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  1. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Hey guys, I'm running Card Hunter's first Random Swiss Co-op Tournament this Saturday, February 21st at 7PM UTC (11AM PST/2PM EST if you live in North or South America). In case you are wondering, that's starting at 5 hours before reset. Hunter 1st Co-op Tournament&iso=20150221T19&p1=1440&ah=4

    I'm going to open registration aiming for 8 teams (24 players), which means 3 rounds lasting approximately 3 hours.
    There will be prizes for the top 3 teams, and random prizes for any other teams (assuming that they play for all the rounds). That means that your team can get prizes just for playing!
    If enough players sign up, we can have up to 16 teams with double the prizes!

    Prizes, you say? They could be anything from pizza and chests to even winning the Basic Edition OR an equivalent amount of pizza! The more players, the greater the prizes!
    Exact prizes TBA when the registration closes on the 18th.

    Actually, I will be announcing prizes early. Prizes are x3, one for each team member.
    1st place team: 20$ pizza code
    2nd place team: 10$ pizza code
    3rd place team: 5$ pizza code

    And there will be multiple Epic chests given away as well to random teams + players.
    You have to play all 3 rounds to receive any chests though!

    This tournament is open to anyone who is familiar with Co-op and wants to try something a little more exciting. The format is Random Teams, with a Swiss-style points system. That means no elimination, and fewer rounds where each team will play every round.

    Haven't played co op before? Ask about it in the lobby- people play co op all the time!

    Want to participate? Here's how it works.
    1: Sign up here. You must post your character's class and race. eg "Human Warrior", along with YOUR In-Game Name, before registration closes. This will confirm your registration for the tournament. I recommend you give this character a well-balanced set of equipment before the tournament. Do NOT post your character's equipment. You can change your character until registration is closed. Feel free to post that you are playing, you can edit in your character choice later.
    *Choose your character carefully! You must use them for the entire tournament!*
    You can also volunteer to be a Team Leader at the same time.

    Your Team Leader/Captain, in case you didn't know, is responsible for:
    -Adding players to their team
    -Creating games and inviting the correct Team Leader to their game
    -Accepting invitations to games
    -Signing up on, and then posting their team's scores on Challonge after each round

    2: On Wednesday, February the 18th, the registration will close and the teams will be decided. You will be randomly paired with two other people, and one of you will be randomly designated as your team's leader if no volunteer leader is present..
    **If you are selected as team leader you MUST create a Challonge account and then apply to the tournament signup:

    3: Prepare yourself! You are now free to customize your character's equipment and plan strategy with your team. Play a few practice games against other teams or even single players (You can play 3VS1 you know!). In order to do well in the tournament, you will need to learn to work together and play quickly!
    Note: You can communicate with in-game chat, in-game voice chat or any other method.

    4: Show up for the tournament on Saturday, February 21st between 6:30-6:45 UTC. Join up with your team and have your team leader message me that your team is ready by 6:45.
    Matchups are announced at 6:55 and the first round starts at 7:00. You have 45 minutes to report your score to Challonge. The next round will then be announced 5 minutes before the next round, and so on until the tournament is over.


    1 Legendary Item maximum
    per character. If any character uses more than one legendary item your team may be disqualified!

    Standard map rules, including a 20 minute time limit per team. That is the standard time limit for a normal casual game. But it's harder in Co-op, so practice if you can!

    In Summary: What do you need to play?

    -Sign up on the forum. Sign up here on this thread with your character's race and class. You can't change your character, but you can change their items!
    -Be prepared to, or just sign up on Challonge already in case you are selected as team leader.
    -Join a team with two randomly assigned players.
    -Be prepared to play for several hours! (3+)
    -Have fun!

    Maps: TBA
    Will be chosen from:
    Melting Glacier, Crundyup's Bridge,
    Deep Forge, Vulcan Gold,
    Celestial Lions, Celestial Dojo
    Crypt Chamber, Crypt Feast
    Batford's Sanctuary, Batford's Parlor
    Gladius Triple
    Barrel Battle
    Lost City

    *NOTE* If a team member is NOT present, a substitute may be allowed to take their place as long as the team reports this at least 15 minutes before any round.


