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    The name says it all. Fresh of my highest ranking ever, that included a record (for me) 22 win streak in ranked. Maybe I will share that build later ;). I wanted a change of pace and a bit of fun, because that is the point of the game right? Got a little bit of hate but most people took it fairly well (I hope). But needless to say, I won't be playing this deck, other than special occasions! I hit 12 wins, 7 losses which is not a bad ratio, I reckon that I could have gone a bit higher with a bit more skill/experience, but it is still not really sustainable.

    I went for a dedicated walpurgis priest, a purge priest, and a wizard with inquisition bolt to do the killing. You really need a couple of multiple legendary items to make it work: St. Hedvig's Black Bundle, to get the density of walpurgis (tokenless St. Hedvig's Black Halo helps too), and Silver Lightning for the dps from a distance. I was still optimizing a few elements, but decided to quit playing around with it as it can be an annoying build to face. Stuff I am not 100% on are shield, boots, and human skill on the priests. And the arcane items, and human skill on the wiz. There are a few tokens to play around with there that could be better used. 7 or 8 Walpurgis Night feels like an optimal number to allow you to control your opponents deck which is the real point. Previously I have found Arrogant Armor too infrequent in the deck to build around. You actually get to implement your strategy most of the time with this deck.

    I chose humans for the balance of evasion and durability as you sometimes need to kite around with this build while you wait for everything to come together. The idea is that you walpurgis the opponent, purge yourself and take advantage of their form cards with your deck. Mostly from Inquisition Bolt and Inquisitor's Strike. The wizard is the real killer, and the priests just do mop up with some inquisitors strikes. All in all it is a really vulnerable, you loose any one of the three characters and it becomes very hard to win. You are always at the mercy of loading you opponent up with a good draw of form cards, combined with some good support from his own cards, that can give you an unavoidable one or two hit KO for a character. Would be better on a more open rotation of boards...

    Let me know your thoughts - if anyone even checks this forum any more!

    Level 24 Human Priest

    Appello Censorum
    Level 1 Human Priest

    Grizzin Farl
    Level 1 Human Wizard

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