What would you pay for?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by tangmcgame, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. tangmcgame

    tangmcgame Mushroom Warrior

    Forgive me if this topic has already been done before. I tried searching first.

    My question is this: what would you pay real money for and how much would you pay? You can list new things you'd like to be able to purchase or offer a value of how much you'd pay for existing real money items (appearance customization options, more adventures, starter packs).
  2. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Expansions (classes, new races, evil campaign or other additional maps).

    Would NOT buy straight out gold. Possibly an avatar or two depending on prices, but I will at least spend money equal to what I would have paid to get the game if it was buy to play - BM deserves it.
  3. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    How much I'm willing to spend will depend on when I get to play this game. I'm afraid the hype won't last much longer for me. I'd like it to, but all this desire to play it is going to turn to bitterness and apathy eventually...
  4. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    That reminds me, would also pay for beta/founder access if it contained pizza or cosmetic upgrades making it reasonable worthwhile. Also, some people need to zen out :D
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  5. Gabbek

    Gabbek Orc Soldier

    For... watch out - BETA KEY!! And afterwards for expansions, skins, cosmetic stuff (lovin' it!)
  6. Necrometzer

    Necrometzer Mushroom Warrior

    Usually I don't spend anything on Free-2-Play games, taking advantage of the FREE part of it. Convincing me to spend money on a game that is otherwise free I would have to really fall in love with the game and be spending lots of time in that game to make the purchase feel worth while.

    I think what anyone is willing to pay will somewhat depend on how they will play the game. If you only want to play single player for the challenge of the individual quests you will need/want different things from the game than someone playing a lot of multiplayer.

    Generally I don't play a lot of multiplayer, especially with CCG's. They are usually way too random to make me feel like my strategies or deck building played a huge part, OR they are based on whoever payed the most money granting them overpoweringly strong cards. CH seems to have done a good job from what i've seen balancing cards and preventing pay to win issues. However, if I decided against multiplayer, and mostly played through the campaign, what would I be inspired to pay for? I'm not in a rush to finish the game, so I wouldn't ever pay to reset the timer on a dungeon no matter how slow that makes my advancement. I won't be playing with others so there is little need to pay extra for an avatar that no one else will see. At the start I have no idea how long the game will last so why invest in aesthetics? I usually dislike the idea of a game claiming to be FREE, and then having certain areas of the game only accessible to paying customers. I would like to experience the challenge of every dungeon available, whether it gives a premium item at the end or not. It makes me always ask the question; Why does that dungeon cost $$$ and this one doesn't. Is that one better and only the crappy dungeons are free? Is that item so much better? If I wasn't aware that all items were available as random treasure eventually I would immediately assume a pay 2 win aspect and quit. If I never played multiplayer I would probably be happier just paying for the game and having everything unlocked and then investing again in future expansion if I decided the game was good enough to warrant more investment.

    If I was a fan of CCG multiplayer competition, which I am when I know its balanced. I love MTG duel of the planeswalkers where everyone gets the same cards, but hate MTG online where you have to pay for digital boosters. When playing multiplayer, aesthetics become much more important as you want to be able to stand out among other players. I believe many players have no interest in the solo dungeons and would be happy paying up front for pizza to buy items and jump right into the competition. Those players, since they have no interest in solo play, would not be spending money to reset dungeons or open premium dungeons.

    Duel interest players (me) have the most options of what would be of interest to purchase, but personally wouldn't spend anything that could be avoided through playing over time. I would love to play multiplayer, but I have no intention of doing so until I think I have acquired enough cards to be competitive. No one likes to play through a slaughter. For a lot of people multiplayer is the endgame, and the solo quests are a means to build up in preperation for it. The dungeons might be fun and challenging, but not intended to be played over and over forever. You can try different party configurations and different item strategies, but at some point it will get repetitive and boring as you learn the tricks and build stronger characters. I plan to grind through dungeons as fast as I can to get good items, and if I seem to have a loosing build, go back to square one with a different party or search for different gear until I find what works. I like to grind, I like to find new stuff, but I don't like speed bumps in my grinding. Paying for dungeons to get good items quicker, or paying to reset dungeons to speed up the grind process might net the company a few bucks from impatient players, but that mechanic only annoys me. When I play a game I sit and play 4-6 hours straight if I can. Usually from when my kids go to bed until I'm too exhausted to stay awake any longer. I don't like the idea of playing for an hour, completing 1-2 dungeons, advancing to the next dungeon and finding out my gear isn't good enough and having to wait until tomorrow to try again. I equate this with boring energy based snoozers like farmville. Please don't put in a mechanic that makes me not able to play your game. If I am forced to play something else while I wait, I may just end up spending my limited resources there instead.

