Tips for the only 1HP quests?

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    Treasure hunt quests/all quests finished :)

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    Treasure hunt quests weren't bad, no victory squares... The worst of the bunch is actually the level cap mission on High Mountain Pass. I ran two chop warrior dwarfs and a 4x violent/4x mass frenzy priest dwarf. The second and third missions are the real pain in the ass. The only way to win, as far as I can tell, is to pass, pass, pass and hope that all three shredders are standing next to the giant and that the giant has mindless rage. By that point, if you have enough chops/frenzy, you should be able to kill all the goblins and in effect all the shredders. You'll need at least two characters alive to kill the giant afterwards. Took me probably 25+ hands on stage two and 5+ hands on stage three. If don't have any non-token mass frenzy, you're probably SOL on this one. Good luck!
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    Hum,smoke? so you guys say, must try.. but im not keen of redoing then over and over and spent alot of gold waiting for the right hand, but will try
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    Any tips on High Mountain Pass?

    2manned it. Elf Wizard with FS and Smoke Bomb and Human Priest with Nimbus.
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    You can read a lot of good tips here:

    I have finished all available quests in all adventures and would recommend:

    1) all elves
    2) on low lvls 2 wizards + 1 priest
    3) on higher lvls 2 priests + 1 wizard
    4) wizard firestorm + volcano/firewall + flash agony + resistant hide / dmg auras
    5) priests nimbus + lifesaving block + few +4(3)dmg frenzy cards to play on wiz
    6) use combination of scamper and insight
    7) on certain maps smoke is a key or double reliable mail on priest
    8) there are few bashing maps
    9) remember to pass early enough to be the first in almost every round, use cantrip + pass if needed
    10) geomancers / treemen / blobs / elder mind / trolls were the most difficult maps for me, gnomes and monkeys were tricky too
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  6. Priests should be using Sacrifical Axe on low level 1HP. It's a rare, easy to get and increases your draw and has smacky things for movement after hitting. In fact this is the only time the weapon is usable in my opinion. Would recommend pairing this with Skull Of Savage Iljin for potential draws if you got them, especially for your wizard team mates, Mouse Boots for tricky situations, Rusted Angel Mail for lifesaving blocks. For the priest skill, you will want that card draw trait.
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    I cleared about 10 1hp quests earlier today playing with you FinalCheetah :)
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