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    Cardhunter's multiplayer system has adopted chess's system for ranking players. The all-time high was achieved by a player from Istanbul with the handle Pappas just like week. He crested over 1960 which beat Sucre's high of 1954 from late 2017. Players start at 0 and as they win and lose, their elo goes higher or lower. I'm not actually sure if it's possible to get a negative score. Suffice it to say that the highest elo players win much more frequently than the lower elo guys. Here's a breakdown of what the elo range means in game:

    1900+ Truly rare. Requires a combination of expert understanding of the game, at least a few of the very best weapons, a build that fits with the month's map rotation and the current meta (which means the sort of equipment and team composition players are using), and a good dose of luck. Win rate of 90% needed. There have probably been no more than 10 players achieve this score in Cardhunter's 4-year history.

    1800s If you get to elo 1800, you've won the game for all intents and purposes. There have easily been a hundred players reach this milestone, but it's still quite rare. Win rate of 80% needed.

    1700s. Watch out. A 1700 player is a cardhunter expert. They know all the tricks, have solid strategies, solid equipment, and know how to win. 70% win rate

    1600s. Strong player, but has weaknesses. 60% win rate

    1400s-1500s Solid players. This is where you generally start finding guild players. 55% win rate

    1300-1400s The odd builds. As players grow in their understanding of the game and gain new items, they will make some unexpected builds. Unexpected builds can sometimes win against the best players--because who knew that Cardomania197 was carrying rocket charge and an all-out-attack (AoA) paired with a laser thrust. 52% win rate

    1200 - You made it! This is where you begin to compete with more battle-hardened cardhuntrians. 50% win rate

    0-1000 - Novice level. A player that knows what they're doing can start a brand new character and get to elo 1000 in a few hours of play. A brand new player both in account and experience could easily take a couple weeks to get to 1000.

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    Just be sure to not make this assumption when playing leagues, lots of <1000 Elo people out there who are very experienced CH players. :p
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    Perhaps I'm mistaken, because this was many moons ago, with a few long hiatuses in between, but I'm almost certain someone reached 2000 elo once. I remember the global chat exploding over it. Sorry for the utter lack of evidence, but I thought it worth mentioning.

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