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  1. I tested the last build, My thoughts:

    I'm sure the BFF badge from Steam is only for the main campaign. The Base Campaign: 36 different levels. I already have that badge so I can't check that.
    Maybe could be a a check box option to only include Steam Co-op metrics. And also a check box if you want to check for Co-op or not.
    In fact, be able to also check Co-op for MM and locked adventures is useful (and is something that you cannot see at a glance)

    Even more important, maybe because of that a Campaign Analysis could be something we are missing, because is hard to tell which maps you have co-oped and which not. So see which ones are you missing is something useful, specially the crazy hard maps to co-op like MM maps.
    Also i don't know if CoC (Caverns of Chaos) and RttCoC are included. Maybe need to be counted as a different set.

    Also I don't know why is an Aloyzo Set if Aloyzo isn't for maps (maybe is for comfort,note it don't affect the result percentage) But maybe change Aloyzo set for CoC set is a possibility.

    Is necessary to add the following feedback to understand the Badge.

    Bars from top to bottom:
    No Death
    Level Decrease
    Race/Class Restriction
    1 HP
    Drawback Only

    Diamond colors:

    Base Set=Red
    AotA Set=Yellow
    EttSC Set=Green
    Aloyzo Set=Sky Blue
    AI Set=Navy Blue
    CM Set=Pink

    The position of the diamonds
    Base EttsC AI
    AotA Aloyzo CM

    Locked Adventures and MM are Easy to understand what represents.

    Tested the Export with Excel and works fine for missing Items. But maybe is necessary to add the steps you put here on the tool. Also, the less expert people maybe don't know how to use a Csv (but they can use google for search "How use a csv", but that should be suggested for that case)

    And Yes, the last column gets really long because it have the names of the items. But almost you could see all. And on my case I Use that info to make another document with the items I'm missing (also I sort the result for easier look)

    If I Change to count option to collected items, The first line of data becomes 2. (Is the line that show the total maybe is because there is a lot of items)

    The cost of the missing items is something that we don't get exported, but isn't that important (if could be added is a nice touch)

    Ask if is possible to add "which count option were selected to do the csv." That includes the count or if a Filter was applied and which.

    FOR LAST: Suggestion to the tool in general: Add a line for Total missing items, Before the line Total Cost Of Missing Items. Is something, that now, I note is practical to have. (Because on the Csv you can see fast how many items are you missing, but on the page you need to do the math)

    I will try to help with some stuff. Will be nice is other people also collaborate with this.
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  2. IF you're right with the 36 adventures then selecting "Base Set" and disabling all others gets you really close to that. The only down-side: both Caverns are included in the badge. BUT I'm not sure if I want to offer an option to exclude them. There is no criteria that would make sense for everyone EXCEPT the Steam players, but Card Hunter is playable through more clients than just Steam. The Steam achievement was a good supportive argument for a new bar in the badge in the first place but for me personally Steam isn't enough of an argument for a special "Steam"-option in the badge tool (in contrast to my last post) especially when there is only a delta of two adventures when using the described settings. If there were some criteria that would exclude Caverns but wouldn't be linked to Steam only, I'd add it. But neither of the following is of interest for the rest of the players: noQuest, noRetry, noLootFairy, lootAnyLevel. Why would I want to exclude say adventures that offer no Quests from my co-op bar (especially when I don't co-op a quest but the regular version of the adventure). That doesn't make any sense on its own. Sure, all of those options COULD be included in the badge tool, but there is no real use case for them and they would make the badge tool too complicated (and all those options had to be displayed in the badge so that everyone seeing a badge in a signature can directly recognize what it means). As long as the Steam players can't come up with a strategy that would on the one hand reduce the checked adventures down to the 36 for the co-op bar and on the other hand are also useful for everybody else, I'll opt for the described option-setting with the possibility that the achievement is granted although the bar isn't completely filled.

    The only advantage would be to get the adventures listed that you haven't co-oped. All other information is directly available in-game. I'm not sure if this is enough of a motivation for a new tool. But I could add an additional textual output to the campaign badge tool that lists this data.

    It's just for completeness. The underlying data has a set-encoding: 0 for Base, 1 for AotA, ..., 3 for Alyozo, ...
    I know that there are no Aloyzo adventures but didn't want to miss this option (this way both badge tools look very alike). Replace Aloyzo by Caverns would be possible, but they aren't a separate set on its own. So, I'm not really convinced. Any comments from the others??

    Feel free to write manuals for any tool. I'm glad that I can spend that much time for the tools beside my real life duties. Therefore, I focus on the real problems first. And a documentation for a tool that already existed before I took over the maintenance isn't my highest priority (I wrote the cheat sheet because it was a brand new feature).
    But one correction to your listing: The colors of the diamonds are automatically generated depending on the number of diamonds. That means the colors are only valid unless there are new sets. E.g. with only three sets the colors would be: red, green, blue. With seven sets it'll be something like: red, yellow-orange, yellow-green, turquoise, blue, pink (or so, haven't tried it out with the tool). So don't rely on the colors too much or someone has to update the manual on a regular basis.

