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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by timeracers, Jul 7, 2015.

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    In pvp, having more moves than your opponent can mean ganging up and annihilating one of their characters.
    In campaign, not so much because you are usually outnumbered by a mob of monsters.
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    My comment was a bit of a joke since I was the one that made that item.

    However, it isn't that bad. Delegate gives card advantage (spend 1 card to get 2 cards + Run at Range 6), Retreat is a decent reposition / flanking card that is underrated by most, and Wild Run is a good way to get in or out really quickly. Probably isn't worth the Gold Power Token, but it does have its uses. In theory it could be a HUGE power spike if you had multiple characters with Delegate all using it on the rest of the team. Not only would they get another Run to gap close / reposition, but the 2 other cards for each character would be huge.

    Some key concepts of almost all card games are reducing variance (small decks that cycle to the good cards) and card advantage (having more options and choices than your opponent). Card draw, especially spending 1 card to draw 2+, is super powerful and something that can chain to cause dramatic power advantages over opponents. That's why Trait cycling is so strong and why card draw is so strong.
  3. Stexe is right and the Make Haste is actually used in some top tier builds (I am thinking 2 priests buffing and inspiring one warrior). Delegate is a very powerful, game-breaking card! But why play Make Haste with Retreat over Venerable Positioning with Vanguard? That push 3 with free move can be huge! Especially if that warrior is your main damage dealer, you just sent him in to get q quick kill and now you have to yank him out of the fire before he gets teamed up on by remaining enemies. Opponents do not expect escape to be possible when a character is hemmed in by foes or difficult terrain bars the retreat. Or maybe you want to attack a vulnerable enemy character but a tank with obvious blocks stands in front of you limiting your move to either side to 1? Retreat trumps all that! Add possibility your priest(s) also need to run away at same time and you have potentially huge card. Not the right fit for every deck, but Make Haste is an important option for human priests and wizards, IMO.
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  4. Hey @timeracers
    The sorcererers hub again has a problem retrieving the TDD. So I do what it says there, inform you.
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    Well it looks like my thread is working, so it must be a problem with the hub, maybe some names are too long for it's liking.
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  6. So, the issue continues. But I have observed that before showing the page (with the error), the server takes an eternity to response. Perhaps the sorcererers server can't reach the forum and times out at some point? Who best to bother with this? Is it @Flaxative ?
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    hey, sorry to say but assume sorcererers hub is defunct until further notice. I haven't actively maintained it in literal years ^_^;

    If anyone wants to host an improved version of the hub I am happy to share my code!
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    I have now updated the bot for the brand new update.
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    Sadly the ability to double dip the Daily Deal has been removed with the update (refer to Announcements thread by Sir Civil yesterday), so the need for your long-running service may unfortunately now be a thing of the past.

    Thanks for your help over the years, been great.
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    It is used a lot on the discord server for people who don't want to sign in to the game to see if there is anything worth buying.
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    Damn, I miss Jarmo and Neoncat. Back then, I was only old, not decrepitiously old. Times change.
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