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    I've read through the 70+ pages of the Card Ideas thread to bring you some interesting boost card ideas. Because reading through all of those pages is a daunting task and since we had begun repeating ourselves I'm creating several new threads. Warning: I've included lots of my own submissions. Feel free to post your boost card ideas here or at the Card Ideas thread. Or give corrections, quality suggestions, or slot suggestions to those posted.

    King Push
    Arcane Magic Utility, Silver Quality
    Play Effect: Push 2 with Free Move all enemies adjacent to you. Do not change your facing.'

    Divine Relocation
    Magic Holy Utility, Silver Quality
    Play Effect: 'Move terrain attachment in target square to a square of your choice.'(range: 8)

    Purging Protocol
    Discard all cards attach to yourself. Mandatory Action.

    Cleanse the Land
    Gold A9 Magic Holy
    Remove all terrain attachments.

    Cleansing Purge
    Bronze 3c Magic Holy, range 6
    Discard terrain attachment in target square. Discard all enemy cards and all of your handicap attached to any character in that square.

    Stomp it out
    Helmet only
    Remove terrain attachment in your square. Take 2 points of crushing damage.

    Paper quality utility/handicap
    At the end of your turn Create a random terrain attachment (besides wall and water terrain) in your square.

    Cloud of Night
    Type: utility
    Quality: silver or bronze
    Slot: divine item
    Create a 'cloud of night' terrain in your square. (No line of sight through cloud of night terrain. At the start of each round create a random form card and attach it to character. Duration 1)

    Silver Square
    Type: attack
    Quality: bronze
    Slot: divine item
    Range 6, create a silver square terrain attachment in target square. (At the Start of each round occupant takes 1 unpreventable silver damage then remove all attachments to occupant.) duration 2.

    Drop Caltrops
    Tar Quality. Utility. Character's own square becomes Spiked Terrain. (Stop. At the start of each round character takes 6 points of piercing damage.) Duration 2
    (Helmet specific card) @tolkien

    Spell Fizzle
    Type: hybrid utility/drawback or plain utility
    Quality: tar
    Slot: arcane item/staff
    Mandatory action. Your square becomes smoke terrain. Duration 1.
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    Catching up to page 80 in the card ideas thread. I believe some of these could be viable as player cards.

    Marching Orders

    Utility (human only)
    Create a racial move card in the hand of every ally.

    Dispel Magic
    Utility, Magic Holy, Range 8
    Burst 1. Discard all cards attached to affected characters and squares.

    Assist, Magic Holy(?), Range 8
    Target any number of allies. Attach to targets. When a character with this card attached takes damage, divide that damage evenly across that character and all its allies with this card attached, rounded up. Duration 1.
    "Why take one for the team when the team can take one for you?"

    New beginning
    Golden quality
    discard all the cards in your hand, then draw as many cards as you discarded.

    Paper Quality
    Magic Holy. Range 6. Attach to target. Discard any cards that would be attached to target. Duration 2.

    Hymn of Peace
    Utility, Magic Sonic
    Attach to every character. When that character plays a card that does damage, subtract 2 damage. Duration 2.
    "The worst part is, it's a real earworm." -Vek the Vile

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