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    This is a build designed to end matches VERY quick and with a good win percentage at around 0-1500 Elo. If you lose, it's not very important, because if you like to drop items from multiplayer quick, this is the way. By the time you end 3 matches with this build, you'll end only 1 with a standard one. This build is designed for brave players, that enjoys deal quick damages to the face, and at a constant pressure.

    It's not too epic/legs heavy, but a few are strongly suggested. The key pieces, however, are not rare to get, so a "peasant" version will work too.

    Eminem or Slim Shady
    Level 1 Elf Priest

    Level 1 Human Priest

    As you can see we're playing 2 vamp elf priests, they're frail, but they're the best choice for 2 reasons: the quickness and the access to Healty Rapidity, the most powerful item in the whole build.

    Items you MUST have for the two vamps:
    -Healthy Rapidity x 2
    -Focused healer x 2
    -Tome of withering source x 4
    -First responder's mocassins x 2
    -Vampire knights embrace x 2 (the only epic you'll need really)

    -God's rage/cudgel of wrath/st.portial's Maul/Dark Dweg's Mace (basically any tokenless Divine Weapon with good attack stats, they're mostly Legendary) but there are cheap subtitutes, for example Sacrifical Axe and Vampire's blade if you feel very savage or a True Strike Spear if there are too many shields around.

    The second weapon can be a single blue token if the different Divine Item is a Nightsucke's Goblet Hand of Melvelous, Fingerbone of St. Ob...

    Really there is an infinity of combinations here, that plays in diffenrent strategy variants too, I just like the God's Rage for it's pure good damages with the Controlled Overswing (very underrated card and item for a vamp priest tbh)

    The strategy for the two vamps is very simple
    1) Take damages to the face from traits,
    2) Take even more damages with the buff cards,
    3) Heal back with Deborah, and draw some additional attacks with her,
    4a) If you coldn't heal or have a poor hand, just try to pass and hide from wizards. 4b) Good hand, go at assault or get in position for an attack and wait next turn to fill your dudes; also if you happen not to draw any manifold healer it's better to pass; if you draw a Pathfinding, instead, look at the magic happen :O!!
    5) Rush an enemy character with quick runs and destroy it and heal back ..(try to save a Dash card for reatreat).. if the raid is not very successful, retreat and heal back to Deborah
    6)Repeat with another enemy character, if he dies the opponent will probably give up anyway, so you won even faster then. gg.

    Note that all this sequence will last no more than 3-4 turns. If one of your vamp dies and none of enemies did take much damages cause of defenses, you had lost 100%, sorry. So time to play next match.


    The healer is harder to build talking about items rarity, try to put any decent divine item with inspiring presence you have with the blue token, and for tokenless Ravenna's Incense is good.
    The Knife of St. blenko and huetotl's Firebrand are the best probably for divine weapons, but a very good item is Axe of the Dark Soul, that's just an uncommon! Keep in mind that the axe however is a much worse melee weapon so if deborah got stuck in a 1 v 1 situation, with the 2 legendaries she will have much more chances to win the fight (this situation happens extremely rarely, however).
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    Take it from a Fleet player. Demonic Revenge is Unpreventable, ignoring ALL Armor, including Fleet's.
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    I am not sure if there are ways to prevent revenge damages at all. Maybe with Adaptable? Negative Energy Being however synergizes well. A funny build can be with a character running both, if Adaptable works too, and a lot of self damages. Still unreliable, only 2 cards, but who knows..
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    Yeah, i actually playtested fleet plus demonic revenge. Pkb is right. Unpreventable.
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