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    Please, please, oh please, if you devs would ever consider adding another class to CH in 4-5 years when you get tired of your new project, I plead with you, do not add a rogue/thief class with a bunch of card-stealing nonsense. (Yes, this "suggestion" is a poorly disguised "feedback" post in satirical reply to over half a decade of people clamoring for this. You people? You don't know what you ask. Lemme explain.)

    I've been playing .. um .. two other card games lately. (Sorry! lol) One has way too much randomness, (ha ha ha @ people complaining @ CH's dice,) and I haven't picked it up for a while, and even then don't really care about its ranked PvP anymore. The other is the granddaddy of battle CCGs and inspired CH, (thus you can't blame me, right? lol,) and I'm mostly enjoying it quite a bit. What are the most infuriating things these two games share? ~exasperated sigh~

    One game has nine classes. One class pseudo-steals by randomly generating cards from the opponent's class - or in some cases, from any class other than self's. The crazy need to adapt is interesting (like CH's Radiation or to a lesser extent Forms), but being the opponent, having to face a smattering of every class, especially one's own, gets eye-rollingly demoralizing. Yeesh, just play your own stupid class (which does have its own signature effects outside of the above frustration). Even worse? A second class at low-to-mid power during a match can copy cards from the opponent's hand and deck, sometimes getting limited Elvish Insight-like ability. Or, the class can borrow an opponent's cards currently in play for one turn, or even outright steal a random card-in-play from a minimum of four. At the highest power, this class can straight-up steal any chosen card currently in play.

    The second game features five quasi-classes you can mix-and-match all you like. Let's call these quasi-classes "colors" for brevity's sake. $;^ D One color is known for control, evasion, and card advantage. A sample match might have this color using CH's Shield Block, Parry, Entangling Roots, Telekinesis, Force Cone, Illusory Barrier, Hypnotic Beacon, Silence, etc., until finally drawing Pulverizing Hack + All Out Attack + Surestrike Blessing, only using Dwarf Wizards. That bothers many opponents as it is. But still, the one element that can actually produce rage in an otherwise patient, understanding, empathetic, fun-loving individual? Stealing the opponent's cards currently in play. An opponent has survived what feels like a decade of control decking, rendering so many cards useless, and finally, finally, gets to play one's own synergy base and see one's own cards actually interact the way they're supposed to, and maybe, just maybe, finally progress in this match. They're good cards after all. I mean, y'know, the opponent did spend hours in the Keep on the Hinterlands getting every little nuance just right, analyzing statistics, etc. They're good cards. They're - oh, look at that, now this person, (yes, one must deliberately remind oneself, this is a human being with a soul on the other side of this table, despite the incoming actions, oh wow,) this person starts stealing the opponent's cards that finally got into play. Did you need that Defender's Block? Cool story, bro. I like your block. I think I'll keep it. Oh, and your Obliterating Chop? Yeah, I'll take one of those, too. Dude! Thanks for the Greater Heal, I needed that! Your one and only legendary (majortoken) Uncanny Dodge you lovingly built into your d-- Mine now! Yay, more evasion because I definitely needed more of that, didn't I?! Your My entire Electro-Laser while I'm at it. Wait. You're not insulted and insane enough yet? Cool, 'kay. I'll just mix with another color that's known for sacrifices, discards, destruction, etc., and also start discarding your cards for you, and stealing from your draw pile and your discards, and even keeping them in my own little side pool so that you can't remove them as I did to you. This is awesome! I'm having so much fun playing with YOUR deck! Aren't you? $:^ D Oh, you can't play with your deck because I'm playing it for you? Oh well! Better luck next time! Yay, fun!

    In short? Thank you, Blue Manchu, for keeping this poisonous trash out of Card Hunter all these years.

    Duck? Cool, okay, limited quantities, and you pay in tokens for it. (And, actually, along with positional tactics, roll the die on how effective it is.) Monkey Magic league? Awesome stuff since it's self-contained. Maybe wanna add one Reappropriate or even Pickpocket as a singleton? I'd support that, and even two might be a risk worth testing at length.

    "But I want Rogues like we were promised(*snicker*), and you don't have to have stealing!" Insert here all the people who'd complain about Rogue class with no real stealing capabilities. Lol! Just go play a Roots/Radiation Priest already.

    Rich regards,
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