    I assume that everyone knows csv or is capable of doing a quick search on that. And the "expert mode" was only temporarily, see the attachment for a version with a button to save the report.

    Sorry, but I don't get it. Could you explain this in more details (or write me if we meet in-game next time).

    added, see attachment

    csv isn't really designed to contain details on the exported data. I'd suggest to save the report with a recognizable name to achieve this. Or make a suggestion HOW to include the information.

    added, see attachment (but: little math keeps the brain busy ;) )

    Greetings, Phoenix

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  3. Just A few things

    Well that could work. But if is done in the badge tool, need to be with a hide button or something than allow people to enable or disable that option because maybe there are people than only want his badge and don't care about that data.

    On my point of view Caverns aren't part of the Base Set. They were added before Ettsc Expansion. They don't count as part of the main campaign. CoC is really hard to beat and even they are a lot of top rated players than don't beat it yet. In CoC you can fight monster from all the Expansions.

    Will show you later.

    Oh, didn't knew that. Thanks for the correction.

    Also thanks for all the additions, they work fine.
  4. Hey folks,

    just finished a new version so that I get all the thoughts out of my head and can focus on my other projects.

    - Aloyzo Set became Caverns of Chaos
    - to get the equivalence of the Steam badge: enable Base Set, disable all others
    - The adventures you co-oped or not are listed (but collapsible, so every one not interested in this can hide them, they are hidden by default)
    - If base set is excluded the reachable check isn't performed (otherwise the set of analyzed adventures always was empty regardless of the other options - shame on you that no-one really tested the tools and found this bug ;) )

    - The long list of items was problematic for some spreadsheet-apps and caused visual errors. I decided to split the export into two.
    - The "Report" you export contains the info you see without the info box (+ some facts like "cost of missing") but no items anymore
    - The "item export" contains all items that the info box of the "Total"-line contains but with additional columns specifying in which line of the other categories you can find this item (e.g.: if Adventuring Boots are in the file, the columns contain the info, that the item are boots, Level 1, Common, Base Set; I guess you get the scheme when viewing the export yourself). Most spreadsheet-apps offer filters so just apply those filters to get the list of - say - Level 1 items listed. And feel free to sort them as you like after you've saved them.
    - I introduced an additional "missing for 100%"-info in the info-box in the last version, but if you already have 99% the "missing for 100%"-info was displayed twice (once for 100%, once for next percentage-step). Just fixed this so that you don't get twice the same info if you're at 99%.

    - most recent data-sources included (items, data, adventure)
    - remember that Halloween items are now droppable

    Greetings, Phoenix

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  5. Hey folks,

    just finished another new feature. Just to remind you: There are a few people I chat with (in-game) regularly in order to discuss and come up with new features. In case you have some feature-request, too, just message me in-game or on the forums or leave a reply to this thread and I'll consider your idea if it is possible for me to implement it. I'll let you know, if and why I won't do things in case there are any reasons for me not to do it. But it might take some time for me to finish them.

    The newest feature is a sorting functionality in the collection analysis tool. Prior to this, the sorting of the listed items was somehow random (technically it wasn't but I assume it appeared to be quite random/chaotic). For this version I added 8 basic sorting options. The tool offers (inspired by the Keep) sorting by cost, rarity, name and level both ascending and descending. In case of sort by cost, rarity and level the tool uses the sort by name as a tie-breaker exactly the same way the keep does.

    If you know some other sorting option that I should add then let me know. But, please keep them relatively easy (no: Weapons with Gold cards first, unless there is a handicap on it, and Boots are sorted by summed up move-points, but Items with Utility cards come last, ...).

    Another rather technical "feature": The tools are auto-updating again. Hence, unless there are new item sets or other major changes the tools will always use the most recent cards and items. But this will not apply to the tool-archive I attach to this post because of technical reasons. So, test the tools and especially the new sorting and report back your findings. In case everything works as expected Stexe may replace the old tools with this version and we all would have access to auto-updating tools with all the new and great changes.

    Greetings, Phoenix

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  6. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    I'll try to host it in a few days. Been busy lately but should have time this weekend or next week.
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  7. Due to the changed packaging process on my machine for the auto-updates, the last attachment unfortunately missed two files: the filter cheat sheet and the necessary parser script. Here is a new attachment (hopefully) with all files. As a small compensation I added another sorting: sort by count (which means - depending on the other settings - sorted by number of missing/collected/excessing copies) with sort by name as tie-breaker.

    Greetings, Phoenix

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  8. Ok, HERE is the version with sort by count. I should automatize the packaging process or there will be things missing in almost every version ;)

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  9. Although I just finished a version days ago, I have a new one ready to go right now.

    Today's theme is "get all that trash really pretty" a.k.a. I checked and changed all style sheets. This was necessary because a) now I'm (finally) mentioned in the tool's signature, b) the styling directives were scattered everywhere and now they are collected centrally and cleaned up and are therefore reusable (e.g. if new tools are added) and c) (the benefit for you as user) the tool's new design should reduce the time needed for page loads slightly (ok, no big deal as they already should be loaded quite fast but I guess this is the only real benefit for everyone except me ;) ).

