[SUGGESTION] fix the double-dip exploit

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by ParodyKnaveBob, May 28, 2021.

  1. ParodyKnaveBob

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    , I hear you say.


    TL;DR - Replace this "feature not a bug" with proper game mechanics. Loot Fairy. Shops.
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    I consider the mechanics proper for the way the game is built. Whether it works in any way similar in the new version will be up to the Knights.
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  3. Kalin

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    Link doesn't work for me, maybe because I never subscribed to the Discord for CH. Got a screenshot or something instead?
  4. Sir Veza

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    Pages of text.
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  5. ParodyKnaveBob

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    I started to c/p a few screenshots, but I realized I'd then want to c/p everything related.

    I'll give the start of the text and a couple idea-shifts along the way.


    Not saying I yearn for this, per se, but something reasonable to consider due to crazy setups people do—such as leaving stuff open all day for hours while away—which does cause weird issues like the campaign map memory leakage: https://discord.com/channels/791955094689021992/792329747072811018/847855098017218560 @Magus's idea is, (I'm gonna say because The Knights have a lot more people resources and I'm-guessing-big-data-number-crunching resources than Blue Manchu did,) to replace the half-decade-long permitted exploit to double dip shops and Loot Fairy with .. some other nicely balanced thing (I'm gonna say to reward the likewise "loyal players" (people willing to learn and attempt double dipping) in their "rolls for loot" (LF) and in their "good graces with the shopkeepers" (DD especially, RR in some cases, ntm other shops,) to prevent customer-feel-bads and somehow continue the community-sharing spirit that double-dip info has garnered and encouraged for so long).
    [11:43 AM]
    Was I moved to suggest this because of today's fiasco? Sure. Has it been the first time I've lost out on stuff similarly? No. Just saying, not some emotionally charged suggestion because gimme stuff. (I'm actually pretty numb now b/c of it. Just how I roll.) It really is something that's popped up as "what is this weirdness" and/or "oh no I lost something because something else broke, but how can I really complain because it wasn't ever supposed to let me do that in the first place anyway" plenty of times through the years, third- and second-hand in World Chat, let alone my own first-hand experience.
    [11:45 AM]
    "what is this weirdness" being the convoluted "feature not a bug" accident and the procedure to trigger it

    I agree with the general sentiment, but not sure what specifically could "replace" double dipping

    some way to 'earn' upgrades to the shop
    so that, eg, daily deal just has 2 stock of everything
    would replace shop double dipping

    Somehow making an in-game mechanic to at times invoke double stock.

    Hey, specific Loot Fairy double-dip idea: If you co-op with two different teams, you can catch him twice. Hm? Hm? $:^ ]

    How about to fix the double dipping / crashing issue, add a button that resets your adventures / shops that you can only press if you're "behind" by a day. And if you don't press the button, you stay behind by a day until you press it, even if you relog. If another day passes, your adventures / shops get forcibly reset (will still be behind by 1 day, just not by 2 days)
    That would make double dipping much easier to do, and also much easier to explain how it works because it doesn't rely on relogging (and is represented by an in-game button that you can point out)

    One overlooked condition of the current shop double-dip: when you invoke double on a given day, you can't invoke it the next. ~shrug~ That could just as readily be programmed in as part of an official implementation.

    I kinda like the idea of making it either a one time purchase or unlock with some conditions
    [12:10 PM]
    maybe this'd be a good reward for quests, actually
    [12:10 PM]
    complete 1 quest = DD rares are doubled complete 30 quests = DD epics are doubled complete 60 quests = DD legendaries are doubled
    [12:10 PM]
    tune numbers as desired
    [12:11 PM]
    (shouldn't be something that's too hard, hopefully.)


    Tying this to renown got discussed, pros and cons. Tying this to campaign + MP (like renown) got discussed. List goes on.


    I doubt I nabbed all relevant suggstion points. I didn't attempt to nab much of any discussion. Lots of nuances being discussed, plus at least one person wholeheartedly against all aspects of this, at the very least until TKoU replaces the Air client way off in the future.
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  6. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Thanks, that wasn't at all what I expected.

    I'm personally fine with double dipping going away and not replaced with anything. If we need something to replace it, how about a daily login reward like most F2P games have? We could use common/magnificent/epic chests for the rewards (epic only on the 30th day).

    A reset button would be better than the current system, but even simpler (and more intuitive) would be to just check for server reset whenever you return to worldmap/MP lobby.

    Do I need to explain why I think double-dipping and the current LF system is bad?
    1. It's very hard to explain to new players.
    2. It's unfair to anyone who can't be logged in at midnight.
    3. It actively discourages players from playing between reset and fairy move.

    Having the fairy move at server reset, if combined with constant reset checks, would eliminate all of these problems.

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