This is the worst adventure, it's unfair, it's impossible (et cetera)

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  1. Nightchill

    Nightchill Kobold

    I am stuck on the second map of Goblin Wood (Spider-Webs). This is currently the only mission yet uncompleted of the missions I have current access to.
  2. DragnHntr

    DragnHntr Orc Soldier

    I remember that map, I ended up having great luck charging the spider and goblin immediately to the left and killing the spider real quick, then backing into the dead end in the southwest and defending from there, killing the spiders first when possible.
  3. progammer

    progammer Ogre

    Knowing that the max lvl is 18 and i'm currently at 16, I think i can start comment on the difficulty of the overall campaign. Monkeys are the most ridiculous enemy and also the one i'm currently stuck (WM1 and BF1 last mission). I'm thinking of grinding my way to 18 before trying it again. Hard to block spell barely works and I never seem to have enough war cry to dispell their block (maybe a 3 warrior party might work). Overwhelming number of monkey also mean that it is impossible to avoid getting hit in the back, even if you put your back against the wall.

    Some mission require major but obvious deck change to beat, some mission just require moderate amount of luck on card draw which means trying again a few time. The only spike I noticed is when the servant is first introduced. If I don't have enough dps and range to get a few servant down quickly, it's very easy to get overwhelmed. In overall, the difficulty curve seems to be working fine.
  4. kogi

    kogi Ogre

    2 tactics for yellow dragon.

    1) wizard, hide then pop out and spam attacks, terrain attachments

    2) impenetrable nimbus

    I usually have my warrior meat shield with nimbus, then spam attacks
  5. kogi

    kogi Ogre

  6. timmietimmins

    timmietimmins Kobold

    I think the key to the yellow dragon is to just outdraw him. He has so much burst damage, so much mobility, so much inhibition of your own movement, so much counters to your own defenses, the key is to just get in and trade with him until you win.

    The key is to just get over to the far side of the top of the map asap, that single little pillar? the reason is that if you get 3 guys in there, you can get line of sight with all of them, surround him so he can't repeatedly aoe you to death, and then stand one square away from each wall to make sure he can disengage, and you can really GREATLY restrict his movement. He's still a size 2 guy, even if he's super fast, so if you just turn the area into a bunch of 1 wide holes, he can't fit into them. Hot spot, lava, just standing there, whatever.

    Your decks should focus on blocks, movement, NO cards that say armor (every time he makes you discard them, you are forfeiting your only natural advantage, that you draw 9 cards a turn and he draws 6), and your attacks should mostly focus on being melee, especially spear stuff. Fire is good, but don't overdo it. A guy with 6 flaming spears in his deck will be holding them so as to not stack them.

    You don't need fancy gear, I did it with almost all commons and uncommons. The single most important parts of your gear are your shields and boots, because this strat is not about dancing around and getting fancy, it's about getting over to the other side of the arena on turn 1 before he can save up 2 of his ridiculous 14 damage bites for the next round. Also, parry is an amazing card: it invalidates one of his cards while costing you none of your own.

    To get card advantage, the keys are to basically just proc a huge chain of heals. if you get altruism, talented healer, and then just fill your deck with every healing card you can get (especially your armor slot. Armor is worthless here. His meaningful attacks are penetrating, even if they weren't he would have his acid breath, and generally it will likely just be a bad scene), you will be set up to do okay. Basically, get your trait popped, cast a heal to draw a card, and just try to spam stuff out of your priest's deck, using leadership whenever you can to dump anything that's not amazing. (especially on your priest. Don't save any attack that doensn't do at least 8 damage off one card).

    Doing this, it's very possible just to go through 6-8 or so cards out of your deck off one character alone. Then if you have a human priest, you can pop leadership, dump all your movement cards because you won't be moving, and repeat. If you have two priests and a mage, you will likely do great, simply because then you have lots of access to parry and block with 2 shields, and you have lots of card advantage (I did it with a 3 human all classes party.). Obviously, the more leadership you have the better, because that allows you to turn 6 cards into 8 from just dumping your move cards alone and lets you hunt for traits.

    It's the only non gear reliant strat I can see working, because if you just skirmish with him, eventually you will run out of terrain effects and he will just move in and burn you down, and his deck will be all 14 damage penetrating stuff, because he will have been able to discard all his weak attacks. There just aren't enough block cards in the deck, and your deck is necessarily filled with armor or movement, and in an enclosed space, movement won't help and armor is terrible on this fight.

