What are the most over-rated cards?

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  1. I would like to suggest that there are some cards that seem very good and can be very good, but are not as good as people think. Feel free to disagree with me or introduce your own. I will submit two of my favorite cards for my opponent to have in his or her deck that are not as good as they think:
  2. Impenetrable_Nimbus: This one seems to be amazing. You are impervious to all harm until the end of the turn. You can march in with no fear and bash your opponents, or you can save a character before your opponent snuffs him. No one can deny that this is a very good effect. The problem is that it is difficult to time. How many times have you dropped this force field on a character whose health is in the red and lamented that you had not done so two attacks sooner? Or have you Nimbus'ed up a dude ready to charge in and kill, kill, kill, only to have him immediately frozen to sit out the remainder of the turn imperviously useless?

    Simply put, the card when played as a reactive card is too little too late, and the card played pre-emptively is easy to play around. A block steals an attack from your opponent, but Nimbus merely defers that attack. I'm patient and can usually wait until next turn to kill your character. While you have given me tempo advantage by laying a turn-long deterrent on him, it's easy to just direct my attention elsewhere, setting my team up to swoop in next turn instead.

    There are all kinds of stories you can tell about how this card was great for you, but I think it stinks because of the difficulty in playing it at the right time.
  3. Volcano: Similar to the card above, the timing is bad. You can spend your turn setting this up, waiting for me to exhaust my moves, but too often you will fail. Maybe I have a Team Run or a Whirlwind (I run both), and after you have refrained from making other strategic moves all turn so you can hop out of the lava yourself, I have enacted my plan. Also, your smelly dwarf wizard reeks of smoke, so I can see it coming a mile away.
  4. ElShafto

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    Nimbus was unstoppable under the Draw Deck Devastation Of 2013 (tm) but it's use is now situational. I wouldn't say it's overrated - like you said, it's using it correctly that is the problem. With one VP left to go in many MP matches, a Nimbus has won me those matches.
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    Dunno, I run a lot of volcano, but I don't always jump out of it. I'll burn a dwarf or two if I can make it a 2-1 or 3-2...
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  7. Sir Veza

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    Dunno. Even as a noob, force bolt and maze were dead give-aways.
  8. Heh, Maze is the discardiest.
  9. Aegisdivine

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    It isn't freeze the card that is bad. It's amazing. The item on the other hand is not.
  10. Aegisdivine

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    I'm gonna have to agree with volcano. I bought a mordecai staff in rand's. I find it doesn't work well at the higher ranks. Usually they always have a shuffle, run team, step move, or the various cards with slideback or they'll alway's wait until you move first. It is difficult to manuever this card.

    Another card is probably almighty hack. It is really good, but if you think about it and obliterating bludgeon is only 3 damage less & much more common.

    Barge worst card in the game thats a rare and has silver border. This is a card very overestimated by the game. It's in so many items, bynzers weighted club, enormous tree branch, the pulper, barreling club, whiteglow flail. What they should realize is nobody uses this crappy ability or want it in their items.
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    But.. but.. but.. you're forgetting one of the most satisfactory moments in Card Hunter bar none.

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  13. Barge should be changed to the following:

    Transforms the user into a small ship that rams the opponent 1 space of the ship's choosing, dealing 1d6 damage. Also, toots a giant horn.

  14. Sir Veza

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    Interesting idea, but it seems far-fetched. It means someone would actually have to use Barge.

    Worst Silver: Lateral Thinking (Actual value: strong paper or weak bronze.)
    Runner Up: Barge
    Dishonorable Mention: Cause Fumble
  15. Squidy

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    Why do you say that cause fumble is bad?
  16. ElShafto

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    If you count Barge as a movement card and not solely as an attack card, it is useful. Optimal? No. But it's worth carrying two Whiteglow Flails for. I've moved my dwarf warriors several times and also vacated VPs several times with it. And mass frenzied (which I usually am) it does as much damage as a bludgeon.
  17. Barge is absurdly awful. No rationalizing makes it better. Barge is just a penalty you incur for using something; a worse trait basically.
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    So would you use a weapon that is 3 nimble strikes and 3 barges?
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