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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by compasses, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. compasses

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    Hi everyone!

    Could someone share the most OP build at the present time?
    Maybe there are several OP builds?
    I have few items, and I want to know what items must-have to buy in the daily deal.
    So, I need to know the OP builds to buy the must-have items.
  2. mckeen

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    Others can give you a better response than me, but my two cents: (Disclaimer, I rarely play ranked these days but I am still active in leagues). I don't think there is a definite OP build or builds as you phrase it. The Meta shifts gradually as cards/items wax and wane in popularity and people come up with counters to popular builds. An interesting AA item can also shake things up a bit. Currently 2 warriors and 1 priest is a popular build type but I also see a bit of 1/1/1 as well. The characteristics of the months maps can also influence what builds get played too.

    Spectating some highly ranked guys can be a good way to pick up some tips and learn some good items and builds. If you have "pause enemy cards" checked in options it will actually say which item the card played comes from. But just playing ranked matches is probably the best way to improve. You may even come up with some new ideas no-one has ever considered before! I'm sure that others will chime in with some must-buy cards but this can be very subjective...
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    basically what was said beofre. because the map rotate frequently, no one build stays op for very long. not to mention during the current map rotation the meta changes as people begin losing to popular builds. so a build that was doing well for the last 3 days may no longer be as viable. the most ops builds i find are the ones that are most balanced. gimmicks may be op vs some but will only get you so far.

    dont think that legendary and epic cards are the most op, it usually come down to balance and gameplay. there are some very good uncommon and rare cards. if you see a legendary you want buy it and make a build around it. its not hard to farm up 2500 for another one later. early on epics are a better value though.

    read the builds posted here and you will start to see what items pop up more times then not.

    i would say the most important would be support items for a priest. evensong (heals frenzy), ripping mace (sundered strike, purge), st ulrich bones (bless martyr blessing), greater heals, martyr blessing, bless. vanguard.

    attack cards are cheap and easy to come by. a couple bejeweled shortswords and parrys will get you pretty far.

    in the end just make sure your build has a theme and all the cards work together.

    last note is card cycling, making your deck smaller so you draw what you want and draw less dead cards. do this by putting traits in your deck.
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