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  1. Happenstance

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    Something simple to shake things up a bit: tile/s, like a chasm or pit, that instantly kill any character occupying them at the start of each round. Getting pushed onto the chasm tiles means nothing mid-round, rather it represents the back-and-forth efforts of characters to either push something into the chasm, or prevent themselves being pushed.

    You'd introduce it to a campaign map - imagine something like the AI cake boss where you're flinging its spawned slice creeps into a 1 x say 6 chasm (so too narrow to fling the boss itself into). However, imagine the specialised builds that would have to deal with something like this on a regular MP map. Suddenly, cards like immovable, hover, vanguard, entangling roots, purge, step attacks, hypnotic beacon, arrogant and the various control cards become critical, and the balance becomes "Will I take low damage defensive/offensive control cards, or will I load up on high damage cards and risk having my characters pushed into the chasm?"

    It may change how some cards work: would nimbus prevent you from death by falling (maybe not), would dim traveller allow you to skip out of the chasm at the start of the turn (maybe), etc.
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  2. Sir Veza

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    Interesting idea. They aren't making much in the way of campaign maps these days, but I think testing it in a league would be a good option. It would be relatively easy to test and modify as needed without changing the rest of the game.
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    I expect it would work like Doom: silently purge the victim before killing with unpreventable damage; Impenetrable Nimbus, Force Field, and Negative Energy Being would therefore have no effect. However, since character attachments execute before terrain attachments, it would only be intuitive for this map terrain type to also activate after character attachments, meaning Dimensional Traveler and (yay elves!) Slippery would see more play, with Entangling Roots being the painful counter, along with all the old stand-by methods to purge. Suddenly, Accelerate Time becomes more vicious, too. Suddenly, terrain attachments (to cover the map terrain) become a precious commodity, too. I assume this Chasm Terrain would act Difficult? -- causing any entering character to Stop? -- not affecting Free Move, Fly, etc.?

    Also, let's face it, control Magic and Nimble Strikes (and now Vanguard) will always see frequent play. $F^ ,

    Interesting thought exercise at least. Thanks, Hap. $:^ J
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  4. If the character happened to have fly, teleport, or other similar attachments they should be able to survive the fall.

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