The Power of Friendship

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    Life has never been easy for Dog Boy and his best friend, Dog Boy. Their only friends in life are their scaredy-cat Psi Cats and they are picked on by everyone in Lord Stafford's estate, get pummeled by adventurers and worst of all they have been imprisoned by the Troll Kings to be used in their deadly summoning ritual!

    Just as all hope seems lost, the Dog Boys are met with curious mewling from the loose cell grates. The psychic powers of the Dog Boys' precious Psi Cats allow them to establish a psychic link together and they inform you the Troll Kings have almost finished their ritual and will be coming for you next.

    As the Orcish guards come to take the Dogs Boys away for their sacrifice, the Dog Boys make an impassioned speech in unison and the cats nod along. It's time to show these hoodlums the power of friendship and strength in numbers!



    The Dog Boys and their Psi Cats cheer with newfound confidence as they undo the summoning ritual and collect the Troll Kings' valuables. If even these Troll Kings cannot stand up to their combined power, then who can?

    The Dog Boys resolve to change their names to Cat Boy and to amass an army of Psi Cats. Together they shall usher Cardhuntria into a bright new age of friendship and purrs!

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    great idea man, only problem is that it is actually decently difficult to deal damage to the trolls since they are 40 health and regen. 4 health for every hit, consistently killing them is a little tricky. It might be better for trees to kidnap them instead.
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    Remember, everything is possible with the power of friendship! You just have to friendship harder!
    (The point is to group together the Psi Cats and Dog Boys so you can use 15+ damage Psychic Barrages to overpower the Troll Regen and the Priest's healing.)
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