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  1. attog

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    Purge is a pretty awesome utility card. I believe it is underplayed and I believe the reason it is underplayed is because it is typically better to go on the offensive rather than to sit back and play defensively. Making comparisons to original basic set M:TG, defensive play was only viable when you had access to card advantage defensive cards such as Wrath of God.

    If you could try out a Mass Purge (Tranquility), and also adjust the current Purge to slightly tweak up its power, possibly make it a cantrip or allow it to cycle somehow, I think it would provide more viability for alternative deck styles.
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  2. Mutak

    Mutak Goblin Champion

    You won't think it's under-powered after you strip a warrior of a Nimbus, Unholy Wellspring, and Unholy Frenzy, but making it a cantrip and/or allowing it to get rid of your own negative traits would be nice.

    I also wouldn't mind a card that attached a version of Arrogant Armor's no-attachments effect. I know i've seen priests purge a frost jolt only for me to nail them with a second frost jolt on the next turn. That's less useful if Purge becomes a cantrip, but would still have interesting offensive and defensive possibilities.
  3. Mutak

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    In a similar vein, i'd like to see the various cleanses get a little better. They're life savers when you need them but dead weight otherwise. Here's how i'd like to see it work:
    • If there is a terrain attachment on a square, the attachment is discarded (including walls).
    • If there is no attachment but the square is difficult terrain it becomes normal terrain for 1 turn.
    • If there is no attachment and no difficult terrain, nothing happens.
  4. attog

    attog Mushroom Warrior

    Good ideas Mutak. I didn't say it was underpowered though, I said it is underplayed. The current card is purely a 1 to 1 "Answer" card, and loading up your deck with 1 to 1 Answers is not usually a good idea, and why I think it is underplayed right now. But yes you are absolutely right in that actually HAVING that Purge to use to remove Nimbus, etc. is incredible. The issue is that you need to draw it at the right time. Volumes, reams, encyclopedias on this very topic have been written all back in the early Magic days.

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