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    I realized that there were all kinds of creation threads, from item creation and card creation to board creation and monster creation. However, the story side of Card Hunter has sadly been neglected. Hence, I came up with this. Add to or edit existing card flavor texts and items to create entries in the Encyclopedia of Cardhuntria. The entries can be about anything in Card Hunter. The purpose of this is to expand the story side of Card Hunter and of course, having fun is important too! I'll start off with some, but I hope to read others' entries too!

    The Encyclopedia of Cardhuntria

    Disclaimer: The original Encyclopedia of Cardhuntria no longer exists. Fortunately, fragments of the book are constantly being found by Cardhuntrians. They are reproduced here.

    Joleph the Magnanimous: Joleph is a powerful deity said to be the source of pure healing light, which Priests can channel through prayer. Joleph is worshipped by monks, who are known as the Monks of Joleph. These monks are well-trained in the arts of healing, and are able to perform advanced skills such as Bless, turning the ground underneath their allies into Consecrate Ground. It is also the subject of their chant, “Be well, be still.” They reside in a temple that is impossibly spotless, hinting at their true power. Those who are exceptionally skilled in healing are known as Jolephian Adepts, and they are held in high regard in Cardhuntria, especially among fellow Monks of Joleph. Simply witnessing the incredible devotion of a Jolephian Adept is enough to spur one on to greater deeds.

    Sources: Bless Cleansing Burst Heal Inspirational Thinking

    The Magus: The Magus are a group of mages who have two firm beliefs: Firstly, they believe that the best way to defeat warriors is to be like warriors. As such, their staves allow the wielder to use both traditional spells as well as blocks and melee attacks usually used only by warriors. This gives them the element of surprise as well as the ability to match a warrior in close combat. Secondly, they believe that wood is the best material to craft staves. Hence, their staves come in the Balsa, Cherry, Ironwood, Maple, and Oaken variety.

    Sources: Every Single Staff Of The Magus

    Sagas of Cardhuntria: The Sagas of Cardhuntria are two hefty tomes penned by the prolific St. Oliander . They form a duology, telling tales of heroes in Cardhuntria. There were two books in the series, The Saga of Stromm Halkenfjord as well as the Saga of Skarn Elkinford. The Saga of Stromm Halkenfjord documents powerful wizard Stromm Halkenfjord’s slaying of the legendary Lightning Dragon Flashshroud, while the Saga of Skarn Elkinford chronicles the great commander Skarn Elkinford leading an army of men to an epic victory against the mighty Storm Dragon Thunderstrike. The two dragons had been terrorizing the land of Cardhuntria, and so their reign of terror had finally been brought to an end by these two heroes. The following excerpts have been reproduced from the books with the permission of St. Oliander.

    "And Lo, the beast's breath did fly back along the tips of it's spines, but this only seemed to feed it's fury." -The Saga of Stromm Halkenfjord

    "Heedless of obstacle or hindrance, they hurled themselves at the foe." -Saga of Skarn Elkinford

    Sources: Backfiring Breath Scamper, Team! St. Oliander's Tome
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    The Bronze Prince
    A legendary general whose name remains revered to this day, The Bronze Prince once commanded the mighty armies of the ancient Cardhuntrian Kings, waging wars against the forces of evil all across the land. He introduced many revolutionary strategies and fighting techniques to the ranks of his armies through his role of military leader, many of which have withstood the test of time and are still used present-day.
    Perhaps one of his most innovative schemes was the introduction of extremely mobile spearmen to his ranks, allowing them to keep enemies at bay very effectively. The Prince also trained all his troops extensively in rapid synchronised advances, hence the well-known extract from one of his inspiring speeches, "You shall move triumphantly as one!". However, some of his military introductions, while effective, were rather controversial; namely, using a mild unholy magic to whip his troops up into a frenzy.
    It is believed that The Bronze Prince used a squadron of powerful Bronze Golems as his personal bodyguards. Many historians have theorised that his title was created by his troops as a result of this, and was adopted by him as his official title.

