[Suggestion] Elven racial skills for mages

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Happenstance, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    Elven mages are underplayed in MP. (Yes, I know some of you definitely do play them and I expect to be told about it in no uncertain terms below.) Here's an idea for racial cards that would benefit them.

    These cards add a range extender to elven mage attacks, much like they enjoy an extended movement range over the lesser races. I'm not suggesting that they should become cannons who can flip a fireball the length of the game board. Rather, this range extension affects short and medium range spells, not long range.

    For example:
    • Range 2-3: add 2, becomes range 4-5
    • Range 4-5: add 1, becomes range 5-6
    • Range 6+: unaffected
    This could be playtested and power tweaked along the following lines: reduced duration (perhaps even duration 1), and whether the card is a trait that draws or a cantrip that doesn't. This may also give possibilities to these tweaks being issued as different racial cards, i.e. one that has DUR = 1 (say a bronze), DUR = 2 (silver?) and DUR = 2 + trait/draw (gold?).

    The effects on the meta would be interesting. Punishing Bolt may become a more popular loadout with a safer deployment range of 5, and the undesirable/almost unused range 2 sprays (fire, ember, magma etc.) would suddenly become useful (although Acid Spray would be a worry - perhaps the range extension only affects non-terrain spells).

  2. karadoc

    karadoc Hydra

    I think having a magic range-increasing trait for elves is decent idea (and I've made a similar suggestion in the past). But I think it would be better to just have a single card do it, rather than different cards which affect different spells and have different durations. A single trait with +1 range to all spells would be good enough, in my opinion.

    I've also had an alternative idea, for an elven trait called "camouflage" (inspired by cards like Invisibility). The effect would be something like this:
    "You may not be targeted by enemy cards beyond range 4."

    Such an effect would be useful for all elf classes, not just mages. But it would of course be particularly useful for mages because they would be able to attack while still out of range. I think it would be a pretty cool effect.

    The main bad thing I can think of for this idea is that it would make burst attacks even more preferable - and I think burst attacks are already popular enough. That's the main reason I haven't posted about this already; but maybe it would be fine anyway. (Elf priests could combine camouflage and Auto Block, to be hardy back-line defenders... probably still not good enough to rival humans with defender's block though.)

    (The specific range and duration and such could be adjusted for balance after testing.)
  3. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    How about:
    "Block any if caster is 4 or more tiles away."
  4. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    It'd be useful if Elves could potentially get access to Spell Skill .....but I'm pretty sure that will never happen. People just seem to like Mobility too much.
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  5. Wildarm

    Wildarm Ogre

    Magic in the air would be a nice elf racial similar to dwarf war cry in power level but silver rarity which could fit on a elf trait without too high a cost. Probably see it on Vamp Elf Priests though and not really Elf wizards
  6. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    Magic in the air? And give your opponent card advantage? No, thank you. I still prefer Spell Skill. Ofc, that'd probably make it a major token, depending on other cards.
  7. karadoc

    karadoc Hydra

    Well, if you want to use Magic In The Air or Spell Skill, then I suggest you quickly draw up an item to submit to the current Aloyzo's Arsenal thread. Usually they don't accept items with new cards, but this month they're explicitly asking for it!

    So go create an item with one of those cards on it, and submit it before time runs out.
  8. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    I've already submitted mine, but thank you. :) Good luck to anyone else who has submitted, or wants to.
  9. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    How about a range / movement tradeoff? Trait, duration 2: Range +2, encumber 1 (or even 2). The flavour would be that the focus on range takes a toll on the caster.
  10. I do like the idea of Elves having caster-oriented skills much like how Dwarves have Blind Rage or Frenzy Aura as racials, though let me tell you that a Range 3 Touch of Death seems quite scary :p

    The problem I see is that range is very hard to balance around, giving short ranged spells a higher range can actually be very powerful, specially when short-range spells or terrain-attaching spells are involved. Admittedly, most short ranged spells aren´t even used (On purpose, at least, you still stomach those times you just have to have that one Magma Spray), so this might be a good thing for underdog spells such as Acid Jet/Spray to shine. I am sort off against the Camouflage suggestion because it would allow elf warriors to use it and just walk up to, say, your priest, your other exhausted wizards, or the Victory Square unimpeded and wouldn´t be able to be reliably punished by wizards without them risking taking a Stab or a Quick Run>Mighty X

    Alternatively, Elven Maneuvers could just be made more accesible to Wizards, maybe when you take damage you generate a move card (A Shuffle, or a Walk, or some other very small movement option). It would be worse (yet still useful) for warriors and much better on average for wizards since most Wizes aren´t running double Dynamic Staff. Alternatively, we could use more new elf skills with more defensive movement options that mostly benefit wizards, such as Jump Back, Skip, Escaping Run or, I don´t know, Acrobatic Flip? (That would still be pretty good on warrs, admittedly)

    Another idea I had would be another skill that plays on elvish awareness with the following support card:

    Elven Enlightenment (Silver)
    Magic Psychic
    Attach to self and draw a card. When you next play a Magic card that targets characters, you may target them ignoring line of sight. Duration 1 or until triggered

    This sort of represent elves being so brilliantly aware of their surroundings that they can arc and weave their spells to reach their marks through smog, stone and illusion. Would allow some rather clutch interventions with Impenetrable Nimbus or some very powerful executions with Mega Laser. Note that this would not affect cards that do not target (Flash Of Agony) or cards that target the floor (Wall Of Fire, Fireball)
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  11. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    What about:
    Trait. Attach to self. Duration 1.
    Cannot be targeted by enemies. Stun.

    Let me try something similar:
    Tracking Magic
    Trait. Attach to self. Duration 2.
    Ignore LoS when targeting chars that have an attachment owned by you.
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  12. Happenstance

    Happenstance Thaumaturge

    It wouldn't affect range 1 spells, or melee attacks, although I didn't quite think of the effect on priest spells. Range 5 Inspiring Presence would be interesting.

    Thanks everyone for your input, some great ideas so far.
  13. Benhimself

    Benhimself War Monkey

    How about a "you cannot be targeted" stealth card that you lose if you play a move or attack, if you're in front of (and in LOS of) an enemy?
  14. Dwedit

    Dwedit Goblin Champion

    Anti-targeting does absolutely nothing against linear and burst attacks, which are pretty much all that mages use these days. Block Distance / Keep would be far more devastating.
  15. eldecrok

    eldecrok Kobold

    How about a forcefield trait against melee or special effects? Since mages are often weaker, then how about not having them take damage from DoT, Terrain, or Strong attacks (But please, not all at once)

    We have adaptable right? So how about we mod that a bit and dump it on the elves? :3

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