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  1. Noteworthy item(s) of the day:
    Lizard Hide Boots (epic) - This is one of the few minor token boots with fly on it. I actually ended up using it in Wicked Waterways on my wizard. I don't recommend it, but it is an option.
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  3. Noteworthy Item(s) of the day:
    Inspired Command (rare) - Probably the most usable of the items that have Inspirational Thinking.
    Lizard Hide Boots (epic) - This is one of the few minor token boots with fly on it. I actually ended up using it in Wicked Waterways on my wizard. I don't recommend it, but it is an option.

    Other good item(s): Rageblood Dagger
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  5. Noteworthy Item(s) of the day:
    Dark Drewg's Mace (legendary) - Tokenless with good damage and the possibility of buffing firestorm wizards in low level dungeon? Yes, please! I prefer it over Cudgel Of Wrath since the mace doesn't discard armor.
    Advanced Levitation (epic) - Good for burfft if you somehow have the token to spare and want a higher attack density over more cycling, or don't want to push off your attachments.
    Perfect Ferocity (rare) - Not a big fan of this since I prefer running a human support priest, but I can see why this can be a reasonable pick if the meta ever shifts to more elves and humans. It's pretty strong in SP though.
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  6. gulo gulo

    gulo gulo Guild Leader

    There's a really-horrible looking staff in the Daily Deal today. I highly advise no one buys it.
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  7. rinco69

    rinco69 Hydra

    Another Smoke on the water... score!
  8. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    Don't scare me like that gulo, i thought it sold cheeser gear.
  9. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    DING DING DING, we have a winner!
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  10. JakeAlmighty

    JakeAlmighty Mushroom Warrior

    I went from zero Radcannons today, to two! winner indeed.

    I picked a good week to get back into this game.
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  11. Cursed Radcannon is great for 2xwizard 1xpriest teams, not really playable otherwise since the potential to hit your warriors advancing in is too great.
  12. Ector

    Ector Hydra

    Thanks a lot, BlackVoidDeath! I'd miss it without your message. Now I have two and can really build a crazy radiation party!
  13. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    I saw it but *gasp* didn't buy it. ... Shortly before I went on hiatus, I won one from a chest, whoooo! ... and this week, Randimar offers me (oh wow) my first Vibrant Pain. $8^ | With little time (and even less motivation) to overkill play yesterday and this week to obtain both, (especially since I'm set to upgrade to Windows 10 starting tomorrow, expecting to take a couple/few days,) I figure it's better to collect the 200g or so to buy VP (whoo!) for later when I'll maybe (probably) return to more regular play (eventually). $E^ J

    So yeah. Second Cursed Radcannon? Alas, I miss you without ever having you. First Vibrant Pain? *pssh* Vibrant enough to forget the Pain of losing second Cursed Radcannon! $E^ b (Meanwhile, potential Atomic Drop Console #3 sits in Randi's, too. Ha! Ha ha! Naaahhh.)
  14. JakeAlmighty

    JakeAlmighty Mushroom Warrior

    second Captain Cedric's Boots worth having these days? It's a good boot just not sure if I'll ever need two on the same team.
  15. j3st3ri

    j3st3ri Thaumaturge

    I don't remember when was the last time I saw these boots in the shop, (if ever) so I decided to get my second pair. And that's from someone who only plays SP, where movement isn't as big of a deal as in MP. (and I'm definitely not a collector, who spends their hard earned time and money on junk)
  16. JakeAlmighty

    JakeAlmighty Mushroom Warrior

    alright, convincing enough for me! I'm sure the 2nd pair will come in handy sometime.

    edit: and thx!
  17. HisRoyalHygiene

    HisRoyalHygiene Guild Leader

    I could imagine them being useful on stabby elves. I usually throw them on a support priest so no need for more than one
  18. hello world

    hello world Hydra

    They feel very marginal for me, you are replacing a good card( cautious sneak) for a great card, while in most builds you are still running a terrible card from your tokenless class skill slot, unless you are running trained cleansing, the two trait and 1 purge one, or the two traits and 1 force bolt one.
  19. j3st3ri

    j3st3ri Thaumaturge

    You do know there's a reply button in every post? At the moment I have no idea who you're talking to, because your post is really incoherent.
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  20. HisRoyalHygiene

    HisRoyalHygiene Guild Leader

    He's comparing spending a (minortoken) on Captain Cedric's Boots to the tokenless Mouse Boots. As a fiend for team movement, I think it's worth the token.
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