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  1. Solip

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    I plan on putting this up in the MM thread (duh) and i'd like to hear your feedback.
    It may look giant and intimidating, but it's actually simple and fun. it requires a low amount of thinking. Thanks Voltaumento for telling me the doors were placed in an odd spot. I fixed them :)
    EDIT: I made the cake beasts act as a minion group. No more spam-bites by them :p
    EDIT2: [​IMG]
    EDIT3: Replace chef with a simple human priest. Replaced mercenaries with hardened mercenaries.

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  2. Maniafig

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    Interesting and fun map, I'm all for Chef Ramses and Cave in Traps in player hands. Also a good example of a good implenetation of a Death Elemental, with Marie-France and Ramses able to cover for its Roulettes and Dooms.

    On my first try I first took down the assassins first, then the Death Elemental, then the tombstones and finally the werecake. The assassins are fairly easy to deal with using untargeted attacks and the crossbowmen when they're not invisible, while the Death Elemental requires some sort of Purge from Marie-France but otherwise can be taken out quickly with a barrage of Evil Salted attacks. The Tombstones aren't very hard either with use of stabs and ranged attacks, leaving only the Werecake. I ended up taking down the Werecake with just Marie-France, the Crossbowmen and the Chef. Once Marie-France gets Leathery Hide she can easily destroy all Slices with just one Evil Salted Rad Bomb, which was very satisfying. My first try I tried some other tricks and they worked out rather well too without much trouble.

    It's overall a rather easy map because of Ramses' presence, but I personally much prefer that over frustrating maps that take several tries. You simply are given a powerful and diverse set of tools against a powerful set of enemies and it's up to the player to decide what they want to do and it works quite well.

    I'm curious what the story here is, it looks like there could be some fun pre- and post-battle flavour text.
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  3. Solip

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    Thanks! And you'll find out about what happened when i post it. If you're wondering what happened to the wall...Here's a hint. Omin hired an assassin. And yes, I agree with you on the frustrating maps. It's my first map i've ever made. If it's accepted i can fund myself some acquisitions.
    EDIT: I forgot to mention that Voltaumento also thought out of the box and said if you have a death elemental close to the cake slices with NEB and pray he gets a morsel, it's an alternate way to beat it!
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  4. Vlamona

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    First attempt I played without much of a plan. Lost.

    Second attempt I gave frosting storm and evil salt to the same cave trap and did quite a lot of damage on lots of enemies. Then I did it again. Won with the chef, a bowman and two spear men left.

    Controlling so many creatures is slow and overwhelming. An OK map nonetheless.

    If I was making the map I might have replaced some of the player’s minion groups with just one character. Although maybe that would make that character too powerful with the add evil salt card?

    Did you know that when you start with just one slice beast it does not count as a minion and so the slice beasts are able to attack multiple times per round?
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  5. Solip

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    Yes, I'll fix that.
    EDIT: Done! And no, i didn't know. Thanks for telling me! And also controlling many is underwhelming, i know. But take your time to think. It's not slow if it's fun :p
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  6. Frostguard

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    Really nice, enjoyable map that's on the easier side of things, I feel. Either that, or I was lucky (played it only once so far). Not that I mind!

    First off, it has a few peculiarities.
    For one, Tombstones don't respawn. At least they didn't when I played the map. I think it's fine either way; making them respawn would increase the difficulty a little, but then the majority of my attacks were made at long or at least at stabbing range, and they're generally very slow and easy to work around, so they could've only been dangerous for my traps. Which weren't very useful at that stage anyway.
    Probably my favourite thing about it is that Morsel is actually a handicap. Unlike most of its other appearances, where you're losing a turn but healing eight, therefore effectively negating the drawback of not being able to act before being killed, minion groups use up their action when they play Morsel. It's not enough to make a hard map (fortunately), but it's a nice twist.
    Playing as Chef Ramses is always interesting, and it's funny to think about him adding vile frosting or dark butter to mercenaries to make them fight better.

    Now I'll try to recount what happened when I played it.

    First I focused on the Assassins (more for bad memories than anything). They made it easy, as they landed adjacent to my boulder traps, but just in the right position so I could attack them with boulders. Falling Boulders, Falling Boulders, Evil Salt and a third Falling Boulders took one of them out. Marie-France had a Radiation Bomb, but I didn't get in range to hit a lot of enemies just yet.
    Next round, I moved forward. The remaining Assassin, sadly enough, moved into a square diagonally adjacent to one of the traps, but giving a trap some vile frosting solved the issue. In the meanwhile I took a few Roulettes, one of my crossbowmen soon died to a Frosting Cannon, but Marie-France reanimated him. Later I killed him with Falling Boulders, oops.
    Anyhow, after the second and last Assassin was dead, the Werecake was the next target. Impaling Stab, Reaching Swing, a few crossbow bolts and a stray Laser Whip made quick work of it. Next round I drew double Vile Frosting, and that resulted in an interesting hand (see below).
    And then the Death Elemental. It was scary. I got no fewer than four Dooms in a single round just when I was done with everything else, so I felt I was put on a pretty short timer. Worse yet that Marie-France's Radiation Bolt (which I shot at it when it just didn't have Negative Energy Being) gave it Festering Guts, and it got a trait anyway next round. I was already wondering why Marie-France was there in the first place as she didn't seem to have any purging cards when next round commenced and she drew a Destructive Purge. Defensiveness and Unlucky! The elemental was dead within the round.

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  7. Solip

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    You sort of was lucky. there's times when the death elemental dooms everything. And yes, I didn't make them respawn. that would be hell in a tin-can.
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  8. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Death Elemental dies instantly to Ramses' buffs (did everyone miss the part that says "Heal 30"?).
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  9. Solip

    Solip Orc Soldier

    This, too. I plan to make them men-at-arms for a harder werecake. Any thoughts?
  10. Solip

    Solip Orc Soldier

    Tested the new one six times as of today, won three times, lost three times. It's beatable if you think like an average human
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  11. Solip

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    Thanks for the help and effort people! Let's hope that it airs into a Mauve Manticore module now :)

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