Vampire Priest

Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by PIZZA, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Ben_Lee

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    He's very much alive.
  2. Ben_Lee

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    It's an elf priest. (elf ears, no helmet)
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  3. karadoc

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    Either that or his beard is on fire...
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  4. Flaxative

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  5. Ben_Lee

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  6. Flaxative

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    Hahaha! I was mostly joking, of course, because I'm one of the most active users in this thread and people I've never played before message me in the game chat and are like "oh, it's you." So I've already failed at being sneaky here :)
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  7. vacantskies

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  8. PIZZA

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  9. vacantskies

    vacantskies Kobold

    Definitely, I try to load up on Burning Fingers, Ember Spray, and Fire Spray. They have a wide area but low damage. The great thing is that the burn will also trigger Holy Armor so you get to heal multiple times.
  10. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    I just faced a 1500 player running triple vampire elf. It didn't seem very competitive, but I hope he goes far. Vampires forever!

    In other notes:
    • I just bought my 4th vampire's blade.
    • A potential 3rd wuuna's shroud is sitting in Randimar's right now. Do I buy it? I don't have tons of spare cash right now :( I wouldn't even use it in my current build but I just want to have all the vampire items :)
  11. Nim

    Nim Mushroom Warrior

    I've run into this build twice now at the 1500 plus range and I have no idea what it's supposed to do against Wizard Control. Without Step-Attacks the Priests have a hellish time closing the gap. Maybe there's a way to build it competitivly, but at the moment its biggest threat seems to be shock value. Once clued in to the gimmick you can play around it either by keeping your distence or bursting hard when one of them gets close.
  12. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    I'm running a slightly less shock trooper version of my original build now. I've got more nimbus, plenty of control on my wizard, and some added damage on the wiz (a few obliterating sparks). I still have no idea what triple vamp is supposed to accomplish, but 1x vamp is basically a warrior who beats most warriors in 1v1 while packing a couple nice utility cards. Less good at chasing down wizards, but that's what your own wizard's winds of wars are for, and Slippery can get there just as easily on a vampire as it can on a warrior. Also, it's just fun. And I really like running Earmuff and seeing the Halloween miniature that looks almost custom-made for my build :)
  13. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Just dropped my 5th Vampire's Blade...
  14. Hock Faraday

    Hock Faraday Orc Soldier

    I've been chatting with Flaxative about the viability of a Dwarf vampire. I have one in my "RAWR RAGE MONSTERS RAWRRRR" (1 War 2 Pr) setup.

    Pops (Dwarf Priest)
    St. Xarol's Axe
    Vampire's Blade
    Parrying Buckler
    Burnished Plates
    Dorimer's Boots
    Glasod's Dark Skull
    Badjeera's Black Relic
    Focused Healer
    Perfect Ferocity
    (one blue token unused)

    This build gives me seven copies of Spear Of Darkness, which gives me the option of keeping him out of direct melee contact against other warriors if he doesn't have Talented Healer active or I suspect my target has a Parry or two waiting. Since my other Priest has lots of Mass Frenzy at his disposal, Pops can often land his Spears for 5-6 damage a pop (pun intended) from two tiles away. It also negates Dodge when used on an adjacent target, and somewhat mitigates the drawback of his short, stumpy Dwarven legs.

    I've found that Frenzy Aura makes a world of difference for Vampire builds, especially in this current Warrior-centric meta. Perfect Ferocity and Burnished Plates make for a total of two. A third would be ideal.

    St. Xarol's Axe provides a second Blind Rage. He can usually play around one or two activations of Rage without suffering too much damage. Other than Blind Rage, St. Xarol's isn't really an ideal choice for the build, but since I don't have Inkdark Halberd or Bynzer's Black Spear it will have to suffice.

    (I do have a second Vampire's Blade, but I've seen too many players lose games to ill-timed Loner activations to justify running four of them, even if it is on a Dwarf.)

    I don't like to run him on point - that's what my rage monster Warrior is for - but he can if he must. He's better at ambushing targets from a distance with a Flanking Move or Quick Run into the vampire loop - ideally from a distance in case something pesky like Lifesaving Block shows up.
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  15. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Life is meaningless without poorly timed Loner. >…>
  16. Hock Faraday

    Hock Faraday Orc Soldier

    I forgot to put Hand Of Melvelous in there.

    Flax, you just enjoy living on the edge. :B
  17. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    I mean, yes? :)
  18. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    @Flaxative, no Flax's Thirsty Vial? And even worse no slippery shield? : [] This is my jaw dropping.

    Here is a build I came up with recently. I call it the Super Heal Priest.

    Super Heal Priest
    Vampire's Blade //(majortoken) (majortoken) Healing Hand Mace AKA HHM
    Vampire's Blade
    (minortoken)Mail Of Succor
    (minortoken)Silver Healing Ring (**Could be any 3X healing item... Team Heal!!)
    (minortoken)Silver Healing Ring [Ring Of Majestic Healing for example]
    (minortoken)Silver Healing Ring [Or Hrillia's Healing Ring]
    (majortoken)Slippery Shield //Cold Shield
    (majortoken)Black Iron Boots//etc
    (majortoken)Focused Healer (61 Healing points X 11 cards, 38 Drains X 8 attacks)
    //(minortoken)Raging Rock/(minortoken)Escapist//etc

    8 Drains (19 Heal cards) OR 4 Drains/14 Heals (18 Heal cards) for HHM variant
    11 Heals

    2 Armor (6 Other)
    3 Hard to Pin Down
    1 Quick Run

    3 Talented Healer (7 Traits)
    4 Loner
    1 Immovable
    3 Racial
    (19/28 or more cards trigger Talented Healer... XD OR 18/30 for HHM variant)

    The goal of this priest is simple. Heal, heal, suck up damage and heal some more. Talented Healer is amazing. You can Cantrip heal as much as you need to, then follow up with an attack, move (or pass) of your own. You can try using a Medic's Cudgel, Field Medic's Pike, or a Healing Hand Mace if you have one; but you will have to sacrifice two tokens on your shield, boots or racial. Any way you look at it though, this priest is very low on damage output. But 61 points of healing (+ 27 more if you have Healing Hand Mace!) plus Talented Healer is nothing to sneeze at. Against a melee team your opponent will be hard pressed to one-shot any of your characters. This priest is hilariously good sometimes.
    You will need a second priest with Mass Frenzy to really capitalize on this priest's vampiric powers.
    Alternatively, you can leave this priest as a healbot and forego damage and frenzy altogether unless this priest is a Dwarf with Raging Rock or Apprentice Ferocity/Perfect Ferocity. As it has been suggested, you could also fit in a Burnished Plate to focus more on attacking.
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  19. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Hey! That wasn't my build, it was Hock Faraday's :p My vampire definitely runs a slippery shield, as well as two Wuuna's (which will be replaced with Vials once they're live on the actual server...)
  20. Tardis

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