    I think the only thing I would ever pay for in this game would be avatar's and ONLY if the multiplayer turns out really fun and balanced. I also think paying for pizza that can be exchanged for random item chest, gold (which can be used to purchase individual characters and items), or buying multiplayer starter packs is a good idea and can be lucrative. But I strongly dislike premium dungeons and reset timers. However, I would not be opposed to paying $10-$20 up front and just playing with everything available until my eyes bleed.

    This is a product of my own opinions based on limited info, assumptions, and broad generalizations and may be inherently flawed in how the game currently functions. Sorry for the length of this message, but I had nothing better to do at the time.
  7. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Goblin Champion

    I agree with most of your points, Necro. The only main difference for me is that I enjoy a good dungeon crawl, and I'm hoping that this game is fun enough that it can be played now and then, even after "beating" the single player campaign, to "scratch" that dungeon crawly boardgame itch.
  8. Joshua

    Joshua Kobold

    I am hoping for some really epic RPG storylines to be added as premium content along the way. I would pay $10 for an extended storyline within the game that would keep me busy for 2-3 hours. I would also pay $2-3 per added avatar but I am totally opposed to any sort of pay-to-win such as items, buffs etc.
  9. zz_tophat

    zz_tophat Kobold

    If the prices were good, characters. That doesn't seem like buying power to me if you still have to level them up and such, just saves time over earning them.

    Loot boosts, maybe one that added a +1 to the rarity of your chest pulls for the next X number of chests opened.

    Skins, always skins. The more personalization options the better.
  10. Hallas

    Hallas Mushroom Warrior

    Skins or alternative designs for characters would be excellent. I'd definitely pay $2-3 to be a little more unique.

    Boosts should never ever ever apply in multiplayer if they ever get introduced. Idealy, I wouldn't want to see any kind of stat boost in any part of the game. Temporary stuff is just no fun.

    Buying adventures/dungeons is something I see myself doing. If there were different tiers (1-3 levels, 3-6 levels, and maybe multiple sets of adventures like a larger pack or add-on), that would be interesting. Maybe $3-5 for the basic ones, $5-10 for the bigger ones, $10-20 for the really massive stuff. However, I wouldn't want normal, free additions to the game be overshadowed by these releases. They would need to provide something special at the end that wouldn't cause unbalancing, but still be rewarding. Maybe unlocking a special skin, a hard to find item available in the normal game, or a reward in pizza! Paying money to get some money back? Could be incentive to use that money to buy yet more things? Just brainstorming!
  11. Lekon

    Lekon Kobold

    Shiny skins could be fun. Extra Gary Glitter on your models? Heck, if we wanted to go crazy: Paid skins are actually pewter miniatures instead of cardboard. That could make for some interesting designs.
  12. Brian Leybourne

    Brian Leybourne Mushroom Warrior

    I really like the idea of being able to bribe Gary during a battle. "Hey Gary - here's a piece of pizza, mind if I re-roll that die?"
  13. Wozarg

    Wozarg Thaumaturge

    I'm fairly sure you are talking single player and if so rock on tasty bribes are the stuff of legends for saving your party from doom in d&d. But if you mean in pvp not that i can imagine you are since you mentioned gary and he doesn't partake much i would say booo bad bad man!
  14. CletusVanDamme

    CletusVanDamme Mushroom Warrior

    Skins for avatars have been discussed, and I'd go for that too.

