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  1. orian34

    orian34 Orc Soldier

    I was thinking of possible new traits and handicaps, because their strength, is that a character can only have 3 attachements at a time, it's difficult to really break it.
    And I like some diversity in the bad cards that could affect us, heheh. It's interesting to have to adapt our playstyles.

    • Vanity: Handicap card. (elves maybe?)
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      You can't be targeted by allies.
      Duration 2.
      "I said to leave everything to me, but they didn't listen, so I left them to themselves."
    • Black Out: Handicap card. (interesting with cone attacks)
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      Your field of vision and movement is reduced to 1.
      Duration 1.
      "The trick to avoid tripping is to move veeeery carefully..."
    • Blind Spot: Handicap card. (could fit on armor and shield items)
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      Your field of vision is moved by 1 upfront(you can't block or react from the left or right directly.).
      Duration 2.
      "He called those improvements. I swear, I won't let him tweak my helmet for the next battle..."
    • Deaf: Handicap card. (dwarves possibly)
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      You are unaffected by Sonic and team-wide effects.
      Duration 2.
      "I figured they had sounded the retreat when I was left alone facing the opposing army."
    • Uncontrollable Rage: Handicap card.
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      Your attack cards become Mandatory Actions if there is a valid target.
      Duration 1.
      "It's when I grabbed the handle that I figured it wasn't a simple sword. It's when they saw it through their chest that my allies did."
    • Stress Relief: Handicap card. (could be an interesting option on human skill items with team cards)
      Attach "Deaf" to an ally in range. If there is no valid target, take 2 Unpreventable Psychic damage for each non-movement card in your hand.
      Range 5.
      "You! Come here! Why are you not with the other soldiers!
      Stop lazing around! It's because of incompetents like you that we're stuck here!
      JOHN!!! Where is my coffee!?
      I swear, these recruits are going to make me lose my hair!"
    • Paranoid: Handicap card.
      Trait. Attach this card to yourself.
      Whenever another character plays a movement card, immediately face them.
      Duration 1.
      "I swear it! I heard something from behind those barrels! You have to believe me, it's an ambush!

    And as a bonus, a priest debuff card:
    • Curse of Obsolescence: Attack Card. Magic Unholy.
      Attach to target. Whenever target uses a card with Keep, discard the card afterwards.
      Duration 1. Range 3.
      "'Don't let your opponents find the weak spot! Always change your strategy!' they said.
      Well, at least, it worked before."
  2. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    I love vanity and black out.
    Consider cross posting to the card ideas thread.
    Also consider turning one of these into a submission for the latest aloyzos arsenal competition.
    These were my previous ideas:

    Trait. Duration 2. Attach to yourself. You cannot be targeted by assist cards. Assist cards have no effect on you. Immune to sonic.

    Monster only (for an ettin or demogorgon)
    Hybrid drawback-boost
    Trait. Attach to yourself. Your blocks gain "can block attacks from any direction."
    Your attacks gain Mandatory Action.

    This is to help the AI which seems to sometimes horde killing blows instead of using them.
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  3. orian34

    orian34 Orc Soldier

    I'll even add a neat little addition:
    • Flip out the switches! Utility Card. Magic Arcane.
      Attach "Black Out" to every character.
    And that would be one of the ghost form cards!

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