    6:30-6:45 UTC
    Report in and join your team. Team leader must message me that their team is ready by 6:45.
    6:55-7:00 First Round Begins
    The first map and the team matchups will be announced at 6:55, and all games should start by 7:00 UTC.
    All teams must have submitted their scores to Challonge by this time.
    7:55-8:00 Second Round Begins
    The second map and the team matchups will be announced at 7:55, and all games should start by 8:00 UTC.
    All teams must have submitted their scores for the second round to Challonge by this time.
    8:55-9:00 Final Round Begins
    The third and final map, and the team matchups will be announced at 8:55, and all games should start by 9:00 UTC.
    All teams must submit their scores for the third round to Challonge by this time.
    In the case of any tie for 1st/2nd/3rd, a tiebreak game will be arranged, either immediately or rescheduled for a later date.
    Otherwise, the winning team will be crowned and the tournament will have ended.

    So plan accordingly! Who will reign supreme in the first Co-Op tournament?
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  2. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    In a devastating final match, team Sardonyx scores 4 points from victory squares and races down the clock against ShadowMirror. With only 30 seconds apart, Sardonyx times out and ShadowMirror takes 1st place ... this time!

    1st place: Team ShadowMirror 3/0 (+7)
    2nd place: Team Sardonyx 2/1 (+14)
    3rd place: Team timeracers 2/1 (+5)

    4th place: Team Latheviosin 2/1 (+2) Well done!

    Congratulations for our top 3 teams! Thank you all for playing!

    Bonus prizes:
    Magic Elves: No deaths (wizard)
    GerOge: No deaths (priest)
    There will be no other prizes for No deaths.

    And Team Arzeny wins the random draw for one prize each! I guess we should call it the "A for effort" prize instead! Congrats!


    Team 1
    H29 --ShadowMirror
    H25 Fireball1012 (ridgewater)
    D25 WhiteSorcerer
    Team 2
    H21 --gulo gulo
    D29 Alkazord
    H29 JoCox (FinalCheetah)
    Team 3
    D33 --Latheviosin
    H21 Magic Elves
    H29 Miraval
    Team 4
    E17 --Arzeny
    D25 BlackVoidDeath
    D33 MzkVanek (Tragus)
    Team 5
    E25 --Sardonyx
    H25 TreePipit
    E25 Robauke
    Team 6
    H25 --timeracers
    H25 bionerd
    D33 direndai
    Team 7
    H25 --GerOge
    E25 ShadowStalker
    H21 Youbo
    Team 8
    D25 --Stexe
    D33 MathuranF
    E21 Fifjunior7

    Your character's classes and races are now final. Remember, you must use that character for the whole tournament, and they cannot use more than one legendary item.

    Team Captains/Leaders have been highlighted in bold. Team Leaders sign up on Challonge here:

    *If your name is taken on Challonge then pick something reasonable like "Name_CH"
    **If your In-Game Name is NOT as written here please message me immediately!**

    Good luck to all!

    There may or may not be prizes awarded to individuals or teams who complete special actions during the tournament. These include, but are not limited to: No deaths (Warrior), No deaths (Priest), No deaths (wizard), Most enemy KO's, most SD victories (Your team wins but you SD'd at some point), most team KO's (again, your team must win the match even after you KO your own team mates!), etc. So play your best and be yourself! Have fun too!
    KO= Knockout
    SD= Self-Destruct/Death
    There may also be chest bounties placed on any players who have survived the first 2 rounds unharmed!


    4 Dwarf Warrior
    1 Dwarf Priest
    3 Dwarf Wizard
    3 Human Warrior
    5 Human Priest
    3 Human Wizard
    3 Elf Warrior
    1 Elf Priest
    1 Elf Wizard

    Average HP= 26.0

    Registered Players:

    Latheviosin (greattoken)
    Stexe (greattoken)
    gulo gulo

    FinalCheetah (substitute)

    Don't forget, you may be assigned as team leader if a (greattoken) team leader isn't in your party!