    It's still not the most interesting fight of the campaign by a long shot, but I find that fortune really favors the bold. He has basically no decent defense cards unless you are spamming spark at him, and you can easily remove those cards from your deck to get some decent stuff. Your mage is really just to bring in terrain effects and whatever else that does raw dps at any range. I did it with electrical staffs but those would be the first to go if I did it again .
  7. progammer

    progammer Ogre

    Another tactics for the dragon. If you managed to Anvil Strike him at the beginning of the turn, you have free reign for the rest of it
  8. HumbleSloth

    HumbleSloth Kobold

    I have had to retry plenty of missions, but the first time I felt frustrated was Temple of Scales battle 4 (I think). 5 spearmen in a group was pretty rough for me. They draw so many cards that they can always move in when I want to run and away when I try to charge. :) Also it's difficult to wait for them to expend their moves because the two other single guys can stall with ranged attacks. A group of 5 is always rough (although cockroaches weren't bad), but especially when they have spears and there isn't a built in choke point. It's easy for them to surround and focus fire. I think it would be a lot easier if it were a group of 2 and a group of 3 so that you can focus on one group and get them to expend their cards while avoiding the other. With a big group they have enough cards to always do what they need.

    I won with a good burst damage hand to start the match, quickly killing the slime, and they trying to get quick kills on the spearmen to reduce their card draw. It was a squeaker, but it went better than my attempt to manipulate the battle field with things like Wall of Stone. Although I don't have a whole lot of items that do that sort of thing. Looking again I see Whirlwind Enemies, maybe that would have been a good one too.

    How did you all beat it?
  9. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Oh wow, I'd forgotten about that map. Ew.

    In this case, I believe it was over-the-top maneuvering and strategic character sacrifice. Prior to map, load up on team movement, Step cards, and anti-melee goodies (Parry). Then, first task: kill the Green Jelly so it doesn't slow down my team. Second task: a specialized form of "blasting a hole in the offense." That is, wait for all lizards to approach, and then meticulously creep away from one side of them and toward the other so that the "avoided" side runs out of movement cards and fails to use Attacks on me. Then "blast a hole" in the other side, reducing their numbers and allowing me to keep retreating. Ideally my Wizard would drop Hot Spot on enemies with exhausted movement, lowering their horrifying numbers even more.

    And then, if things go badly, prioritize my Healing Priest's survival so the Priest can run around the map alone, heal up, and smash the few enemies left.
  10. HumbleSloth

    HumbleSloth Kobold

    Okay that actually sound very similar to my successful run. :) I think punching the hole is the key. I also ended up with my priest left and she won the 1v2 against one spearman and their shaman type guy.

    One of my particular interesting failures involved punching the hole in the middle and charging up at the shaman which then gave me some choke points on his side of the map after the spearmen were all down at my starting position. That was a close one, but I don't remember what got me in the end.

    Team move is a good idea, I'll try that for similar maps in the future.

    What do you mean by "over-the-top maneuvering"?
  11. Gerry Quinn

    Gerry Quinn Goblin Champion

    I only vaguely remember that one. I think the first time I tried it I killed the Green Jelly and lost, so next time I left it alone and concentrated more on the lizards. The jelly ended up not doing all that much anyway.

    I don't recall details of the fight but I don't believe it was too hard.
  12. Oberon

    Oberon Hydra

    I forgot about Temple of Scales until I was replaying all the levels, when I lost 3 straight battles it reminded me of the pain. I'm not a fan of the fourth battle at all. The combination of the slime, 5 spearmen and the shaman are pretty tough at this level.

    If you move into the alleys between the terrain, you can limit the amount of attacks you'll receive, but you're still very outnumbered. This is a battle you need to maximize your damage. Some Axe attacks will help in the beginning, and as much lava as you can carry is also a good idea.

    I think I ignored the slime and ran for the alleys. I found that by the time you've killed the slime the spearmen will surround you and lock you into your starting area.
  13. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    It's a reference to how much I talk about mobility. Here's a relevant post, and there's more below it, and even a big essay linked.
    Thus does the Green Jelly mess with my plans, and, amusingly, two posters in a row ignored it.

    Oberon, getting "locked into your starting area" is actually the start of my "blow a hole in the enemies" plan. Wait for them to approach, run out of Move cards, and then die by the sword.

