force field), (majortoken)in helmet (mimetic, advanced battlefield training), 2(majortoken)2(minortoken) in weapon slots (focus on parries/ blocks), (minortoken) in shield, (minortoken)flexible

    Stabby or Frenzy aura based warriors: 3(majortoken)3(minortoken) or 3(majortoken)1(minortoken) in weapons, 1(majortoken) or 1(minortoken) in armor, and if there is 2(minortoken) leftover, invest (minortoken) in warrior skill and shield. If there is 1(majortoken) leftover, invest in shield or helmet.

    Overall: Most common to leave tokenless: Third weapon slot, racial skill, martial skill, boots
    Heal/Sunder Priest: 2(majortoken) 2(minortoken) on weapon slots, 1(minortoken)priest skill, 1(majortoken) in shield or delegate or priest armor, 1(majortoken) in divine items, 1(minortoken) in divine items or priest armor

    Bless/Purge Priest: 1(minortoken) on weapon slot, (majortoken) in armor, 3(majortoken) in shield/ divine items/ delegate, 1(minortoken) in priest skill, 2(minortoken) in divine items or shield

    Balanced Priest (heal/bless/purge): 2(majortoken)1(minortoken) on weapon slots, 1(minortoken) priest skill, 1(majortoken)in shield or delegate, 1(majortoken) in divine item, 1(minortoken) in priest armor, 1(minortoken) in divine item

    Overall: Most common to leave tokenless: Divine item (good tokenless vamp/ purge items), Boots
    Damage Wizard: 4(majortoken) on weapon slots, 1(minortoken)arcane skill, 1(minortoken)dwarf skill or No tokens if not dwarf, 2-3(minortoken) arcane items

    At this point, I realized that wizard builds differ wildly based on race/ attempted strategy, but suffice it to say, most wizards will be built so that there is at least 2(majortoken)2(minortoken) on weapons to ensure sufficient damage output, 1(minortoken) arcane skill for cycling and boosts, and the rest will be flexibly distributed over arcane items for whatever utility suits the build (or armor/boots if need be).

    Overall: Most common to leave tokenless: Robes/boots (great tokenless options), and 1-2 arcane items tokenless (the famous asmod)

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