    *Subject to changes.*
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  3. WhiteSorcerer

    WhiteSorcerer Guild Leader

    I'm in, I will use a dwarf wizard. My in-game name is WhiteSorcerer.
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  4. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    What happens if someone has to back out before the tournament starts? What if someone backs out between rounds? Why do we need to lock in our race and class now?

    I might be able to make it, but two hours later would be better.
  5. Fifjunior7

    Fifjunior7 Hydra

    I'm in! Username is Fifjunior7, I'm going to be using an Elven priest.
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  6. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    @Kalin, if something unexpected happens to a player during the tournament, it's up to that player/their team to find a substitution. However, I may have to disqualify that team regardless. I chose the time I chose according to the data, which says that the most people should be online around 8PM UTC. So, don't sign up if you can't play for the whole time.

    Also, rather than let people make their own teams with their friends (which could be unfair) or have random people but end up with everyone making their favorite cookie cutter party, it was suggested to me that I should mix it up like this. You should have a greater investment in your character in a team game like this. And so, it begins.
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  7. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    I approve of random teams, but I'm a bit worried about bad cookie cutter teams, like if everyone brings their favorite human support priest. I think I'd prefer the race and class to be assigned randomly too.
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  8. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    OK so let's say that three people plan on bringing their favorite control wizard/healing priest/ spaz warrior and ends up on a team with two other people doing the same. That's when either A: things get interesting or B: People change their equipment up.

    Originally I had a plan, where the character class+race of each person registering was a secret, and team leaders would choose their allies based on their class/race combo without knowing WHO they were, just what class they are playing.
    But that would take more time and more planning, which we might not have, so let's try that next time ok?
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  9. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Oh man wish I could play :(
  10. Man, I wish I could play in this, but I think I'm going paintballing with some friends.

    Why did you have to pick the one day where I actually attempt to be a social human being? =p
  11. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    I should be able to make it and I'd be interested in being a Team Leader. As for what class / race to use... ugh that's a toughie... I have that Robot Wizard figure and everything.... I think I have to go for Dwarf Wizard just because of that. =)
  12. direndai

    direndai Kobold

    Im in with a dwarf warrior ^^

    I agree with Kalin. Class and race could perhaps be left undecided for better compatibility. Or do you plan to make HP balanced teams?

    EDIT: can we change classes until the 18th? Its so hard to choose..
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  13. Magic Elves

    Magic Elves Thaumaturge

    And here I was thinking all this talk of a co-op tourney was just a theory! I'm going to bring my usual Human Wizard, and as long as timezone troubles don't catch me I'll probably be there. Just to be clear, the games start 5 hours before the shop resets, and I should be there about an hour earlier, correct?

    EDIT: Also in case you didn't know, my in game name is Magic Dwarves Elves as well.
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  14. JoCox

    JoCox Kobold

    I am in my username JoCox i play with human warrior
  15. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    OK so far so good, made some edits to the OP to clarify some details. Let's keep on going!

    //Tell you what, I will use a randomizer that will have a low chance of pairing all-elf or all-dwarf parties, HOWEVER some of these maps do favor elves, so don't think that the team with shortest members is going to win.
    There will be no modifications to characters besides equipment this tournament. I'm happy to hear all kinds of feedback, and if it turns out that people really like a certain format I can run with that in the future. For now, just sign up and give it a try. I think you will be surprised!
  16. MzkVanek

    MzkVanek Kobold

    I'm in, I will use a dwarf warrior. My in-game name is MzkVanek.
  17. Latheviosin

    Latheviosin Orc Soldier

    Great idea Jade, kudos on the initiative! I'm in, I will figure out what I will use later. My in-game name is Latheviosin. I volunteer as tribute errrr, I mean team leader.
    Is there a problem if I announce my class and race later?
  18. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

  19. BlackVoidDeath

    BlackVoidDeath Guild Leader

    What time would that be in Europe? - i that would decide if i can or cant come.
  20. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Looks like 8pm for central Europe.

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