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  1. neoncat

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    This tool (an html page) parses console output in order to extract your campaign progress. It then generates a small badge image based on the percentages of quests you've completed. Also, check out the online version.

    The quest bars are ordered as they appear in the campaign map. From top to bottom: Complete, No Death, Level Decrease, Race/Class Restriction, 1 HP, and Drawback Only. You may choose to ignore both treasure hunts and Mauve Manticore campaigns.

    Images look like this, where green bars are at 100%. Diamonds indicate which scenarios were included. (white = base, yellow = treasure hunts, blue = Mauve Manticore)

    If you link your badge from your the forum signature, I would suggest the following tag so that folks can figure out what it means:

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  2. Pengw1n

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    Alright, maybe I'm daft - I could get the collection one working, but this only gives me a 0% output. What data am I supposed to be inputting here?

    Nvm, I noticed the instructions just defaulted as hidden - unlike the collection one. Great job, again!
  3. Sir Veza

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    Okay, I finally completed Cardstock II today. (I've been farming the first 2 levels, but I saved the 3rd for dessert.)
    Now I suppose I'd better accomplish something before I try to log it.
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  4. illkkill

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    Look at this lol! This is what I get for only playing multiplayers!!! No wonder my items suck!
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  5. neoncat

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    Changelog v2:
    - calculate unlockable adventures based on prerequisite and completion flags
    - use raw Adventures.csv data
    - fixed parsing error on fields containing a comma
    - added tag with last modified date for data
    - added doctype tag

    This tool is also now available online, where it fetches the live Adventures.csv data. Any future updates will be provided both online and here.
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  6. neoncat

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    Changelog v3:
    - added standard utility banner
    - updated campaign data
    - input controls remain accessible after data submission
  7. Predaking

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    Link doesnt work anymore. Also want to know how to get that other badg, assuming its the collection badge?
  8. DupleX

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  9. Predaking

    Predaking Orc Soldier

    Thx and updated :)
  10. 40c_rudy

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    I tried to use this tool a couple of days ago but for some reason it didn't work. Every time i hit Process Data, an error appeared saying "More data can be found in the console.
    ReferenceError: canvg is not defined".
    Does anyone know it this tool is still functional, or am i doing something wrong? I was thinking that maybe the addition of AI modules could have broken this tool but decided to ask here just to verify if it is still working or not.

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