The Mirror of Death

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    Finally, the gold-framed Mirror of Death stands before you. But as you inspect the blighted thing, you don't show up in its reflection. Typical, really.

    As you ponder how to make it work, you notice there's only one throne in the room but two in the reflection. As you sit down on the throne, portals suddenly appear in the room and you are met with the reflections of two familiar figures who seem eager to lunge at you.

    "If you are truly worthy of bringing the Blight to Cardhuntria, then prove your capability to command the Creatures of the Night!"



    With both Yurik and Makhail's reflections destroyed, the mirror shatters! You quickly raise your cloak to defend from the flying shards, and when the sounds of shattering glass go silent you realize Yurik and Makhail stand before you in person, freed from their imprisonment.

    "Give us the word, my dear Countess, and together we shall dance in a night everlasting!"

    Ah Yurik, ever the romantic.

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    I really like the gold-framed mirror concept and how it's presented on the map. It's also good that you've marked the respawn points on the map.

    However, there are so many Walpurgis Night and other traits flying around, I had trouble enjoying the battle. I played it once and it took me 11 rounds to finish it.

    I don't think additional enemy phylactery increases the difficulty, so I'd like to see more symmetrical 2 vs 2 Phylacteries setup or even something more radical to reduce the trait-clicking.
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    I've altered the map so that the player gets 3 phylacteries and the AI only gets 2, this makes it easier to accumulate 3 of the racial movement Ancient Statues on your side as well as more chances to get useful cards against Yurik and it reduces enemy clutter. I've tested the map twice since and the battles went by faster. It's also recommended to focus fire Makhail down ASAP, I generally can kill him by turn 2 which eases up the match significantly.

    There'll always be a lot of traits flying around and randomness with Jovana, I've found that sometimes the matches go better when I discard her Arrogant Armor and gamble for a form instead. Worst case scenario is two turns of being a zombie, best case scenario you become a Werewolf or Vampire and can outplay the rather dumb AI.
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