The Spreading Blight: Ultimate Deck. (Part one)

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    It is clear than a rough adventure drives us crazy, especially If it requieres a lot of experience. But few ones like "The Spreading Blight", the first of the "new" adventures from the CM Expansion Module. Many people complaining around all this time surely deserve a bit of help.


    • Playing with Dwarfs. Nothing more resistant than a party of them. Foes here hit you with no mercy and we need to resist as much as possible.
    • Two Warriors and one Priest. We block a lot and Wizards may not be able to last all the time we need.
    • It requires Level 19. Only Priest should have 6 major tokens (Recommended)
    • These decks are designed not to worry much about what to do.
    • This build works 96-97% of the time.
    • Level your characters up as much as you can. It never hurts to have some extra HP.
    • If you are a temperamental boy or girl, get out of here inmediately.
    Alright, let's begin...

    1. Chapter one: The Dark Road
    We appear in the heart of the map. A patrol is going to surround us very soon. We let them come to us and wait. A fierce battle initiates. They think we have not escape. We think the same...about them. The barricade becomes impenetrable. We resist, we rule, we win.

    Sounds easy right? Ok. The point here -the only one- is to rule the yellow square. What we find hard at the beggining turns into an easy job carrying the right items this way:

    The Lunginator

    PD: Lucky Toughness and Trained Crushing are from minor token nature. If you watch very closely, there are only 4 major tokens here.

    *I've got Advanced Crushing recently, and I can not decide. Choose wisely.


    Dragon Slayer

    *To my mind, Impenetrable Nimbus has one and a half drawbacks: the one that I'm worried about the most is the time it takes to run this magic card. Every 'action card' you play such as movement, attacking, assist or even boost kills inmediately your turn. Vigilantes and Crossbowmen attack you over and over without letting you breath. We have a marvelous ace in the hole and its name is, of course: Cause Fumble. This wonder of Carhuntria's engineering counteracts strikes acting fast and surprising our enemies. It protects anyone in a range of 3 including the priest himself. If you add the other blocks it truly becomes a fortress. We make them sway to our tune, not the other way around. Furthermore, by the way, we may not be targetted under Nimbus enchantment or If so, to be unlucky enough to be situated in the wrong place to be finally beaten by an unwelcome Purging Strike. Its twin Destructive Purge in chapter 2...Yes, you catched my point. We don't like it either.

    **So I use Impenetrable Nimbus as a nice back up. Not as main part of the strategy.

    ***Why this one? Simple. We are not intended to heal and cards are all treats, so we keep playing. With those jumpers around, we will see our Priest act just like that scarecrow from the image, with chances of increasing the damage they receive, reducing damage they do or even to Fright them. Besides, Forms cards are really dangerous and will throw away our strategy.

    PD. Unless you get a magnificent stroke of luck, you will not see 3 or even 2 of Oquith's Choking Incense ̶i̶n̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶l̶i̶f̶e̶ very soon. Card Hunter offers you several alternatives to this predictable misfortune. One of the most requested items is without a doubt Static Interference which is a higher level epic item -doesn't really matter here-. Otherwise Crespin's Shroud or Oquith's Foul Incense, both from a minor token nature will be their natural substitutes. Or that's what I guess. Anyway, never doubt or walk away from this path. A reduction in the number of Cause Fumble can be the beggining of a risky outlook.

    Lights, Camera, Action!


    Three rounds and we are here, barely injured and smelling their despair


    'Mission Accomplished'

    2. Chapter Too: Reinforcements

    The funniest...the hardest, whatever. We are here mainly to beat this one. Especially this one. Six stars we need and we know how to get them. Our effort will focus on beating the most problematic: The Inquisitor. After some rounds one succeds without losing the composure.

    In this episode the deck only varies about warriors. As you can see below:



    Helmet was changed to Impeccability as shield to Oskar's Pine Shield.

    • I haven't tried with 2 Impeccabilities just because I have only one, but I don't regret about this.
    • I have just played this again while I was writing this post and only my priest was fallen in combat.
    • Despite the Warding Lance card from enemies, Ready To Strike is a deadly card here when is drawn.

    Let's take a look...


    The slippery priest played with us for so long this time. However, she is seriously wounded and that Mighty Bludgeon is enough to get the 3 stars we're missing. Notice how warriors not only are still standing after nine rounds but incredibly healthy. I would go so far as to say without the scoring system we might annihilate the entire expedition.

    To be continued...
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  2. Kalin

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    The forum won't allow you to upload anything more than 1 MB. So either crop the image to get it down to size, or save it as JPG.

    My strategy uses more Nimbus on map one, and I add a few Dooms for map two. Also, you'll never see better opportunities to use Path Of Knives if you want to bring a wizard.
  3. BUSSM1593

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    In theory sounds good, Dooms and Path of Knives...but I don't like the idea about bringing wizards there. It's pretty risky. You don't really know what will be enemies next step. Besides I guess there are few items with Doom and this Path Of Knives with short probably need great movement skills before they breathe down your neck. But If you succed, congratulations. I've never tried this with wizards and yeah... maybe something is out of my sight.
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  4. smg225

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    Any advice on the 1 hp quest? I keep trying 2 nimbus priests and 1 warrior, but the 2nd map is unforgiving . . .
  5. Pawndawan

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  6. smg225

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    Yeah, I'd read that, and my party is similar to that one, but I can't make it work! Was wondering if anyone had any other routes to success.
  7. Scarponi

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    The key is to take advantage of the fact that the AI gangs up on characters usually - and typically it's the one closest to them. So hide the priests back away from the mobs, and put the warrior right out in the middle. Basically give them a target. You'll never have enough Nimbus to Nimbus all 3 characters a turn. But if you're only Nimbusing 1 character a turn, you'll be fine. Keep the warrior within LoS and within 5 squares of the priests so you can always reapply Nimbus as needed.
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  8. smg225

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    Will try again, ty!

    ETA: not even sure what I did differently, but that went almost bizarrely smoothly. thanks!
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  9. BUSSM1593

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    There is only one! I forgot it...
  10. Goodwin

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    how do you do the handicap quest? Inquis. Strike just murders you, and the items with both arrogant and handicap aren't the best. Maybe Festering guts to kill all the melee enemies and whatnot?
  11. JKK

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    Finally beat this one after many, many tries. (No handicaps, just regular play).

    I did it with a warrior and two priests. The priests had ten Nimbus cards between them in their decks.

    You have to kill the elf first otherwise he'll just mass-heal everyone. I sat tight until the elf advanced towards me, then rushed him with a Nimbussed warrior and Touch of Death from the priests.

    Leave the archers alone; Uncanny Dodge is too annoying. You don't need to kill them to win the battle.

    I (finally!) pulled a Nimbus on every round bar two. And my human priest got Festering Guts so I sent him into the middle of the crowd to die gloriously. (Or should that be gorily?)

    PS The next scenario requires unlocking with 40 pizza slices. If you're a dedicated non-payer, hoard your pizza for this.
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