    Hence, still keep looking for bugs in the behavior but now also check for strange things in their appearance. Strange refers to stuff that is really strange and not just different to the last version because I also changed some details in the appearance on purpose. Just to give you some examples (this list SHOULD be complete but other differences may (in very rare cases) also be intentional - I guess you'll recognize real oddities if you find some):
    • The signature is new (I included myself in the signature)
    • Expandable sections (mainly the instruction stuff) is bordered if expanded to indicate what would disappear on collapse
    • Most spacing values are adjusted for more flexibility
    As I was already working on the tools I fixed a small bug: In Campaign Badge I re-enabled the reachability check if base set is excluded in a way that placeholder adventures are filtered out but all otherwise specified adventures are still processed.

    From now on, I'll attach two versions: one for you to test and a "dev" version that is solely (*) for deployment (probably the easiest way for me to provide the tools to Stexe).
    (*) You may take a look at this version but unless you're a web developer and you have a running php-environment installed this version won't run as is. But none of my sources contain any "secret" code so why not just attach them here. If a bug is reported it is now (again) possible (at least for everyone with such an environment) to track it down historically (which version introduced them) what can help fixing bugs. This wasn't possible in every case after auto-updates were included because you only got an "image" of the tools.

    Greetings, Phoenix

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  10. Sir Veza

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  11. GriffTheThief

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    Hi Everyone!

    My Steam achievement "Uncommon Collector" says I have 359 out of 360 uncommon items. The utility collection analysis says I have 359/359 uncommon items (100% and I marked 'Treasures' checkbox). Is there something wrong with Steam achievements OR the collection analysis tool?

    Please, see the screenshots below:

    My Steam Achievements page for Card Hunter:


    The result screen for Analysis Collection Tool:

    Note: I am also sending my card hunter data obtained from using Clip command.

    In case the Steam Achievement is wrong, can anyone here to contact the devs asking them to fix it, please?

    Thank you!


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  12. Hey Griff,

    although Steam isn't the main reason for offering the tools it is still one reason why the tools can be useful (Steam won't tell you what item you're missing). But as I don't use Steam myself I can only argue for the correctness of the tools.

    To check your problem I just loaded the newest data from http://live.cardhunter.com/data/gameplay/Equipment/Equipment.csv (this is exactly the same information that the tools are using and the only official and publicly available information about the items in the game). From the list of items I deleted manually (using a spreadsheet-app) all non-uncommon ones, all items not of set zero, all items that are "empty-slot-items" and all 8 Halloween and Christmas items (and I double-checked that they really are from those promo events). The result were 360 lines of data BUT one of those lines was the header line, so I have 359 which matches with the tool's count and lead me to the conclusion that the tools are counting base-set uncommon items correctly.

    I doubt that the devs deleted an item after the Steam achievement was created so I can't tell you what the 360th item should be. But 0.7% of all Card Hunter players on Steam have the achievement so perhaps any one of those guys may perhaps know what is going on here.

    Greetings, Phoenix
  13. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    @Flaxative / @Jon any idea on what could be hanging up the achievement?
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  14. rinco69

    rinco69 Hydra

    According to Steam I have 255 of 256 Epics. But according to the current Equipment.csv there are 300 Epics in the base set. Which leads me to believe the Steam list of items is out of date.

    Also I am one of the 0.7% who have unlocked Uncommon collector achievement. I did this in April 2016. It's true that no items have been removed. But some items have been changed since then such as Raging Battler and Apprentice Ferrocity, although they are Legendary and Epic. I suspect an Uncommon item has been changed, assigned a new ID, and the Steam achievement still wants the old ID.
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  15. ParodyKnaveBob

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    Oh ho! Good catch, Griff, Phoenix, and rinco! I direct everyone's attention to Electroporter Novice. $:^ ]
  16. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    That's a Common though? They are talking about an Uncommon?
  17. GriffTheThief

    GriffTheThief Orc Soldier

    Yes, I have all Common cards. My specific problem is related to an Uncommon base set one. Steam says I have one less Uncommon; the Analysis Tool says I have them all. That's why I posted here, seeking help from the community and/or the devs themselves.
  18. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    The old version with Spark Generator was Uncommon.
  19. GriffTheThief

    GriffTheThief Orc Soldier

    Question is: if this problem arose due to devs changed the rarity of some cards AFTER the game being released on Steam, can they fix the achievements? Will they?
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  20. Or at least provide a complete list of all changes for all Steam achievement collectors.

    I mean, I knew about the two post-beta balance "events" by reading old blog posts but didn't realized that item rarities were adapted. Raging Battler kept his level although the contained cards changed (at least I guess that's why the level does not match the contained cards in this item). So why were rarities adapted but not levels. Or had the mentioned change happen even before this? I haven't experienced the balancing myself.

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