    I'd also pay for new races and classes but these shouldn't be prohibitive (just a couple of quid) due to balance reasons.

    I'd pay for new content - something like 60 pence per encounter would be around what I'd be happy with, based mainly on what I can get for similar cost on iOS. So for a three-encounter storyline, around £1.80 /$2.85 (USD).

    Loot "skins" are something interesting I haven't seen discussed. They could be the end rewards of premium content packs, and would be straight-up copies of equipment already in the game, but with different names, card art and flavour text. The actual cards associated with the equipment could also be "premium", with their own card art. The idea being of course that you have some unique stuff in your inventory and deck without balance taking a hit.

    I wouldn't - and never have - pay for boosts of any kind, though that's just me. Neither would I support (by paying for) anything that conferred an advantage to a player that they couldn't otherwise get through normal play.

    I'd be open to almost anything else that provided stuff in the game though, the main factors being what I consider value for money (what else could I get for similar cost?) and how optional it truly is (being able to buy power is a big no-no).
  15. IshidaTsuki

    IshidaTsuki Orc Soldier

    I like the idea of paying solely for cosmetic stuff and boosters. My reason behind this is that I want the full game and not only part of it when it's advertised as "Free-to-play". I dont like the idea of other races or even a whole campaign that is only avaliable for money. When I spend money on a ftp-game, its because I love the game and want to give them my money and get some little stuff out of it like skins or boosters. When I have to pay money to keep playing or to reach other people who are paying, i often stop playing (exception are games I really love, but then I would spend money eitherway).

    I agree on the whole notion of not being able to buy Gold or direct power (i.e. Cards). That is just pay-to-win (what I mentioned above) and spoils the fun. In my opinion, you can solve this with boosters, be it Gold boosters or just boosters that make you luck to get something neet dropped a little higher. This way, you can get a little advantage over non-paying users, but still have to play the game in Order to get it, plus a non-paying guy who plays more than you will still be better than a paying user.

    All in all, personalisation and a little balance are the key for me. Dont give non-paying people a disadvantage, because then they are more likely to stop playing your game enterily. But if you give the enthusiasts a possibility to get a slight edge and/or costumize the hell outta their party (skins, for characters AND cards, special tokens etc) then I would give you all zhe moneys. But thats just me. Hope it helps :D
  16. Sharien

    Sharien Mushroom Warrior

    heres an idea for every pnp junkie out there...custom dice^^
    anyway...i wouldnt mind paying for expansions(or the game itself while were talking about it) as long as the price is fair
    what is fair is in my opinion measured by the fun/buck ...the higher that value the better ;)
    something to consider might be a dev kit for building dungeons and adventures yourself...there might be quite a few ppl who would be willing to pay for that
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  17. FalconGK81

    FalconGK81 Orc Soldier

    Make this happen Blue Manchu.
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  18. Zeetoois

    Zeetoois Mushroom Warrior

    tang! Good to see another Poxer here. That said, I'd love to see all adventures stay on the free side.

    On the other hand, cosmetic stuff like re-skins, or "fancy" looking weapons that are the same as their mundane counterparts function-wise would be awesome. They could even offer some of the rarer weapons as "re-skins." Example: You've been trying to get a very hard-to-find battle-axe for a while. Well, now there's a re-skinned version of it available for cash! That way, users can try to get it by questing (which is entirely possible), or simply snatch up that spiffy shiny version.
  19. IshidaTsuki

    IshidaTsuki Orc Soldier

    Darn you Sharien!! I wanted to ask when I got home wether it was in the planing to do your own dungeons and have a DM-Mode to run little campaigns for a Group of random players (with chat and a soundboard and everything...). That woulb be frickin sweet, please make it happen :D If not now, maybe as an idea for a bigger update or something to make people pay for :D
  20. elchino

    elchino Kobold

    I'd be in the boat for cosmetic items. Deck out your characters in funky items/skins, dice, etc.
    I also like the idea of paying for extra encounters/storied content. I would do multiplayer, but I love games with a good single player/storyline.

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