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    To play Card Hunter as a browser game, so you'll need a browser with Flash installed. Currently, we require Flash Player 11.5 which you can find here if you don't already have it.

    You can also play Card Hunter as a desktop application using the Steam client.

    We've tested Card Hunter on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer but it should work on other browsers that support the Flash player.

    Card Hunter isn't designed to work on mobile or tablet devices right now - you'll need to play on a desktop or laptop machine with a mouse and keyboard. You can, however, play Loot & Legends, which is the official licensed version of Card Hunter for mobile.

    Two button mice are recommended but not necessary.

    The game scales to screen size, although you might have to scroll around a bit if you are playing on a small laptop screen. There is no minimum spec for your CPU or memory at the moment, so let us know if the game is particularly slow on your machine or if something doesn't seem to work properly.
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  2. Farbs

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    Update: You now need Flash Player 11.5 or better. First post has been updated to reflect this.
  3. Jesus669

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    Yes you need 11.5 as you can not even load the browser page with 10.5 or 11.2. I doubt an of the others below 11.5 work ether.

    I hope we can get a mobile device version before release!
  4. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    That, of course, would be awesome, but I hope they don't put ANY effort toward that before they have the actual game going to where anyone can play it.
  5. Zenkov

    Zenkov Kobold

    If you want to play in GNU/Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc...) you need to download Google Chrome or Chromium (in that case, please read how to install Pepper Flash for Chromium).

    Then type chrome://plugins/ in adress bar, press Details button (right top corner), find libpepflashplayer.so and Enable it.

    Adobe doesn't support Flash for Linux anymore, but Google does, with Pepper API.
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  6. samsara

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  7. Maldoror

    Maldoror Kobold

    FYI I can play Card Hunter on my Iconia W510 tablet (with full Win8) in Firefox.
    Need to use a keyboard to enter username and password but once saved the touch screen suffices.
    For some reason the right click behavior doesn't work in Chrome or IE.
  8. attog

    attog Mushroom Warrior

    runs great on my fast desktop but I get a shockwave plugin crash error trying to load any dungeon when playing on our old Vista laptop with 2gb ram.
  9. Ezekremiah

    Ezekremiah Kobold

    Works fine on my Windows 7 machine running Opera 12.15, but not on my Ubuntu laptop - for reference, having checked the distribution-list that the "Pepper Flash for Chromium" plugin is available for download for Ubuntu, it requires Precise Pangolin (12.04) or higher, I guess it's another reason to finally update from 10.04 LTS (especially now its long-term-support has ended).
  10. Stabatya

    Stabatya Kobold

    On Twitter one of the dev team confirmed that they got it working on a Samsung Chromebook, and I've tested an HP Chromebook. It ran nice and smooth on that. I need to upgrade from my CR-48, which does not run smooth at all.
  11. Awaiko

    Awaiko Kobold

    It would be great for *nix users who head to live.cardhunter.com to see a suggestion to either use Chrome or Chromium+pepper, as per the post above. I found the information reasonably quickly once I thought to look in the forums, but I did spend time trying to get Firefox and Adobe Flash to play nicely, without any luck.
  12. Just as an FYI you can use a remote desktop app like Splashtop to play from mobile devices. Info at http://www.splashtop.com/home

    It's great to allow you to play no matter where you are!
  13. Ganksy

    Ganksy Kobold

    I might get a chromebook, if I do this will probably be the only game I play on it.

  14. I have a friend with a Chromebook Pixel - it plays quite well on it though obviously you don't need that ridiculously high resolution display just to play Cardhunter.
  15. Elianto

    Elianto Kobold

    Any chance to see an app for iOS and Android?
  16. shems

    shems Kobold

    Connection lost. The server or your internet connection may be down. Please refresh the page and try to login again. guess I can't play on dial-up?
  17. smeata

    smeata Mushroom Warrior

    The game needs a deceptively high amount bandwidth
  18. shems

    shems Kobold

    figures xD I'm just suprised I mean I can run runescape but not this D:
    Actually I got it working all is good :D games great btw
  19. Zhizz

    Zhizz Mushroom Warrior

    Is tablet/mobile support on the cards?
  20. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    It's being investigated - but no timeline.
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