What game have you completed most recently?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by irongamer, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. irongamer

    irongamer Orc Soldier

    Rather than asking what people are currently playing I'm curious what games people have most recently completed. I play a lot of games but only a few can hold me to the bitter end. I'm mostly interested in titles that have an end or that you are putting on the shelf for a while after playing the title to "death".

    Include some basic information and something about your experience, but keep it brief if you can.

    Most recent completion
    XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    Iron Man Classic Difficulty

    Not the best stats and I was hanging by a thread for country support near the beginning. The last battle was anticlimactic. First, the game crashed on my first move in the last battle. After relaunching the game I won the last battle on my first turn. :rolleyes:
  2. zz_tophat

    zz_tophat Kobold

    Darksiders 2
    Serious Sam 3: BFE
    I also just finished all the certs I wanted on my shotgun in planetside 2, that hardly counts as finishing a game that is basically endless but it was my goal for a while now.

    I have a massive backlog of game I still need to finish and I swore I wouldn't buy any more until I finished them... of course since then I have bought several more games so... ya...
  3. Daryl Tay

    Daryl Tay Kobold

    Hmm the last game I actually finished was Torchlight 2 (for the 3rd or 4th time). I've recently installed this mod called Synergies that makes the game feel brand new again. Love it.

    Like zz_tophat, I'm struggling with a backlog of old games like Sleeping Dogs, Lego Batman 2 and most importantly, Ni no Kuni.
  4. zz_tophat

    zz_tophat Kobold

    Lol Torchlight 2 is one of the games I added to my backlog since I swore I would not add any more games to it.
  5. irongamer

    irongamer Orc Soldier

    Certs can be a pretty long term goal if you don't buy into the subscription system. Ran with a group of NC during beta. PS2 added some depth, sort of, since PS1 but not enough. I primarily played for the teamwork of the outfit and the great CO (Hexus in beta, Hex in release). I have pretty much stopped playing PS2 at this point.

    I'll have to look into Synergies. I have not finished Torchlight 2 yet, but I'm close.
  6. AntEyeHero

    AntEyeHero Kobold

    Fallout3: Game of the Year Edition (PS3) - 100%

    (I've been kinda lost since I stopped playing Guild Wars 2.)
  7. Assussanni

    Assussanni Ogre

    It's either the Halo 4 campaign on Legendary or Orcs Must Die on War Mage difficulty for me, although I'm still playing the former online and may have a go at playing through the latter on Nightmare.
  8. Roshirai

    Roshirai Goblin Champion

    Me, too, only on Ironman Normal. I actually got hit with the bug that prevents you from completing the final battle on Ironman, but I'm confident I could have taken things all the way.

    Since the point of this thread seems to be pointing out games you maybe haven't played, prior to XCOM, the last game I completed was FTL: Faster Than Light. Steam says I've clocked 40 hours of playtime, which seems low given that I also played a lot of the pre-release Beta. I've unlocked most of the ships and beaten the game on Normal ("hard") difficulty with at least three of them. Probably my favorite game from last year.

    Oh, hey, serendipity: FTL is 50% off for the next couple of days! Now you have no excuse. :D
  9. irongamer

    irongamer Orc Soldier

    FTL was the first Kickstarter project I supported. I have completed it a couple of times, some in beta and some in release. I do want to revisit it at some point get the other ships and give them a spin. Turned out to be a great little game, totally worth the support.

    I'm more just curious what people are actually completing and any interesting tidbits from their experience. I drive my gaming friends nuts because I tend to move very quickly from game to game seeking new and different mechanics.
  10. A88mph

    A88mph Mushroom Warrior

    FTL is fun. buts it's difficult for me to find all the other ships, and its a bit annoying to have to hope I get those ships in a randomly genorated world.
  11. Sharien

    Sharien Mushroom Warrior

    i recently completed antichamber
    really awesome puzzle game...and kinda mindbending...i believe i missed one or maybe two secret areas but well...i am not going for obsessive completion^^
    that game made me aaaaah so often...about everytime i got a pretty obvious or creative solution i missed because i forgot stuff i could do XD
    i also played through bastion...its quite good and the gameplay is satisfying but most impressive about is in my opinion is the soundtrack...i just loved the music in this game =)
    i would love to say i completed FTL but i am still missing the crystal ship and the alternate layout for the rock cruiser...but god i am proud of my sucessful stealth cruiser run =D
  12. CletusVanDamme

    CletusVanDamme Mushroom Warrior

    I'm still missing the type B Mantis ship in FTL, it's crazy that I've got 60 hours logged on such a "small" game.

    As for most recently completed game, hmm. Probably Borderlands 2 finally last month, playing 4 player co-op. We've finished most of the DLC since then as well, halfway through Hammerlock at the moment but we only get to play once a week. Single player it was either Assassin's Creed 3 or XCom last year. I've currently got a marathon impossible/ironman XCom playthrough on the go with a few of the other second wave options enabled (random stats mostly) but it's very slow going as I'm spending most of my (limited, unfortunately) game time in Skyrim at the moment.
  13. irongamer

    irongamer Orc Soldier

    Love the Elder Scrolls series. I have not picked up Borderlands 2 yet, I enjoyed the first one well enough.

    Most recent completion
    Torchlight 2
    Normal Difficulty

    First time finishing TL2. Used sword/board engineer with emberquake, shieldbash, forcefield, healing bot, fire and spark, bulwark, and coup de grace. Basically I just spam emberquake the whole time and build up charges using shield bash for forcefield. This allows me to stand in the place and not really dodge anything, it feels lazy. This doesn't work very well with physical damage weapons, once I got a good elemental damage weapon the build worked amazing. Not sure about coup de grace, may toss those somewhere else some time.

    I love the mapworks, it brings back memories of the "end of time" in Chrono Trigger. Looking forward to exploring more random maps and various build experiments.
  14. Keith

    Keith Kobold

    Hopefully Final Fantasy Tactics again, tonight!
  15. irongamer

    irongamer Orc Soldier

    Oh, loved Tactics back on the old DS. Which one are you playing and on what platform?
  16. Wozarg

    Wozarg Thaumaturge

    fft the game that showed me the light on turn based games!
  17. zz_tophat

    zz_tophat Kobold

    A few months a ago I started a new game of FF tactics advanced on the emulator on my phone, having not played it for years. Now I play off and on whenever I need to kill time, I think I am about half way through the game, man what a time sink.
  18. irongamer

    irongamer Orc Soldier

    More like a #%*@ing black hole, it consumes spacetime itself! I lost so many hours to that game.
  19. Ez2bBad

    Ez2bBad Kobold

    The Witcher 2
  20. Zolof Kimblee

    Zolof Kimblee Mushroom Warrior

    Finished Bastion the other day, man what a relaxing voice of that narrator. Not such a big fan of those enhance-the-difficulty-by-1-aspect-shrines though.

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