What to keep, what to sell?

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  1. MeniteTom

    MeniteTom Kobold

    Just started playing this game and I'm having a hard time deciding what equipment to keep and what to sell. Since this isn't like some normal RPG where equipment is either better or worse, I can't decide whether its worth it to hang onto certain things because the skills they offer are good. What about duplicates?

    In a similar vein, what should I look out for?
  2. Angry Penguin

    Angry Penguin Mushroom Warrior

    I would say generally keep one to two of most things for different groups you might make later. Treasures are really the only thing I keep none of. But some people had some impressive treasure hoards by the end of beta as they did not need the cash. Keeping two of an item also let's you double up on some slots.
  3. Zureiya

    Zureiya Kobold

    don't sell anything if you think you might use it later. your characters will never be able to only equip high end gear in all slots.
    some slots need to be equipped with items without tokens. I would recommend keeping atleast one of every item. more for arcane items that you are likely to use multiple of.

    The value of items is not very high, you should be fine with just selling treasures.
    only buy items in shops when you really need them and make sure your campaign party has a high enough level (if you campaign pary is lower leveled, the items will be more expensive!).
  4. progammer

    progammer Ogre

    Keep all equipments until they are over the maximum limit you can equip. (Like >3 boots). Sell all treasures and items belong to the right hand side of this list in my signature.
  5. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Yep. Treasure you can freely sell, for all other items it's usually a good idea to keep two of each.

    The wider selection of items you have in store, the easier it is to modify your decks for fighting new types of enemies.
  6. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Save all rare+ items to begin with - even if you get duplicates, these items might be useful if you need certain loadouts. If you have very similar items of various types, pick a few to save. Really low level items are usually safe to sell as well, if you have higher non-token versions.

    Treasure are the only "safe sale" as they don't have any real use atm.
  7. CapnCurry

    CapnCurry Kobold

    My take is: sell nothing except treasures. Period, full stop. Equipment has a tremendously low sale value, while treasure is tremendously high. If you sold all of your "spare" equipment, you'd have a hard time making as much as running one extra dungeon that happens to give you a treasure.

    But, that equipment isn't even really "spare". Later in the game, there comes an opportunity to do special quests which may involve things like "equip only items with drawback cards". You'll want equipment for every conceivable build, in every conceivable combination, and sometimes even more than that (I like having a character fully equipped that I can cycle in and out of a party). And if we ever get special matches (like, 5 characters on a team), or other special quests, or.... or, or, or, or. It's just not worth the extra few gold pieces to sacrifice all those opportunities.
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  8. Oberon

    Oberon Hydra

    Keep it all til you're experienced enough to know what you don't want. Sell the treasures but keep the rest. Once you've beated the campaign, you'll have a much better idea how to evaluate items.

    The best shop to watch for items is the Goblin Bazaar, which I believe unlocks when you unlock the LVL 12 adventures. A couple items I'd suggest...

    Silver Healing Ring is one of the better heal items for priests.
    Chillwood Staff I highly recommend this as a wizard item, the encumber can be very handy and it does good overall damage.
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  9. Aviar

    Aviar Kobold

    Some great tips here. I've often wondered this my self, and have just sold all treasure and kept one of each item. I may start keeping a second item if I get it for that just in case game.
  10. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    I keep one of each Treasure, and as many copies of equipment that a party can possibly use, which means:
    12 of each Arcane Item
    9 of each Weapon and Divine Item
    6 of each Staff and Divine Weapon
    3 of everything else

    It's a bit complicated, and I don't sell much of anything early in the game, but I also never regret any of my sales. "Only sell duplicate Treasures" is a nice simple rule, and that's where most of your money will come from anyway.
  11. Swiffle

    Swiffle Mushroom Warrior

    Initially I was just keeping 1 and selling duplicates, but that isn't optimal as multiplayer builds would want multiple copies of certain items. Honestly selling nothing but treasure and items that are strictly worse than other items would be ok, but inventory clutter is sux. Something that new players might want to keep in mind is that some low level items are really, really useful. Items with some good skills, while not requiring power tokens(under level 8 i think?) are really valuable in making builds later, as power tokens will go to a few awesome items, but having supplemental items to complete builds after tokens are used up helps a lot.
  12. Snacksmoto

    Snacksmoto Mushroom Warrior

    I didn't sell equipment simply to increase my amount of gold. If there was a specific item currently in the shop that I wanted, then I'd sell a few bits to get just enough to buy it. My reasoning for hoarding is that zero token equipment can be useful far beyond its level because of power token limitations. Heck, I was equipping level 1 arcane items simply for the anti-armour properties of numerous Penetrating Zaps.

    Since deck building strategies will change over the campaign, you'll never know if you'll need groups of low level equipment.

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