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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by kemmyn, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. kemmyn

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    i have played a ton of this game over the last few years and have supported the devs by buying lots of pizza. but it's no longer fun. i'm tired of players that i just played coming into my next match and whispering my strat to their guild buddies. today i have 4 or 5 games in a row where the person i just played came into my next game. the opponent didn't play for a minute, then they played exactly counter to my strat. it's become painfully obvious that people are cheating to advance their guild, and it's no longer fun.

  2. BlackVoidDeath

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    This was always the case, even years ago guilds would share different builds of their own and high ranking players.
    Nowadays it has gotten slightly worse, and I do have to agree that some people get a bit too nosy and annoying by snooping out every match - they use the excuse of "training their inexperienced players".
    But then again thats life for you.
  3. I play at least 2 different load outs for pvp because of this.
  4. Sir Veza

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    I really don't have a dog in this fight, but I think it should be a bannable offense to coach while spectating a PvP game.
  5. BlackVoidDeath

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    Thats a first, and my new favourite expression.
    imo it shouldnt be a bannable offense in a certain sense of the word - the way I "coach" is by telling guildies what they did wrong and how to improve while the match is running but after they did it so they can improve but the opponent doesnt have to play a 1800 elo player at the same time.
    On the other hand the situation @kemmyn described is quite different and wont say it shouldnt be a bannable.
  6. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    I agree that it isn't as bad, but if the advice can be used during the current match to affect the outcome I don't believe it should be allowed. Ranked matches should be two players going head to head without outside aid or interference. I see it as a straightforward matter of fairness and good sportsmanship. Coaching is great, but I think it belongs in casual games, not ranked.

    I never experienced this when I played PvP, but I find this conduct very disturbing. I hope @Flaxative or @Jon will weigh in with a ruling.
  7. Paper Crit

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    Here is a dog in the fight. If someone coaches while I play, I take issue for one reason:

    This is 1 vs. 1 game -not- 1 vs. 2 game and on going, tactical discussion in ranked PvP is collusion, plain and simple.
    Video playback, casual ranked maps and custom maps are all viable tools for training. As for people communicating strats, builds, maps, players et cetera, that is just networking imo. If you have the resources available you'd use them to your advantage, just not during an on going match via direct coaching, that is, collusion.

    [EDIT:] I have not personally encountered direct coaching and agree with Sir Veza on it being disturbing.
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  8. ParodyKnaveBob

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    Sir Veza, my experience has been watching Flaxative and CT5 discussing like a live team how to play various in-progress ranked/league games. Same with CT5 streaming ranked/league games with a Twitch audience's table talk.

    Unless Flak changes his mind about such, I expect it'll be seen as more a social element than a competitive element. After all, how does one police in-game (or even third-party-software) whispers? My ears are open, but this'll probably fall under community etiquette when agreed upon, rather than explicitly forbidden reportable offenses (beyond the generic "something offends someone who's asked repeatedly for it to stop").

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