[SUGGESTION] "{username} has disabled chat and did not receive your message."

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    Howdy, $:^ ]

    I'll jump right to it. I suggest that when we type messages in certain game chat contexts, that we receive a message such as the following:

    ParodyKnaveBob has disabled chat and did not receive your message.

    ~~~ Reasoning: ~~~

    1. Months ago, I wondered why some players never responded to my battle chat banter, be it a simple "Howdy, hf, dw! $:^ ] " or a fit of laughter of appreciation of an opponent's excellent play or whatever the case. While talking about this phenomenon in World, someone pointed out to me that some ppl just turn off chat altogether and therefore don't even see any of these messages.

    2. Recently, I turned off chat temporarily because the atmosphere got less fun, unfortunately, and at first I felt a certain relief -- both socially in chat, and focus-wise in matches. However, eventually, I started feeling a bunch of tack-on stress when starting matches. Why? Well, my overall goal in playing CH in MP is to have a fun social and competitive experience -- but the competition is just the background setup for the social fun. I soon started wondering if people were trying to say something to me and thinking I were rude for perhaps seemingly ignoring them -- especially in some cases, like one of us blitzing the other in some crazy way, like meeting a fellow Sorcererer or any other opponent in it for fun with whom I've talked before. I realized I was now on the flip side of point #1.

    3. There is already a mechanism in place to let us know when a user is offline. This helps us not waste our time in PMing someone, at least past the first message. Its wording is where I got my suggested wording for disabling chat:

    ParodyKnaveBob is offline and did not receive your message.

    4. Therefore, I believe it would be great to adapt that mechanism to meet the same goal of preventing wasted time/effort trying to chat with someone who has disabled it. After all, some people take a few minutes to respond for whatever reason, and that's cool and all, but you just never know whether it's delay or disablement. Furthermore, I believe this could ever-so-slightly improve in-game social interaction/relations, too, in the sense that we the players could know upon first chat attempt that the other person isn't "ignoring," but is instead merely unaware of said attempt.

    ~~~ Context Sensitive: ~~~

    The obvious places this would need implementing are 1. Battle Chat where the opponent has chat disabled and 2. a PM tab where the intended recipient has chat disabled.

    Also, this could open the door for a future option for players to specify turning off only World Chat or only Battle Chat or only __?__ Chat. Example: "I see so-and-so chatting all the time in World, but oh, look at that, the player's Battle Chat is disabled. Fair enough. Assuming for an actual match, etc., I'll give a 'gg' and talk highlights -after- the battle! ~nodnod~" Furthermore, if an option is added in the future for a player to not see any spectator chat in a battle, any spectator who types something could receive "{combatant username} has disabled chat and did not receive your message."

    As for current chat setup, where things like Team Battles / Co-op are concerned, perhaps others would like to discuss the (de)merits of receiving such "has disabled chat" messages. (To me, it seems an odd prospect to disable chat if you're going to be in any team, but hey, this suggestion thread is open. Y'know. Unless a mod has closed it. $E^ D )

    Thank you, folks at Blue Manchu, for the gg, the nj, and for hearing and responding to your playerbase -- and specifically for your time and patience in reading this post. $:^ J
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