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    I don't actually kno what is involved in a reboot.

    But I've noticed that they player base has not greatly increased despite more new players.

    Been thinking about this. CH by nature is a game that demands patience and strategy. Most gamers are typically between say, 13-25 years old, and don't care for patience (or sometimes strategy). Maybe there could be a way to market this? To appeal to thhose intelligent gamers but also challenge them, so they will be willing to learn patience and strategy. There could be a way to really tap into this. Maybe even market the game to parents of ADHD kids lol.

    Anyway, patience and strategy are a rare commodity nowadays but still super important.

    Remember when CH was launched on steam? I played with heaps of new players who were just interested in playing the game quick and like a hack-and-slash diablo clone, then they'd complain "I have no attack cards left omg this is stoopid game" because they didn't understand the importance of being resourceful and patient, or using spacing. They soon left.

    So perhaps if the tutorial was revamped? I'd like to see an advanced tutorial (with an epic item reward), perhaps even an elite tutorial !(with a legendary item and 500 gold reward). To really help players emphasise the importance of spacing, timing, patience, etc. You could entice them to complete it by setting certain conditions too, such as completing the first tutorial of course, and then leveling campaign characters to level 12. Prerequisites.

    For the elite tutorial I still dont know but prerequisites would of course be much higher. Not sure if the devs know, but recently google created a self-learning AI called AlphaZero that in just four hours of learning, mastered chess and beat the current best chess computer stockfish. It even sacrificed pieces like a human! ( ) Maybe some of the neural learning techniques could be taught to create a super CardHunter AI... man that would be something.

    Anyway. Overall I feel that CH is flagging especially without any new content to come for awhile. If we could reboot it and really make a big announcement, hype it up, get more people to give their positive reviews, link in new player FAQ to make it easier for newcomers...we could easily increase player base and fun. I know its a big ask but consider this game is not just good but helps young people (and all people) learn important skills.
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  2. Goodwin

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    yeah, it would be nice to have more puzzles similar to Melvelous manticore. The creator could even hard-code exactly which cards you are going to draw and tell you what is going to happen, and give you hints on how to complete it.

    On another side note, what do you guys think about a league where you know EXACTLY what the other person is going to draw? (cycling through an identical deck each time) No blocks except lifesaving, no armor except perfectly reliable, no laser, no dodge, pure strategy? I know this game is supposed to be half luck half skill but I feel like a pure skill league could be a nice contrast.
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  3. winner

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    yea it would be nice

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