    The "over-the-top" thing, therefore, refers to how I'd be doing my normal make-the-enemy-waste-cards strategy but with a whopping 5 minion enemies to juggle. Whirlwind Enemies, if only I had it/could draw it, would grant a "reset" in the enemy rush.
  14. Oberon

    Oberon Hydra

    Yeah I want to say that I used a silly amount of wall of fire on this level. I was having problems doing enough damage across so many enemies.

    That slime is super annoying, as I recall it's the type of monster that can take multiple attacks, so he could slow your entire party in a turn given the chance.
  15. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    All told, I should probably take my own advice: don't fight the enemy on the enemy's own terms. These enemies love to move, so I shouldn't try to outmaneuver them. I'm guessing a bunch of super-tough Dwarves with appropriate melee setups (plus healing) would do better here.
  16. Punk

    Punk Kobold

    Gladiatorial Arena (9) is probably my favorite scenario I have played so far. I actually died three times on the 2nd map and then had other stuff to do. When I came back to it, I was able to run right through it with ease. I played this scenario two more times because I found it to be that fun.
  17. Essence

    Essence Orc Soldier

    OK, so I'm completely flummoxed by the 2nd battle of the Secret of the Gnome Lords. The Gnomes have enough HP that no matter what I try to do, I consistently kill 2-3 of them and then I'm down to just my Wizard or Cleric. I've got a classic all-human Warrior/Cleric/Wizard party, and I've tried several variations (Step warrior/Wall wizard/Buff Cleric; Bash warrior/Dmg wizard/Heal cleric; DPS warrior/frost-whirlwind wizard/Drain Cleric; and most of the intelligent permutations and combinations of those setups), and I just can't figure out how to get past this. If I try to camp, they sit on the victory squares. If I try to rush the squares and camp, they surround me and stab me to death. If I try to brawl them in the middle, they just plain have too many HP to kill before they take me down, and their Pinning Spears/Spore Cloud keep me from being able to take advantage of the terrain to stay safe.

    Any advice here?
  18. Oberon

    Oberon Hydra

    Hmm I farm that daily. Beat it with all a human cleric, elf wizard, elf warrior yesterday, all at level 13 for leveling purposes. I tend to use multiple wizards and a cleric normally, but I'll adjust my advice. Personally I really like wizards against those spear throwing gnomes. The have a lot of movement and ranged attacks so warriors suffer. The spear guys also have that pinning spear attack, that halts a character for multiple turns. That's murder on a warrior.

    My warrior was sort of an odd build. I used my 3 best no-talent weapons and used the talents on everything else. That is sort of collection specific though, in general I'd probably try to use step attacks and lots of parry. Good armor, on everyone, is a big help against the constant damage, so I would prioritize armor. My characters were all using reliable mail.

    Frost wizards don't do much against their movement, the gnomes are using runs or charges so you need multiple encumber effects to stop them. Encumber does work on the mushroom guy though, and it's good to keep him away from you. I focus on winds of war and lava for the most part. Path of knives can be a big help against the faster fighters that just charge you. In this case I think I was using a fire wizard.

    My cleric was mainly a healer with a few mass frenzy effects thrown in to help out the warriors attacks. Good healing is key to surviving their attacks.


    I usually start by focusing on the wild gnome. If you move forward he'll normally charge you. Get rid of him and start clearing the spear guys. If the mushroom guy moves off the victory square try to kill him, or freeze him away from your party.

    There will usually come a time when there are 2-3 gnomes left and they're all engaging you. It helps to save up movement (a single sprint or wild run are great for this), to run around them and get to the victory square for the last point or two.
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  19. Essence

    Essence Orc Soldier

    Thanks! I didn't have any Winds of War, but the advice about super-strong armor, lava, and lots of healing did the job. I slapped huge quantities of healing and Spiked Mail down and they largely killed themselves between that and inexplicably not moving off of the lava for 3 consecutive turns. XD
  20. Rusty

    Rusty Kobold

    Okay, so I have had a super hard time with Sanctuary (Battle 6 of Lord Batfords Manor) so far. I have run it with a normal crew of mage, melee and healer and failed. I have run it with a mage, mage and healer mix and for some reason I can't do it. I have been close, and have tried walls, lava and still it doesn't seem to stop them. I am thinking of doing an all dwarf team, but I am wondering if other people have had similar troubles and how they finished it?

    Update: I finally beat Sanctuary, but it was only due to a good draw. I can usually beat all the missions without relying on a good draw, but not this time. I was loaded up with lava walls and distance electrics.

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