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    Yeah, yeah ... I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I'm asking again. Why can't I play with more friends?

    There's plenty of variations people can do on classes, so we would be able to play with various additional play styles. I understand the current maps are designed for 3 players, but the maps look easy to design, why can't the community help make additional encounters designed for 3, 4, or 5 players?
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    I'd be happy to help. But as you said, mapmaking looks easy enough so you should be able to design to your requirements.
    You can easily design a map for 5vs5. Or you can design a campaign for 5 players to compete against monsters. You can even design a map where you have 6 players but 2 of the players would have to use one deck and share control. Currently, the max amount of decks you can use is 5.

    To get you started, pick out a map from the pvp contest thread under boards. Download it. Open casual match in multiplayer/ create/ create board/ load. Then load the map and add more spawn points to your liking. Then save. Then create again, loading the new board, add in the characters you want to spawn then save that as a scenario.
    If you need help understanding how to play with 5 friends on one board, see the thread about co-op pvp for detailed instructions.
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