Supply and demand.

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    Jezterscap Lizardman Priest

    The main idea of this build is built around a draw priest that can give cards to whoever needs it the most.
    With no buffs the other characters focus heavily on self synergies and combos from their own deck.
    With a lot of extra draw from traits and inspiration reaching the draw limit can be an issue.
    [SRC] Decoy
    Level 1 Human Priest
    Sacrificial Axe
    Sacrificial Axe
    Stargod's Raiments
    Aegis Of The Defender
    Cybernetic Boots
    Amulet Of Inspiration
    Amulet Of Inspiration
    Amulet Of Inspiration
    Focused Thinker
    Focused Piety

    1 x Warp Run great for getting rid of the negative traits and opponents buffs.
    2 x Defender's Block also fits the supply and demand theme.
    3 x Altruism just amazing and borderline broken card advantage trait.
    1 x Enervating Touch
    1 x Bless
    4 x Pressing Bash
    2 x Strong Hack
    4 x Vulnerable
    1 x Trip
    3 x Lateral Thinking cycles itself and removes trip and vulnerable.
    2 x Triple Heals another card to trigger altruism and maybe to target opponents blocks.
    1 x Rocket Charge pretty fun.
    1 x Weak Chop
    9 x Inspiration the main focus of the deck , combo with altruism for card advantage.
    1 x Cushioning Armor

    Now on to the main damage source. A burn wizard.
    Probably the first target for inspirations to dig for globs and firestarter.
    I try to glob each enemy(lasts 3 turns) and follow up on later turns with other burn effects and insta burns for maximum effect.
    The damage output from this character can be huge and potentially take out the whole team alone.
    [SRC] 9Lives
    Level 1 Dwarf Wizard

    The warrior is an armoured tank that is immune to traits with arrogant armour.
    This guy should protect the others by blocking access to the squishies behind.
    [SRC] Ultimate Warrior
    Level 1 Human Warrior
    Crazy Sal's Halberd
    Crazy Sal's Halberd
    Blazing Shortsword
    Bern's Untouchable Mail
    Black Cat Buckler
    General Jelom's Helm
    Hawkwind's Moccasins
    Trained Tactics
    Sharp Bashing

    1 x Stab
    3 x Parry
    1 x Penetrating Cut
    1 x Clumsy Chop
    3 x Fiery Stab
    1 x Escaping Run
    1 x Combustible
    2 x Lateral Thinking
    3 x Arrogant Armor
    1 x Officer's Harness
    2 x Enchanted Harness with 12 total armour cards this is really nice.
    1 x Impaler
    1 x Bruiser
    2 x Dangerous Maneuver
    1 x Subtle Parry
    6 x Blind Rage with a low amount of attacks it doesn't hurt so much if you don't draw arrogant
    6 x Polearm Slash Another armour card to synergize with enchanted harness

    Substituting the warrior and wizards with other characters and decks with self synergies can make the idea of this build very versatile and fun :)
    Maybe ill post some other characters later. Or post some of your own :)
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  2. I actually use the sort of drawbot priest with a very similar build and for a very similar 1-1-1 comp, though I hadn't thought about perfecting it with the whole Focused Thinker/stack a bunch of handicaps thing. I like Perfect Guidance a little too much.

    I think the problem with this build is that it is a little anti-synergistic: There's a whole lot of cycling but also a whole lot of Inspiration. I don't think hitting the draw limit often will kill you but it can very much stifle your tempo. If I counted correctly you have 24 traits and 11 cards that draw cards; this is almost an entire character worth of cycling and it's BEFORE counting the Inspirations, which chew through your draws like gum with Altruism. Not to mention I don't see reasons to inspire your warrior ever since he has about 9 relevant attacks and no team utility (X, Team!, Leadership), there's often no need to just try and fetch some armor. So it's usually just gonna be your Priest pocketing your Wizard and sometimes throwing a bone at your warrior because it's better than having to discard Inspiration.

    A fire wizard is probably the best way to go for this kind of build though, since they don't strictly benefit from buffing that much and instead want their key cards asap. I think an improvement to this would be to replace the warrior with an Accel-Time control Wizard? That way you can multiply the fire damage, profit off the odd Bless and when you need to get out of a bind you can throw Inspirations at your second wizards to try and find a control card.

    The way I approach this build is with the very similar drawbot priest, a dedicated elf stab warrior dual-wielding Powerpike and a semi-dedicated discard dwarf wizard that throws a wrench into the enemy plans. Strategy mostly consists in inspiring the elf warrior until he gets a flanking/dangerous maneuver and reaches a critical mass of stabs (With 5 Impaling Stabs, 7 Fiery Stabs and an AoA, people burn down really quickly), and if the opponent is playing too aggressive, foil their plans with Perplexing Rays/Forgetfulness+the warrior's range 1 Laser Strikes and punish them. In this case, inspiring the Dwarf Wizard during downtime makes it so that I can efficiently trade card for card and find clutch movement cards/blocks to survive a weathered opponent that finally got close enough

    The party looks really good, but again, I feel like the warrior isn't on point with the Inspiration game-plan
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  3. Interesting... I'm going to have to try an inspiration build with a burn wizard one day.
  4. Jezterscap

    Jezterscap Lizardman Priest

    More self synergy fun.

    [SRC] Decoy
    Level 1 Human Priest

    With no priest buffs this bash warrior buffs himself.
    [SRC] Ultimate Warrior
    Level 1 Human Warrior
    1 x Blind Rage
    2 x Laser Whip Good synergy with the bashes
    1 x Dodge
    4 x Officer's Harness
    2 x Pressing Bash
    2 x Reliable Mail
    1 x Escaping Run
    2 x Dangerous Maneuver
    6 x Lunging Bash Really amazing tech and damage.
    6 x Bash Keep hold of these to increase damage.
    2 x Pushback Parry
    1 x Jarring Block
    1 x Forward Thinking Helps to keep extra bashes over multiple turns.
    1 x Attack, Soldier!
    3 x Bruiser More damage :)
    1 x Surging Shield Block

    A really annoying evasion wizard than can reposition for linear attacks.
    [SRC] GlassCannon
    Level 1 Elf Wizard
    2 x Hover
    4 x Reflexive Teleport While not great, having multiple copies can be sweet.
    1 x Cloth Armor
    1 x Officer's Harness
    1 x Unstable Bolt
    1 x Scouting Run
    2 x Arcane Curse
    2 x Dual Laser Beacon
    1 x Superstitious
    2 x Illusory Barrier hard counter to burst that doesn't target , so no evasion.
    1 x Jump Back Awesome against melee
    3 x Spark Generator Buff for the sparks
    1 x Violent Spin
    2 x Arcane Feedback
    2 x Mind Leak you wont get hit much so not so bad.
    9 x Deadly Spark
    1 x Pathfinding The only tokenless version , will find 2 evasive moves

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