    Sources: Shifty Stab, Dash, Team!, Unholy Frenzy, Bronze Golem
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    The Magus (blessed be her name) is a female. I took care of that one a long time ago in subsequent postings in The Cult of Ironwood thread (I did leave it up in the air in my first story post); although I've never fleshed out the story I've had in mind of her melee and magical mix, or of her mystical steed, Asiago (who is one bad-ass mare). However, I do concede that future followers of the Magus could be both male and female, although a tenant of always having a female 'Magus' could be existing, as the original Magus is dead in my tale.....or is she?!?!?!?!???!!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I do agree with the wood aspect however, as part of the story I had was that the Magus' earliest memories are of being (seemingly) born in a forest consisting of a wide variety of trees (even some that are not attributed to a staff now, like Larchwood, Ash, and Silver Birch), but having to flee (with the help of unknown/forgotten others) when the forest was attacked by dragons and burned to the ground. Part of her becoming the mystical being that she is involved finding that dead forest in a hidden Cardhuntrian vale after many long years as a common soldier; this former forest is also where she learned of her relationship with the dryads and aurai of the land, which awakened the magic within her. She was able to revive the trees of the forest, which pleased the gods of Cardhuntria; they provided her staves, each made from a different wood found in her forest. Each held different powers, and each was also created in a way that let her use her melee training as well. She then set off to find the dragons that had destroyed her birthplace, and to make Cardhuntria safe for all.

    Yeah, I've thought about this for a little while, now. Ha.

    Yes, I know a female 'magus' should probably be a 'maga', if I'm going to go full Latin and all that, but I also think Cardhuntria is a land that's past all the gender-specific stuff, and is primarily concerned with what three cheeses are on the next large pizza to be shared with all. So a female Magus works for me.
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    Interesting, looks like your thread didn't really take off but I had the same general idea that you had.

    Upcoming expansion? Any hints about it? ;) Talissa the Skinflint would be interesting to write about too.
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    Apologies, I did not see your Cult of the Ironwood thread. Would you like to edit the entry for the Magus?
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    If my lore is deemed to be acceptable, I would be honored to have my entry for The Magus be part of the hallowed pages of your tome.
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    Hope I'm not contradicting any existing lore here. I noticed Obros Skullhome on a couple cards and concocted something for vampires.

    Vampirism: The first of the vampires was a soldier known as Obros. In exchange for the ability to nourish an existence after death using other beings' energy, his demonic cohorts shrank him to miniature size, and he took up shelter in the skull of a foe he had slain. Spurning Joleph's teachings, he became a controversial and terrifying presence on the battlefield despite his stature. His sacrifice brought about great power for himself and others: not only did he 'survive' long enough after death to see three of his homes fully decompose, continuing to trade life-force to the demons for greater stamina while on the hunt, but any person he consumed to death became a full-sized vampire, continuing the cycle. For this reason, his allies restrained him from exercising his full ability in battle, and these days he is said to be retired from war but still very much 'alive' in a cavern.

    The creation of new vampires is rare outside of combat as even the strongest vampiric attacks deplete only a fraction of a person's energy. The vampires, preferring to remain a small élite, further restrict their numbers by making goblins, who do not become vampires, their staple food.

    Much more common is the more recent adoption of Obros' vampiric techniques by living priests, particularly on the battlefield. As the holy and unholy arts are not necessarily incompatible, and increasing numbers of Cardhuntrians are reconciling the two doctrines to some degree, many—if not most—priests practice a mix of both. After all, vampiric specialists are almost always talented healers. Jolephians, on the other hand, continue to forbid their order from any means of healing that harms another against their will.

    Vampirism does not require the spilling of victims' blood; practitioners drain energy either through touch or by molding unholy energy into the form of a blade which can be thrust at their targets. However, a certain eccentric priest has been known to derive particular strength from a small amount of blood kept by his side in a vial.

    Sources: Obros Skullhome is on Demonic Power and Enervating Touch; draining attacks and items
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    Here's a big hint: multiple topics in this thread will either be contradicted or vastly expanded by the new set when it lands :3

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