This is the worst adventure, it's unfair, it's impossible (et cetera)

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  1. Proxiehunter

    Proxiehunter Orc Soldier

    I wouldn't say Compass of Xor is too hard, but I do think there need to be a few level 8 adventures other than that open so if you're having trouble you can go try a different level appropriate adventure. I understand Lord Stafford's Treasure not opening up until after for storyline reasons, but why are Melvelous the Magnificent and the treasure hunt Order of the Core locked until it's beaten?
  2. Haxzploid

    Haxzploid Ogre

    I only have one thing to say...

  3. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    That's funny, my complaint was that there are too many level 8 modules. But yes, there is a very noticeable lack of options at this point in the game. But Order of the Core showed up much earlier (maybe after White Star?), you just have to pay to unlock it.

    The general pattern is that the second module of any level is a continuation of the first, so that's why they need to be played in order. But usually the first module of the next level is already open at this point, and that's what is missing here.
  4. Anticleon

    Anticleon Kobold

    yeah, the warmonkeys in temple of terror are currently proving very frustrating...
  5. Raynbow

    Raynbow Kobold

    Argh, am I the only one stuck on Melvelous the Magnificent? I can get through the first two levels no problem, but the third fight kills me every time. I've been stuck on it for a week, and since it's my last level 8, nothing else is open so I can't do any new missions until I get past it!
  6. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    It was the hardest module for me too, but I got lucky on my second day of trying it. The second map was the most difficult; once I beat it I was able to win the third on my third try. This was my party:
    Level 7 Elf Warrior

    Level 7 Elf Wizard

    Level 7 Elf Priest

    I stayed in the first room to limit how many enemies could attack me, and though my wizard and priest died early, they were able to take out many of the minions. Then my fighter "yo-yoed" (Dash, attack, Dash) Melvelous; the important thing is to not let Melvelous see you if you don't have any move cards left.
  7. Proxiehunter

    Proxiehunter Orc Soldier

    Really? I found the important thing was to get right up into his grill. Of course when I beat the adventure he kept pulling a drawback that made him roll to see if he could cast a spell if one of my characters was next to him.
  8. Anticleon

    Anticleon Kobold

    Yeah, that drawback was really handy. But Melvelous is more difficult now that big creatures only get stung by one terrain effect at the beginning of the round - so you can't wipe them out with 30 damage from fire wall. Haven't checked that but remember reading it somewhere.
  9. Proxiehunter

    Proxiehunter Orc Soldier

    I beat that adventure after the change came into effect. The part I had the most trouble with was the third map, but having my warrior start in there on one of the attempts helped a lot.
  10. Card Hunter Joe

    Card Hunter Joe Blue Manchu

    Your lamentations have been heard! We're going to do some work on re-balancing Melvelous over the next week. It's going be a bit delicate though. None of us want to broach the subject with Melvin.
  11. agent8261

    agent8261 Mushroom Warrior

    What!! Melvelous is fine. I died a lot time on the second part (until i figured out that I only had to kill mel), but the last one I didn't have any problem with. Warrior/priest/mage team. Don't leave the room that you start in, just focus the enemies down. After the first 3 goons dies mel does some silly teleport move to come to you. Focus him down afterwards.
  12. Assussanni

    Assussanni Ogre

    Could rebalancing it include deciding that it is fine and leaving it as it is at the moment? Because in my experience Melvelous isn't the hardest level 8 adventure, in fact I think that both the Compass of Xorr and Lord Stafford's Treasure are more difficult.
  13. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    The problem is that Melvelous is a story gate, Compass of Xorr isn't. Also, pretty sure Joe goes by metrics, so maybe that's the adventure most people actually have issues with?
  14. azelea

    azelea Mushroom Warrior

    Oh man the monkeys. I still have nightmares about them.
  15. Gendou

    Gendou Kobold

    I'm on the L16 "Attack of the Monkeys" module. It's easily the most painful thing I've yet encountered.
    I'm barely, barely getting past the first map, and then I'm crushed on the second map. I've tried everything - freeze/TK wizard, nimbus cleric, chop warrior...
    Nothing can keep them at bay, and once they're in range, they block and steal everything. It's terrible. I'm not sure what to do at this point. :(
  16. MaidenVoyage

    MaidenVoyage Kobold

    I'm really struggling big time with L12 "The Tomb of Tvericus". The third and 4th battles are killing me. I just finished losing for what I would guess is the 12th time. :eek:
  17. azelea

    azelea Mushroom Warrior

    In the end I went withr ba
    -a very talented healer (3 talented healer, mostly 3+ heal cards, one mass frenzy), so that sometimes a nearly dead team can go back to full health
    -a fire and tricks mage (with a few discarding effects, some mass damage fire spells, as well as some of the highest damage spells I could add), so that I can remove that drawing card from their hand, as well as armor and attacks.
    -a chopping warrior (In the end I got to chop very little, would choose different weapons and just focus on max damage instead)

    Then I try to huddle on the side together with the wall to our backs (they can only steal // deal high damage from behind). And although they get your backs a couple of times, like after an acrobatic flip, they do below average damage compared to other enemies.

    PS: still took me about 6 or 7 tries
  18. Gendou

    Gendou Kobold

    This right here was really useful advice. I already had the triple-talented healer, the chopping warrior and the firewall/TK/discard mage.
    But putting my back against the wall, for some reason, hadn't occurred to me.

    Doing that, I just one-shot it.

    Really bloody brilliant advice. Thank you.
  19. azelea

    azelea Mushroom Warrior

    Great to hear it. It didn't occur to me until I encountered monkeys in some, easier mission. There you start with your backs to the wall and I discovered that it's really kinda effective.
  20. Cuthawolf

    Cuthawolf Kobold

    So far it's the Compass of Xorr and the Manor that have really got me spinning my wheels. I did manage to get through that murderous fight in the Kitchen on CoX somehow, but I cannot seem to get past the end of the Manor. Truth be told I find any of the missions with Guards/Dogs/Servants to be exceptionally painful because they combine several spectacular traits.

    Guards have excellent defense (except against magic) AND have giant damage melee cards that ruin your day if you're not careful.

    Dogs have heavy armour, giant damage melee cards AND great maneuvering, completing the Trifecta of most effective traits on the battlefield.

    And of course the servants move the others out of your damage patches and draw them more blocks and giant attacks. I try to kill them first, but sometimes it's just not possible.

    I don't think these missions are undoable, or impossible...but they can be teeth-grindingly frustrating when you're retrying -again-.

    SO that said, if anyone has some tactical advice to share on dealing with those particular enemies, I would welcome it.

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